Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 417 - Fu Shuangni, Nascent Soul!

Chapter 417: Fu Shuangni, Nascent Soul!

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The Qin Jiao in the real world had already been waiting on the flying boat for an unknown amount of time.

Suddenly, a figure appeared and attracted her attention.

It was Chen Qianxue!

Seeing Chen Qianxue finally die in the process of simulating Immortal cultivation and returning to the real world… Qin Jiao originally wanted to be happy, but she suddenly could not.

Because she remembered that she had only simulated for two years before returning to the real world.

She was even worse than Chen Qianxue!

Not only worse…

The gap was huge!

Chen Qianxue, who had returned to the real world, did not pay attention to Qin Jiao’s gaze. At this moment, her attention was completely focused on her settlement reward… This was the reward for version 2.0 of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, this was the first time she had received it.

Moreover, she realized that the simulator did not continue to give her any achievement rewards, nor did it ask her to choose one of the three settlement rewards… Instead, it directly gave her a bunch of settlement rewards, it was like it was ‘smashing’ her in the face.

[You have survived for 1,200 years in this Immortal cultivation simulation. You have received the following settlement reward –]

[Reward: Tenth level of the Golden Core stage (able to allow you to break through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage in one go)]

[Reward: A large number of spirit stones (a large number of spirit stones used for cultivation and of a high level)]

[Reward: Nascent Soul Pill (when you feel that you are about to break through to the Nascent Soul stage, after consuming this pill, your chance of breaking through will increase by 10%)]

[Reward: A large number of spirit tools (spirit tools of a high level)]




A series of rewards appeared one after another. This truly surprised Chen Qianxue. The bountiful reward was probably only second to the clearing reward that she had received previously, right?

From the looks of it, there was indeed no need for the Immortal Cultivation Simulator to deceive them. Although the new simulated Immortal cultivation world had become even more dangerous and cruel than before, the rewards would be even more bountiful.

Chen Qianxue was already sitting cross-legged on the deck of the flying boat, waiting for another breakthrough!

This time, she directly broke through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage!

The terrifying aura of the tenth level of the Golden Core stage made Qin Jiao’s eyes full of jealousy.

Chen Qianxue still did not care about Qin Jiao’s eyes.

She suddenly thought of something, she muttered, “Fu Shuangni must have entered the new simulated Immortal cultivation world, but I didn’t receive any notification of her death. Logically speaking, if I can receive Qin Jiao’s death notification, I should be able to receive hers.”


“She’s actually living much better in the simulated Immortal cultivation world than I am. I’m not the last one to die this time. This possibility is the biggest. Fu Shuangni must have lived to over a thousand years old.”

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Chen Qianxue’s guess was right. Fu Shuangni had indeed lived longer than anyone else. The current Fu Shuangni had already lived in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for more than 1200 years.

This was the first time she had lived for so long. Luckily, Immortal cultivators were in a good mood.

Living for so long would not cause any strange depression.

However, Fu Shuangni’s cultivation was still not comparable to Chen Qianxue, who had already finished simulating Immortal cultivation.

“Ninth level of the Golden Core stage…” Fu Shuangni let out a sigh of relief.

After simulating Immortal cultivation for so many times, this was the first time she saw a chance to break through to the Nascent Soul stage!

Of course, she was very clear…

It was not easy to break through to the Nascent Soul stage. Sometimes, luck, which was a very mysterious thing, also needed to be added to it.

[Age 1269, Fu Shuangni obtained an opportunity, which gave her a chance to increase her spiritual power. With this increase in spiritual power, Fu Shuangni felt that she was one step closer to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage. And above the tenth level of the Golden Core stage was a stage that she didn’t dare to think about before — Nascent Soul.]

[Age 1300, Fu Shuangni was still diligently cultivating. Because she chose a very remote place to cultivate, no one would disturb her. Because the spiritual energy in this place was originally not abundant, who would have thought that a Golden Core stage cultivator would cultivate in such a barren place?]

[Age 1,400, Fu Shuangni felt that she should be able to break through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage. Because if she didn’t choose to break through, she might die in a few hundred years and enjoy a different way of dying.]

[Age 1,430, Fu Shuangni successfully broke through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage! After successfully breaking through to her, she added a few hundred years of life for herself, barely surviving until nearly 2,000 years old. It shouldn’t be a big problem. This made her sigh in relief.]

[Age 1,500, Fu Shuangni accidentally offended a force that seemed to be very terrifying in the process of going out to look for spirit herbs. However, their group obviously underestimated Fu Shuangni’s strength and was almost wiped out by her.]

[But the other party was not to be trifled with. Even if Fu Shuangni did not want to let go of the fish that escaped, there was nothing she could do. In the end, two or three of them escaped.]

[Age 1,600, a few fish that escaped brought Fu Shuangni a lot of trouble. She has already become a member of the Demon Sect’s must-kill list, and it was one of the top ones.]

[She can only cultivate while avoiding the demon cultivators’ search for her.]

[Age 1,680 years old, it seems that under such high pressure, Fu Shuangni’s cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds. And she has already found an opportunity to break through to the Nascent Soul stage! Knowing that her situation was very bad, Fu Shuangni did not hesitate.]

[Fu Shuangni chose to directly break through to the Nascent Soul stage! The process of breaking through was not smooth, and it could even be said to be fraught with danger.]

[But with great perseverance and indispensable luck…]

[Fu Shuangni still successfully broke through to the first level of the Nascent Soul Stage! ]


“Nascent Soul stage!” It would be a lie if Fu Shuangni said that she was not surprised. She did not expect that she could break through so smoothly. Although the process was a little bumpy, as long as she could break through successfully, it would be smooth for her.

Feeling her powerful strength, Fu Shuangni felt that her life level seemed to have crossed a new level.

She had come to a whole new level!

No wonder… The gap between the Nascent Soul stage and the Golden Core stage was so huge.

Now, she experienced it firsthand.[

However, the surprise did not last long. The demon sect that was chasing after Fu Shuangni used some strange secret technique and finally found her. The other party actually had a Nascent Soul stage demon! A huge battle broke out between the two sides. Fortunately, that Nascent Soul stage demon was old, and at the price of being heavily injured, Fu Shuangni managed to kill that Nascent Soul stage demon.]

[The other demon cultivators fled in all directions. Even if it was a heavily injured Nascent Soul stage cultivator, it was not something they could deal with.]

[Age 1,700, Fu Shuangni’s injuries have completely healed. However, what she did not expect was that the demon cultivators that she had beaten back had not given up on chasing after her!’

[This time, she encountered two Nascent Soul stage demons and more than 20 Golden Core stage demons!]


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