Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 418 - The Biggest Beneficiary Is Me!

Chapter 418: The Biggest Beneficiary Is Me!

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“At the last step, I actually couldn’t escape death… The joy didn’t even last for long before a crisis that was hard to deal with descended upon me.”

Fu Shuangni had already returned to the real world.

That’s right…

The demon cultivator that was chasing her could not be more prepared. The other party had sent out so many experts, and she had to face it alone…

In the end, it was a little too much.

After that, there was no after.

Luckily, Fu Shuangni thought that she was not to be trifled with, because before she died, she had killed more than half of the Golden Core stage demons surrounding her!

As for the two Nascent Soul stage demons, one of them was taken away by her with the mentality of dying together with her.

Even though she did not earn much this time, at least she did not lose out!

What followed was so rich that Fu Shuangni seriously doubted if she would be rewarded again.

Fu Shuangni watched as countless good things were stuffed into her storage bags.

Just as her storage bags could not hold on anymore…

They finally stopped.

Moreover, there was a big show!

— Cultivation!

Fu Shuangni could predict that she would break through again this time… However, she did not expect that her cultivation breakthrough this time would be as exaggerated as the previous reward.

Although it was not enough for her to break through to the Nascent Soul stage, it also allowed her to break through to the ninth level of the Golden Core stage!

When she felt her strength increase explosively, her heart was still filled with endless emotions.

The time until now when she obtained the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was still relatively short.

Perhaps she did not even have half a month’s time?

And then she reached the ninth level of the Golden Core stage…

Moreover, Fu Shuangni realized that she was not particularly far from the tenth level of the Golden Core stage. Even if she did not need to use the Immortal Cultivation Simulator to simulate Immortal cultivation, she only needed to cultivate bitterly in reality for a few decades. She had a hundred percent confidence that she could break through to the tenth level of the Golden Core Stage!

Right now, she was only two cultivation levels away from the Nascent Soul stage.

Moreover, she already had the experience of breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage.

Fu Shuangni felt that if she was given three to four hundred years, she could also break through to the Nascent Soul stage in reality.

Even if it was three to four hundred years later, she was only an Immortal cultivator of a few hundred years old.

A Nascent Soul stage cultivator in the early 300 to 400 years old… That was enough to shock the entire Immortal cultivation world.

Of course, this thought was only limited to her heart. If she really gave up on the convenience of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator and chose to cultivate alone in the real world, she would not be able to do it.

“If the next Immortal cultivation simulation is as smooth as this one, there might really be a small possibility that I can break through to the Nascent Soul stage!”

After saying this, Fu Shuangni let out a heavy breath.

She was very satisfied with the settlement rewards this time.

Or rather, among the settlement rewards given to her by the Immortal Cultivation Simulator… She was never dissatisfied.

“It’s already the second day…” After completely accepting all the settlement rewards, Fu Shuangni realized that the sky outside did not seem to have changed much.

However, she had clearly stayed in the simulation world for so long.

There was only one possibility, and it was already the second day.

Good Heavens.

This was the first time she had stayed in the simulation world for a full day.

On the other side.

What the three hardworking Human Tools did not know was that the person who benefited the most this time was not them…

The one who benefited the most was Bai Yi!

With the hard work of these three tools in the new version of the simulation world, Bai Yi had broken through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage in one go, and he had also received other settlement rewards.

At this moment, Shu Zhihua, who was with Bai Yi, was already numb to it.

These days, she could be said to have watched helplessly as Bai Yi broke through to a higher cultivation level step by step.

Every day, Bai Yi broke through to a higher cultivation level, and he even broke through several times.

Over time, he directly reached the second level of the Nascent Soul stage.

What kind of concept was this?

Shu Zhihua was stupefied!

Was this still a human? Even if it was that kind of extremely vicious, even if it was that kind of great demon who used all living things as sacrifices, they would not be able to cultivate at such a fast speed!

How did this good disciple of hers do it? Could it be that he really came down from Heaven?


Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

Shu Zhihua’s heart was filled with shock. Bai Yi did not know that he could not read minds. Of course, there was no need to pay attention to it. After a few more days of shock, she would probably get used to it.

To be honest, Bai Yi felt that his gains this time were a little too little.

In the end… Qin Jiao had died too early. If she could live past a thousand years, he might be able to break through another small stage and directly reach the third level of the Nascent Soul stage.

What a pity!

Bai Yi was even considering whether he should find another Human Tool to work for him.

In fact, Shu Zhihua was a very good candidate. Unfortunately, Shu Zhihua came out of the simulator. The Immortal Cultivation Simulator did not accept people who came out of the simulator to enter the world of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator again.


Shu Zhihua, this excellent candidate, could not become Bai Yi’s fourth Human Tool.

Forget it.

It was useless to think so much. Just let nature take its course. Perhaps the fourth Human Tool would appear after waiting for a while.

Moreover, he had originally planned to leave Qinghe County and wander around the Immortal cultivation world for a few rounds. He could at least meet a Human Tool who was not inferior to Chen Qianxue and the others, right?


“Disciple… Disciple, I remember that you were at the first level of the Nascent Soul stage before, and now you’ve broken through again. Could it be that you’ve already reached the second level of the Nascent Soul stage?” At this time, the voice of Shu Zhihua spoke, it seemed that she had even stuttered a little. It was true that the shock in her heart was too great.

“Yes, the second level of the Nascent Soul stage. Actually, it’s not too far away from the third level of the Nascent Soul stage. It’s still a pity. It would be great if I could break through again in one go.” Bai Yi’s reply did not contain any joy, instead, there was a hint of regret.

Shu Zhihua was dumbfounded.

Then, in Shu Zhihua’s eyes, he was complaining, but secretly showing off his luxurious life.


Wait a minute!

Shu Zhihua seemed to have grasped something important. Her pair of large eyes instantly widened.

He was not that far away from the third level of the Nascent Soul stage?!


Did this mean that when her good disciple broke through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, the momentum of her cultivation base skyrocketing did not stop there. On the contrary, it even increased by a very long distance.

So much so that she was just a little bit away from breaking through to the third level of the Nascent Soul stage?

Ah, this…

Was he really a human?!

Shu Zhihua felt that her worldview had suffered another huge blow.

She was numb!

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