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Chapter 428 - Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (3)

Chapter 428: Zhengxin Palace Master Was Dumbstruck (3)

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The Golden Core Immortal cultivator from Shenghuo Sect didn’t seem to believe Chen Qianxue’s explanation.

Because the headquarters of Shenghuo Sect was located in a remote and desolate place.

How could it be so coincidental that someone happened to pass by here?

At this moment.

Qin Jiao suddenly told the Golden Core Immortal cultivator in the distance her identity through voice transmission — the daughter of the Zhengxin Palace Master of the Great Yan dynasty!

Qin Jiao felt that the Zhengxin Palace had a bit of a relationship with the Shenghuo Sect.

If she revealed her identity, she should not get into trouble, right?

But she did not expect to receive a sneer from the other party. “As expected, you come with ill intentions! A few days ago, the Great Yan Dynasty’s Zhengxin Palace Master just happened to come to the Shenghuo Sect as a guest to attend a banquet. Today, someone claimed that he just happened to pass by the Shenghuo Sect and claimed to be the daughter of the Zhengxin Palace Master? Do you think that you can use such a lame excuse to deceive me?”

Qin Jiao was confused.

The Zhengxin Palace Master just came to the Shenghuo Sect as a guest to attend a banquet a few days ago?!

What was going on?

Did that mean that her mother was also in this foreign country?

It was too much of a coincidence! She was dumbfounded!

It seemed that the movement in the sky had attracted the attention of more Immortal cultivators of the Shenghuo Sect. It was also possible that the Immortal cultivator who was receiving them was secretly calling people over. It didn’t take long for more Immortal cultivators of the Shenghuo Sect to rise into the sky.

None of their cultivation bases were lower than the Golden Core stage. There were more than a dozen of them.

There was even a Nascent Soul stage Immortal cultivator among them.

It was enough to show just how strong the strength of the Shenghuo Sect was.

It was estimated that even Zhengxin Palace could not compare to the Shenghuo Sect.

Even the combined strength of Zhengxin Palace and Spirit Sword sect might not be comparable to the Shenghuo Sect.

“What happened?” The Nascent Soul stage expert of the Shenghuo Sect asked the Golden Core cultivator.

The Golden Core cultivator used the shortest words to tell him everything that had happened.

This included Qin Jiao calling herself the daughter of the Palace Master of the Zhengxin Palace.

The Nascent Soul stage expert of the fire-sheng sect was slightly surprised. His gaze crossed a hundred meters and landed on Qin Jiao. Then, he was stunned!

Because he saw Qin Jiao’s cultivation!

The tenth level of the Golden Core stage!

Even in the Shenghuo Sect, a tenth level Golden Core Immortal cultivator was an important existence. He could even see that Qin Jiao was very likely not far away from the Nascent Soul stage.

What made him very incredulous was that… At first glance, Qin Jiao looked like a teenage girl!

Although Immortal cultivators could retain their looks, there were some things that could not be maintained like a teenage girl.

Whether it was a hundred-year-old old monster or a teenage girl, he could tell at a glance.

The problem was…

No matter how many times he looked, he felt that the woman on the flying boat who claimed to be the daughter of the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace was a teenage girl!

How could it be!?

A teenage Golden Core cultivator in the tenth level? Even in his dreams, he would not be able to imagine such a scene!

Then, the Nascent Soul stage mighty figure of the Shenghuo Sect shifted his gaze to Chen Qianxue, who was next to Qin Jiao. At this moment, he was once again stunned.

Because he shockingly realized that he could not see through this woman’s cultivation!

How could it be!

This was already the second time that he had cried out in his heart that it was impossible.

He could tell that Chen Qianxue was not very old either.

It could even be said that she was very young.

She was definitely not more than 30 years old.

It was hard to say whether she was 25 or not.

But…. A woman like this, a junior who was so young… A Nascent Soul cultivator like him was unable to see through her cultivation?!

What kind of joke was this?!

Could it be that this junior was still in the Nascent Soul stage? Could it be that his cultivation was even higher than the first level of the Nascent Soul stage?

He was stupefied!

“Alas.” Glancing at the group of Immortal cultivators who were faintly surrounding the flying boat, Chen Qianxue helplessly shook her head. “It seems that there is still no way to get rid of this trouble.”

After saying this, Chen Qianxue said to the people of the Shenghuo Sect, “Since Zhengxin Palace Master is here as a guest, everyone, tell her that her daughter is passing by. After she comes, we can confirm that we weren’t lying.”

Qin Jiao’s eyes widened. “You want my mother to come and meet me? No, no, I sneaked out this time! If she catches me, won’t I be scolded?”

However, it was too late. Perhaps it was because the Immortal cultivators of the Shenghuo Sect were a bit stubborn.

They actually went to inform the palace master of the Zhengxin Palace who came here as a guest!

Not long after… Qin Jiao saw a beautiful woman who made her expression stiffen.

The woman’s appearance looked somewhat similar to hers.

Her body emitted a powerful aura.

This meant that the woman was a Nascent Soul stage expert, and her attainments in the Nascent Soul stage were not low.

She was even stronger than Chen Qianxue!

She was definitely above the second level of Nascent Soul stage!

Chen Qianxue recognized the woman’s face at a glance. Coupled with Qin Jiao’s earth-shattering reaction, Chen Qianxue was 100 percent sure that the woman with a powerful and extremely beautiful aura was definitely Qin Jiao’s mother!

She was also the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace!

Zhengxin Palace Master also did not expect to see her daughter in the Shenghuo Sect. Even if her daughter turned into ashes, she would still remember what she looked like. Moreover, this was her most rebellious daughter. She often did things that gave her a headache.

This was not…

Not long ago, she found out that Qin Jiao had once again sneaked out of Zhengxin Palace. She was so angry that she once again sent a group of people to look for Qin Jiao.

But who would have thought that this time, they could not find her!


She actually saw Qin Jiao in the Shenghuo Sect!

How did this little girl come here? And she was surrounded by so many people. Could it be… Hmm?

Wait a moment?!

Was this really her daughter?!

The Zhengxin Palace Master was shocked to discover that the aura that Qin Jiao was exuding was at least the aura of a tenth level Golden Core!

Did she mistake him for someone else?

… No!


Even if this little girl turned into ashes, it was impossible for her to mistake her own daughter!

This was her!


The girl next to her… wasn’t that the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect?!

How did the two of them hook up?

That Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword sect…


The second level of the Nascent Soul stage!!

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