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Chapter 425 - Spirit Sword Sect: Fu Shuangni Is a Great Nascent Soul Cultivator? (3)

Chapter 425: Spirit Sword Sect: Fu Shuangni Is a Great Nascent Soul Cultivator? (3)

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Elder Tie.

Elder Yu.

A golden core cultivator who was close to the Nascent Soul stage, as well as an Immortal cultivator who had been immersed in the Nascent Soul stage for many years, were all dead! How could this not alarm the entire sect?

The death of a golden core tenth level and a Nascent Soul cultivator was absolutely a severe injury to the Spirit Sword Sect.

It was a huge loss that they could not accept!

Especially the death of Elder Yu.

God knows how long it would take before their Spirit Sword Sect would welcome a new Nascent Soul cultivator to take over the position of Supreme Elder left behind by Elder Yu.

And the person who killed Elder Yu and Elder Tie had obviously become the public enemy of the Spirit Sword Sect!

“Deputy Sect Master, Supreme Elder, we didn’t find any other clues. Except for the huge pit outside Qinghe County, which is very strange, we couldn’t find any other strange places.”

An elder of the Spirit Sword Sect immediately reported to the last Supreme Elder and the Deputy Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect.

The last Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect was an old woman.

She glanced at the elder who reported and said with an unclear tone, “Apart from looking for strange places, did you go and ask the local ordinary people of Qinghe County?”

The reporting elder was stunned, “Umm… We think that some ordinary people without any cultivation should not know about this kind of thing…”

Before he finished, the old woman interrupted him, “Go and ask them. Be polite and don’t be aloof.”

“Ah… Okay!” The reporting elder hesitated for a moment, but still nodded and continued to look for clues.

“Senior, are we just going to wait like this?” The Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master was also a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, but his seniority was obviously lower than the old woman, so he called the old woman senior.

The Deputy Sect Master continued to speak, “That Little Princess is still in Qinghe County. There must be some powerful cultivators by her side. Those cultivators and that Little Princess might know something.”

The old woman pondered for a moment, “Then let’s go and meet that Little Princess.”

After knowing that the people from Spirit Sword Sect wanted to meet her, Fu Shuangni did not need to guess to know their purpose.

To be honest…

Although the death of Elder Yu had nothing to do with her, the death of Elder Tie from a long time ago had a lot to do with her.

Fu Shuangni could not help but feel a little guilty, but this kind of guilty feeling disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After all, she had lived in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for so long.

She did not lack any shrewdness or acting skills.


When facing the two Nascent Soul stage powerhouses, the Supreme Elder and the Deputy Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect, Fu Shuangni’s expression looked very normal, as if she did not know anything.

“I didn’t expect to meet the Little Princess again.” It was not the first time the old woman had seen Fu Shuangni, so she didn’t keep her in suspense. Her tone was still quite polite.

She did not put on the airs of an expert because of her own strength.

This made her and Elder Yu form a sharp contrast.

The old woman went straight to the point and told him her purpose of coming, and asked if Fu Shuangni knew any useful information.

She also said that if Fu Shuangni could provide some useful information, their Spirit Sword Sect would fully support Fu Shuangni’s actions in Qinghe County.

At the same time, the Spirit Sword Sect would owe Fu Shuangni a huge favor.

It had to be said… The other party’s promise was very tempting.

If she could get the Spirit Sword Sect’s cooperation, then Fu Shuangni felt that it would not be long before she could find all the remaining devil cultivators in the surrounding dozens of counties.


If she wanted to rely on this kind of promise to make her betray Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao.

That was still not good enough!

No matter how big the promise the Spirit Sword Sect gave her, Fu Shuangni would not reveal any information.

So, facing the Spirit Sword Sect’s question, Fu Shuangni only answered: Not sure, not sure.

The old woman and the Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master could not do anything to a dynasty’s princess.

Their Spirit Sword Sect was a reputable sect!

So they could only leave helplessly.

After leaving the temporary county office.

The Deputy Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect frowned, there was doubt in his tone. “Why do I always feel that this Little Princess looks mysterious? and the strange thing is that I actually have no way to see her cultivation!”

“Can you see what kind of magic treasure she has on her that can hide her cultivation? What kind of magic treasure can make a first level Nascent Soul Immortal cultivator like me unable to see through her behavior?”

“Senior, your cultivation is several levels higher than mine. Can you see her cultivation?”


“Senior, why do you look so strange?”

The old woman was silent for an unknown amount of time. She turned her head and looked deeply at the temporary county office.

Then, she said, “It’s normal that you can’t see through the cultivation level of that Little Princess. However, she didn’t use any magical treasure to hide her behavior.”

“Ah?” The Deputy Sect Master was stunned. “Then why can’t I see through that junior?”

The old woman’s tone was filled with endless complexity and confusion. “Because her cultivation level is exactly the same as yours. That Little Princess of the Great Yan dynasty is also a first level Nascent Soul cultivator!”

The Deputy Sect Leader was shocked.

Her words might not have stirred up a thousand waves, but it also made the Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master completely dumbfounded. He looked at the old woman in front of him who was much shorter than him and wondered if he had heard something wrong.

The old woman added, “If there is nothing wrong with my eyes, it means that she is not only a first level Nascent Soul cultivator… At the same time, she is also a very powerful existence among the first level Nascent Soul cultivators.”

She looked at the Deputy Sect Master. “Stronger than you.”

“That’s why you can’t see through her.”

The Deputy Sect Master could not believe his ears.

What did he hear?!

The Little Princess of the Great Yan dynasty who was not even 30 years old this year was a first level Nascent Soul cultivator? Moreover, the other party’s power level was even more powerful than the first level Nascent Soul of the Deputy Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect?

The Deputy Sect Master became dull. He said blankly, “Senior, at this time… Don’t make this kind of joke?”

The old woman’s tone was complex as she said, “I am not joking…”

“I was shocked too. I’m still in shock.”


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