Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 416 - 1,200 Years Old Simulating Immortal Cultivation

Chapter 416: 1,200 Years Old Simulating Immortal Cultivation

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“I… I’m back…”

A figure appeared out of thin air on the originally empty flying boat. Qin Jiao looked up at the starry sky with a blank expression. She did not expect her simulated Immortal cultivation life to end so quickly.

Was this a simulated life without a newborn talent? This difficulty was simply unreasonable!

She felt that the two years she had spent in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator were longer than any other time.

She had no choice, because those two years had been too hard.

In those two years, she had been busy running for her life in a person’s arms!

Qin Jiao felt that her luck was good but not good. Her luck was good because she had come into contact with an Immortal cultivator not long after she was born. The other party did not seem to be her parent, but he was very good to her. He treated her as if she was his own child, so he must be related to her parents in some way.

Her luck was bad because Qin Jiao felt that her identity in the Immortal cultivation simulation might be a little special, so she was chased by a group of Immortal cultivators not long after she was born!

She did not know how long she had been taken by someone to escape. During this time, she really wanted to fight back against those pursuers.

Because those people who were chasing her seemed to only be in the Qi Refinement stage.

The problem was…

This simulated Immortal cultivation, she did not have any exaggerated talent that made people click their tongues. It was not to the extent that she could deal with Immortal cultivators in the Qi Refinement stage at the age of two.

Therefore, there was only one way to welcome Qin Jiao’s fate — Escape!

In any case, there was someone who wanted to escape with her.

But the sad thing was that the person who wanted to escape with her was not very strong

In the end, she was caught up by the pursuer.

After a battle between the two sides, the Immortal cultivator who wanted to escape with her died, and Qin Jiao’s fate was self-evident.

Naturally, she was also taken care of.

“Chen Qianxue isn’t here…” When she saw that she was the only one left on the flying boat, Qin Jiao knew that she had lost to Chen Qianxue again.

“Damn it! This woman actually lived longer than me! I’m so angry!” Qin Jiao gritted her teeth. “It’s all because of those guys who came to kill me for no reason!”

[Age 5, you couldn’t cultivate a single strand of spiritual power even after all the effort you put in because your body is too weak. As time passes, your situation becomes more and more dangerous.]

[Age 6, your mother accidentally fell into a deep pit while digging grass roots and died on the spot! Your father was in extreme pain, and his mental state became weaker and weaker.]

[Perhaps your luck finally had some effect, or perhaps the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique had the ability to seize the heavens and earth. Through the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique, you actually refined a wisp of spiritual energy after devouring the pitiful amount of origin energy in the air!]

[With this wisp of spiritual energy, you are already able to do many things that you couldn’t do before.]

[Someone wanted to murder you and your father. You killed them at the critical moment! Only then did your father notice your extraordinary abilities. You explained to your father that you had met an old Daoist in your dream. Your father actually believed your excuse because such things could really happen in this world.]

[Age 10, you have already established a firm footing. You are no longer worried that you will die an unnatural death.]

[Age 20, after many years of cultivation, you have already reached the third level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[Age 40, in these 20 years, you have encountered countless dangers. At least 40 to 50 of them nearly cost you your life! And one of them even made you blind. Fortunately, with the divine sense of an Immortal cultivator, you didn’t have to carry a seeing-eye staff.]

[Age 60, you’ve broken through to the eighth level of the Qi Refinement stage. The slow speed of your cultivation makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.]

[Age 90, you’ve begun to break through to the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage. However, you quickly discovered that your current foundation wasn’t enough. Fortunately, you stopped in time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been severe.]

[Age 100, you finally feel that your foundation is enough, and you started to break through to the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage…]

[You succeeded in breaking through!]

[Age 130, you started to break through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage. This time, it seems to be because you were prepared, and the process of breaking through was very smooth.]

[Age 200, you broke through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

“Too slow.” Chen Qianxue was rather helpless. “At the age of 200, I’m only at the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage… If I were in the simulated Immortal cultivation world before, I would probably have already reached the Golden Core stage. Without excellent talent in Immortal cultivation, it is indeed difficult to take even a single step on the path of Immortal cultivation.”

“Even if I have very rich Immortal cultivation experience, there is no way to make up for my lack of talent. Moreover, this simulated Immortal cultivation, my luck doesn’t seem to be particularly good. In my impression, I don’t seem to have obtained any passable opportunities.”

“Whew…” She gently exhaled. Fortunately, Chen Qianxue’s state of mind was very good from the beginning to the end. It was not to the extent that she would go crazy due to the huge difference in her state of mind.

She knew that she could not rush things like cultivation. In any case, even if she stayed in the Immortal cultivation simulation for a few hundred years, she would not be able to spend much time in the real world.

She could afford it!

She was not afraid of wasting time!

[Age 500, you have finally broken through to the Golden Core stage at such an old age. Logically speaking, a person at the tenth level of the Foundation Establishment stage shouldn’t be able to live that long. However, you relied on some secret techniques to forcefully live to this age. And all of these sacrifices were worth it. After breaking through to the first level of the Golden Core stage, you would have an even longer lifespan.]

[Age 600, an accident made you, a loose cultivator of the Golden Core stage, become the public enemy of the Orthodox cultivation sects. You were treated as a great demon by the Orthodox cultivators. Countless strong people of the orthodox cultivation sects attacked you together. Fortunately, you had accumulated some trump cards and forcefully fought your way out of the encirclement.]

[Age 700, all kinds of confrontations with the orthodox cultivation sects over the years have made your reputation more and more prosperous! You are already a world-famous Golden Core great demon.]

[Age 800, you have broken through to the eighth level of the Golden Core stage. At this age, the eighth level of the Golden Core stage is not considered a genius among people of the same age, but it is also not considered mediocre.]

[Age 900, you have a better understanding of this world.]

[Age 1000, you have broken through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage. You are full of anticipation for the final step! But you are not particularly anxious because you know that this can not be rushed.]

[Age 1,200, you feel that you have made complete preparations and are beginning to break through to the Nascent Soul stage!]

[You never thought that the Immortal cultivators of the Orthodox sects would receive news of your breakthrough from God knows where. Even more so, you don’t know how they knew your exact location. During the process of breaking through, you were surrounded and attacked. You, who forcibly interrupted the process of breaking through, suffered a backlash. You were already heavily injured before the battle even began.]

[You fought against them for an entire year. In the end, you still died after using all of your trump cards.]

[This simulation of Immortal cultivation ended!]

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