Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 427 - Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (2)

Chapter 427: Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (2)

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Chen Qianxue was quite clear that the timing of her departure from Qinghe County was not very good.

Not long after the two elders of the Spirit Sword Sect were in trouble, she happened to leave Qinghe County.

It was too coincidental.

Such a coincidence would very likely make some people in the Spirit Sword Sect suspect her.

Of course, this referred to those very suspicious people.

Normal people would not suspect her.

After all, in the eyes of those people in the Spirit Sword Sect, although this Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden could be considered to be gifted, her cultivation was not very high.

How could a Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden, whose cultivation was not very high, be able to deal with an elder of the tenth level of the Golden Core stage and a Supreme Elder of the Nascent Soul stage?

This was like suspecting an eight-year-old child without cultivation and slapping a Foundation Establishment cultivator to death.

It was too absurd, so absurd that many people would not think in this direction.

However, even if the entire Spirit Sword Sect was suspecting that the deaths of Elder Tie and Elder Yu were all related to her, Chen Qianxue would not have the slightest bit of worry and panic about this.

Perhaps it was because of her own strength that she was able to ignore most of the dangers.

In the end, it was still relying on strength to speak.

If one’s own strength was strong, then one would have the confidence.

If one’s strength was weak, then they would have their tails between their legs.

“What are you doing?” Chen Qianxue suddenly noticed that Qin Jiao, who had always been able to bounce around, seemed to have become unprecedentedly quiet today. She discovered that this fellow Qin Jiao was actually meditating and cultivating!

Qin Jiao opened one of her eyes. “Don’t disturb me. I want to cultivate diligently while the simulator’s cooldown isn’t over yet!”

Chen Qianxue was confused.

She did not know whether to praise Qin Jiao for having great willpower in cultivation. Or should she remind her that she only needed to wait for a while before she could start the next simulation of Immortal cultivation?

Why was she so anxious to cultivate for this short period of time?

In fact, how could Qin Jiao not be anxious? Seeing that she was getting further and further away from Chen Qianxue, the sense of urgency in her heart made Qin Jiao not want to waste a single second!

Even if she could only become a little stronger during this short moment of cultivation.

It was still worth it!

That was also because she had closed the distance between her and Chen Qianxue, so she would not be left behind so far!

Suddenly, the flying boat that the two of them were on stopped in mid-air.

It was Chen Qianxue who had controlled it to stop.

Chen Qianxue’s cultivation base was already at the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, and her current perceptive ability was also very strong. The reason why she had controlled the flying boat to stop was that there were traces of a suspected formation in front of them!

“This is…” Chen Qianxue stood in front of the flying boat and looked into the distance. There was clearly nothing in the distance except for a group of mountains. However, she could see something else. “This is an array formation that covers a very large area. It seems to be a defensive array formation.”

“… Could it be that I passed by the base of a sect?”

There seemed to be only one possibility.

Chen Qianxue originally wanted to avoid this place because she did not want to attract unnecessary trouble. if she forcefully barged into the base of a sect that she did not know, there was a high possibility that she would have a conflict with the other party.


The Immortal cultivator in this unfamiliar sect seemed to have also noticed the arrival of an airboat.

In the mountains, it was as if a stream of light soared into the sky.

It was shockingly a Golden Core Immortal cultivator.

The other party seemed to be able to make use of the sect’s protective array to move quickly within the array. With a few flashes, she instantly appeared in front of the flying boat.

Chen Qianxue frowned slightly.

To be honest, she did not really want to have any dealings with some unfamiliar Immortal cultivators.

But she also did not expect that the other party would directly find her and come so quickly.

“Please stop!” The Golden Core Immortal cultivator who was standing in the air shouted, “Stop!”

He shouted toward the flying boat, “This place is the residence of the Shenghuo Sect. Whoever comes, stop! If you barge into the sky above the residence of the Shenghuo Sect without any reason, don’t blame us for launching an attack and shooting down the flying boat!”

Shenghuo Sect?

Hearing the other party’s words, Chen Qianxue vaguely felt that this name sounded familiar.

Qin Jiao, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes. “Shenghuo Sect?!”

Chen Qianxue turned her head and asked, “Do you know this sect?”

Qin Jiao nodded. “Our Zhengxin Palace has a little relationship with the Shenghuo Sect… The problem is that the Shenghuo Sect is not in the Great Yan Dynasty! Could it be that we have already arrived in another dynasty?”

“It’s also possible. Although we haven’t paid attention to how far the flying ship has flown these days… it has indeed flown for quite a long time. It’s very normal for it to fly out of the Great Yan Dynasty,” Chen Qianxue said.

Looking at the Golden Core Immortal cultivator standing in the air in front of them, Chen Qianxue’s voice was very calm. She did not shout out loud, instead, she used a secret method to transmit her voice. “We happened to pass by this place and didn’t mean to offend the headquarters of the Shenghuo Sect. You don’t have to worry about us. We are not some demon cultivators, nor are we enemies of Shenghuo Sect. We will go around Shenghuo Sect and leave by ourselves.”

Chen Qianxue did not want to cause any trouble, especially for her and Qin Jiao. Although one of them was in the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, the other was only in the tenth level of the Golden Core stage.

Chen Qianxue could guarantee that if she encountered danger, she would be able to escape.

The problem was, how about Qin Jiao?!

If Qin Jiao made any mistakes in a foreign land, she would not know how to return to the Great Yan Dynasty and explain this matter to the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace.

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