Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 426 - Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (1)

Chapter 426: Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (1)

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Yes! The moment the old woman saw Fu Shuangni, she could tell that Fu Shuangni was at the first level of the Nascent Soul stage. Of course, this was also one of the reasons why Fu Shuangni did not want to hide her current cultivation level.

Fu Shuangni had obtained many magic treasures in the simulator that could hide her cultivation level. There were at least dozens of such magic treasures.

If she wanted to hide it, not to mention that the old woman was only a Nascent Soul cultivator, even if she was a Soul Formation cultivator…

It was difficult to see through Fu Shuangni’s cultivation that she chose to hide!

“She is definitely a first level Nascent Soul cultivator!” The old woman’s tone was complicated. She did not even know what she was thinking in her heart. “Although I am not young, I have not reached the stage where my eyes are dim.”

“This… but this…” The Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master was dumbstruck. “Isn’t this a bit illogical?!”

He said in shock, “This junior still has some understanding of that Little Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty. She is the youngest daughter of the current crown prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, and she is only in her twenties this year.”

“For an Immortal cultivator in her twenties to have the cultivation base of the Foundation Establishment stage is already a very terrifying talent!”

“She… It’s unlikely that she is a Nascent Soul cultivator!”

The old woman said in a serious voice, “But she is a Nascent Soul cultivator.”

“Senior, is it possible that this Little Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty has already been replaced by someone else? In fact, she is just an old monster in human skin? Perhaps… the disappearance of Elder Tie and Elder Yu is related to that old monster in human skin?” The Deputy Sect Master made a guess.

Although his guess was quite ridiculous, it was very reasonable when compared to a ‘Nascent Soul stage cultivator in her twenties’.

“It doesn’t seem like it.”The old woman shook her head, “Before that Little Princess came to Qinghe County, this old woman had already seen her once. This old woman is very familiar with her aura.”

“It’s impossible for her to be switched by someone. If it’s not her inside, and this old woman can’t see it… Then there’s only one possibility…”

“The mysterious person who replaced that Little Princess is at least at the sixth level of the Nascent Soul Stage!”

Speaking up to this point.

The old woman paused, she continued, “You should be clear about what kind of huge storm would be triggered by such a powerful mysterious Nascent Soul mighty figure, right? No matter which possibility it is, it means that… our Spirit Sword Sect is not suitable to confront her head-on.”

Hearing this, the Deputy Sect Master fell silent.

If there was a problem, he knew that what the old woman said was reasonable, so he had no way to refute it.

If the Fu Shuangni in the temporary county office was really the Little Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty, the real one.


A twenty-something-year-old first level Nascent Soul… The Spirit Sword Sect did not dare to investigate even a little bit!

Who knew how deep the water in this was?

If the Fu Shuangni in the temporary county office was fake, the other party was actually a terrifying great demon, and the other party killed that Little Princess to take her identity…

In that case, the Spirit Sword Sect could not act rashly. Because in that case, the other party was too strong!

So strong that their Spirit Sword Sect did not dare to casually attack her.

Because if they were not careful…

Both sides would suffer!

These days, the Spirit Sword Sect had inexplicably lost an elder at the tenth level of the Golden Core stage who was about to step into the Nascent Soul stage, and a Supreme Elder who had been immersed in the Nascent Soul stage for many years.

If we lose a few more Golden Core stage elders… or a Nascent Soul stage cultivator for any other reason.

Then the situation of their Spirit Sword Sect is not as simple as breaking bones.

The whole clan will be weak to the extreme.

There’s gonna be a lot of greedy-eyed guys…

Yes, target the Spirit Sword Sect!

At that time, the entire Spirit Sword Sect… might even be in danger of being annihilated!

Such a huge risk was something the current Spirit Sword Sect could not bear.

And they did not dare to bear it!

Then… The matter of investigating Elder Tie and Elder Yu’s situation would just be frozen here?

The Deputy Sect Master sighed.

But just as the Supreme Elder said, if they really wanted to investigate that very strange Fu Shuangni, it was very likely that the Spirit Sword Sect would not be able to bear the consequences.

At that time, the gains would not make up for the losses.

They might not even be able to find out the truth before putting their Spirit Sword Sect at risk.

“Senior, what should we do?” the Deputy Sect Master could not help but ask.

He was already a little lost.

“… Go find the Holy Maiden.” The old woman suddenly thought of something and said, “Previously, the Holy Maiden was also in Qinghe County.”

“Holy Maiden?” The Deputy Sect Master was stunned. “She was also in Qinghe County?”

“Yes.” The old woman nodded.

“But… if the Holy Maiden was really in Qinghe County and she had witnessed some things. Then why didn’t she directly report to the sect? Even after we came here, the Holy Maiden didn’t show up.” The Deputy Sect Master voiced out his doubts.

The old woman pondered for a moment. “It’s also possible that she has already left Qinghe County. No matter what, we should look for her first.”

“… Yes!”

Chen Qianxue did not know what kind of situation Qinghe County was in. She could only make a rough guess — the Spirit Sword Sect probably sent a lot of people to Qinghe County to inquire about clues, and they would definitely find Fu Shuangni. She did not know how Fu Shuangni would react.

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