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Chapter 405 - The Death of the Master of the Immortal Residence!

Chapter 405: The Death of the Master of the Immortal Residence!

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Fu Shuangni did not know if she was dead or alive. She realized that she could sense all kinds of images, sounds, and other information from the outside world through her special senses.

“If that spirit tool did not lose its effect when I died… If Chen Qianxue and the others could not see me resurrecting, would they think that the plan went wrong and it caused my death?”

She fell into deep thought.

In this strange situation, she found that the only thing she could do was to keep imagining things.

Time passed.

In the following days, for some reason, the Master of the Immortal Residence did not notice that another consciousness was living in her body.

The Master of the Immortal Residence did not know that her real character had been found out by all the Immortal cultivators of the Great Wei Dynasty.

Furthermore, the Immortal cultivators of the Great Wei Dynasty, including the Emperor, Chen Fengyin, began to use their own connections.

They used secret techniques to preserve the images of what happened in the Immortal Residence and transmitted them to other dynasties.

The hidden sect, Immortal Residence, did not only affect the Great Wei Dynasty.

The other party was constantly bewitching Heaven’s Favorites to go to the Immortal Residence.

It affected tens of thousands of cultivation sects! It affected tens of thousands of cultivation dynasties!

After Chen Fengyin and the other powerful Immortal cultivators exposed the Immortal Residence, more than half of the powerful people in the cultivation world were shocked!

It was also at this opportune moment.

Chen Fengyin pulled out the banner of crusading the Immortal Residence and invited all the powerful people in the Immortal cultivation world to join her.

The response caused by this operation was unexpectedly enthusiastic.

There were many people who responded to Chen Fengyin!

They were all powerful people from all walks of life in the Immortal cultivation world! Their strength was generally extremely powerful. They did not have the cultivation of the Nascent Soul stage, and they were not even qualified to respond to the Great Wei Emperor’s call!

The entire cultivation world was in turmoil!

In addition, everything that Chen Fengyin had done was only carried out in the circle of powerful experts. The news did not spread out. Those weak cultivators had no idea what kind of storm was brewing in the cultivation world.

“More than half of the Nascent Soul stage experts in the cultivation world have responded to His Majesty’s call. There is even a powerful expert at the Soul Formation stage who has decided to participate in the plan to attack the Immortal Residence.”

Only Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao, the two special people, knew how the storm was brewing.

After Qin Jiao finished her words, there was a hint of excitement on her face. It could be seen that she was very excited.

It was as if she did not mind watching the show.

Qin Jiao continued, “I didn’t expect that there were still many righteous people in the Immortal cultivation world! I thought those people were just a group of old foxes who would crazily scheme against each other.”

“They are indeed a bunch of old foxes. If they weren’t proficient in scheming, they wouldn’t have responded to the call,” Chen Qianxue’s voice slowly sounded. “Do you think they would respond to the call for the sake of righteousness?”

“Eh? Isn’t that so? There can’t be any benefits… hiss! Benefits?”

Qin Jiao had just finished speaking when her eyes suddenly widened and she sucked in a breath of cold air.

She seemed to have reacted.

“Yes, if there are no benefits, how could this group of old foxes, who have lived for thousands of years on average, be so active?”

Chen Qianxue said, “In the pictures that were spread out, the Master of the Immortal Residence personally admitted that an Ancestral Master of the Immortal Residence had Ascended.”

“You should know very well what this means to those who have lived for thousands of years.”

Qin Jiao understood. “They want to live forever! They want to follow the path of the Ancestral Master of the Immortal Residence and Ascend!”

Chen Qianxue nodded and said, “Only such benefits will make them respond to the call. Father also saw this very clearly, so he invited those Immortal cultivation mighty figures. Father did this to invite a group of people to share a huge cake.”

[Age 255, a few years later, Fu Shuangni ‘saw’ the Master of the Immortal Residence swallow another Heaven’s Favorite. However, that unlucky fellow who met the same fate as her couldn’t survive in a strange way.]

[Age 257, Fu Shuangni felt like she was being rejected. She felt like she was about to leave the body of the Master of the Immortal Residence, but the rejection was not strong.]

[Age 260 years old, the hidden sect, the Immortal Residence, encountered an unprecedented crisis. When she used a special sensing method to feel the powerful yet hostile aura… Fu Shuangni knew that the Immortal Residence was in trouble.]

[She seemed to be able to sense… the confusion and anger of the Master of the Immortal Residence.]

[Fu Shuangni felt that her ‘sacrifice’ was not in vain.]

[Chen Qianxue’s people are here!]

[Faced with irrefutable evidence, the Master of the Immortal Residence knew that she had been schemed against and could no longer defend herself. An intense battle broke out between the two sides, and the entire majestic mountain was on the verge of collapse!]

[Some of Heaven’s Favorites who had not reached the peak of the mountain didn’t even know what was happening. They saw terrifying mighty figures fighting in the air!]

[Age 261, The two sides fought for a full year, and the Immortal Residence suffered heavy casualties! The Master of the Immortal Residence was also heavily injured.]

[The coalition forces that came to attack the Immortal Residence didn’t take too much advantage either. The Immortal Residence’s foundation far exceeded imagination, especially since this was the home ground of the Immortal Residence.]

The Emperor of Great Wei, Chen Fengyin, the Patriarch of Great Wei, and a Soul Formation cultivator besieged the master of the Immortal Residence.

The Master of the Immortal Residence was exhausted from dealing with them, and she already had the thought of running away.

She knew that everything she had worked for was gone.

But the Master of the Immortal Residence knew very well that the most important thing was whether she could survive! As long as she could survive, she would have the chance to rebuild everything. However, if she could not survive, then everything would be gone.

However, just as she was about to escape…


The Master of the Immortal house suddenly felt a strange fluctuation coming from her body! It was as if an invisible vortex had appeared in her body and was continuously devouring her origin!

She took a blow from a Soul Formation expert head-on. After flying backward for tens of thousands of meters, her expression was uncertain.

“What’s going on? Could it be… I was accidentally hit by some evil technique just now?”

The strange fluctuations in her body seriously affected her vision.

The Master of the Immortal Residence knew something was wrong!

[Age 262, the Master of the Immortal Residence can’t escape anymore. She, who is at the end of her rope, wants to die with everyone, but she didn’t succeed! The Master of the Immortal Residence died under the attack of a group of experts!]

Fu Shuangni felt that she had been completely expelled from the body of the Master of Immortal Residence.

Watching her slowly emerge from the body of the Master of the celestial abode… The group of powerful Immortal cultivators were all dumbfounded!

What the hell!?

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