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Chapter 404 - Fu Shuangni: I’m No Longer Human Again!

Chapter 404: Fu Shuangni: I’m No Longer Human Again!

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After the short shock, there was a sudden ecstasy. The Master of the Immortal Residence could not hold in her ecstatic expression.

The immense joy in her heart made both sides of her mouth raise up in an exaggerated arc.

Such an expression was very strange when placed on the Petite Master of the Immortal Residence.

At the same time, Fu Shuangni felt malicious intent. The malicious Master seemed to be very confident in her strength and did not hide anything.

This feeling made Fu Shuangni feel as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

Her entire body felt cold. Her limbs seemed to have become stiff.

Fu Shuangni suddenly understood one thing. When a powerful Soul Formation stage expert enveloped her with malicious intent, she could not do anything.

Under this situation, Fu Shuangni felt that even if she had tens of thousands of life-saving treasures, there was no way she could escape.

The killing intent had already locked onto her.

At the same time, in the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty.

“What’s going on?” The Great Wei Emperor, Chen Fengyin, who was watching everything, felt that something was wrong. He looked at the scene in front of him and frowned deeply. “Although I did not experience it personally, I can still feel that this Master of the Immortal Residence has some ill intentions!”

This made Chen Fengyin suddenly think of the words his daughter had once said to him.

He was stunned.

Could it be that Chang Ning was right again? Was the ancestor of the Immortal Residence really not as simple as he had imagined?

Was there really a secret that the world did not know about in the Immortal Residence?

Moreover… This secret did not seem to be a good secret!

As time passed, the Master of the Immortal Residence seemed to want to let Fu Shuangni, who had a shocked expression, die a little. She revealed a lot of things.

These things were the secrets of the Immortal Residence. If the things that the Master of the Immortal Residence said were known by others and spread out, the entire Immortal Residence would probably be turned into a demonic sect by the Immortal cultivation world.

It would become an existence that everyone would have to kill.

The Master of the Immortal Residence understood this.

Therefore, whenever someone wanted to reveal these secrets to others, she would kill that person immediately, not giving that person the chance to spread the news.

As for why she had to reveal these things in the first place?

This was a hobby of hers.

Inside the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei.

The atmosphere was already very heavy at this moment. Apart from Chen Fengyin, there were also some ministers of the Great Wei Dynasty, as well as some senior mighty figures from the Immortal cultivation sects that Chen Qianxue had invited over in advance.

The expressions on the faces of these powerful Immortal cultivation mighty figures were exactly the same. It was an expression of shock and also thick anger!


Because they had never thought that the Immortal Residence was such an existence.


Because the Immortal Residence had deceived them! They had been deceived for such a long time!

Damn it!

They had always treated the Immortal Residence as a reclusive sect. When the people of the Immortal Residence came to their territory, they would host a banquet and treat them as distinguished guests.

In the eyes of the people of the Immortal Residence… Were they just a bunch of clowns?

The people of the Immortal Residence would definitely mock them behind their backs!

The awkwardness made people want to scratch their feet!

“Bastard!”Chen Fengyin, the Emperor of the Great Wei, had an extremely gloomy expression. He had just broken through to the Soul Formation stage not long ago, and his state of mind had not been completely stabilized. At this time, it was difficult for him to maintain his emotions.

As his angry shout fell, everyone’s attention turned to him.

Chen Fengyin said angrily, “This Immortal Residence has been controlled by such a demon for a million years! This demon has actually deceived the cultivation world for so long! In the entire cultivation world for so many years, how many talented geniuses have become food for the demon?”

“This Little Friend Fu Shuangni… In order to expose the plot of the Immortal Residence to the public, she is willing to sacrifice her own life! Whether it is for the sake of ridding the demon and defending the Dao, or for this Little Friend, we can not allow this Immortal Residence to continue deceiving the world!”

As soon as his words fell, a powerful Immortal cultivator immediately echoed, “Your Majesty is right, this demon is the evil incarnation of the Ancestral Master of the Immortal Residence. This demon has also personally admitted that the ancestral master of the Immortal Residence really attained the Dao and Ascended back then.”

“In other words, this demonic creature is the evil incarnation of an Immortal! If such a demonic creature isn’t killed in time, it will eat more Heaven’s Favorites.”

“But what about tomorrow? Will it target us with its fangs? Will it try to achieve its so-called dream of Ascension by devouring us?!”

The Immortal cultivator’s words were even more terrifying and gave people a sense of danger.

That’s right!

Master of the Immortal Residence only ate Heaven’s Favorites because she was not truly powerful yet.

The other party could only slowly accumulate powerful cultivation bases by deceiving the Immortal cultivation world.

Once she was allowed to become stronger and stronger until no one in the Immortal cultivation world could control her…

Would she be satisfied with the current situation?

Think about it from another perspective… If these Immortal cultivators were the Masters of the Immortal Residence, they felt that they would not be satisfied with the current situation!


If that was the case, wouldn’t they, the Righteous Path people, be a very delicious food in the eyes of the Master of the Immortal Residence?

Even some demon sect demons were delicious food in the eyes of the Master of the Immortal Residence!

This was because the Master of the Immortal Residence was not even a living being!

She was not even a demon!

At the peak of a towering mountain.

At the Immortal Residence.

Fu Shuangni did not know of her ‘death’ caused many Immortal cultivators in the Great Wei Dynasty to feel a sense of crisis.

She only knew that this master of the Immortal Residence’s killing techniques were the most special she had ever seen. Furthermore, the way she ‘died’ this time was something she had never encountered before.

She had been eaten!

Before she ‘died’, she felt as if she had become a part of the Master of the Immortal Residence. The moment the Master swallowed her, she felt as if she had been assimilated by the Master.

Then, she completely lost all consciousness.


After less than ten breaths, Fu Shuangni’s consciousness recovered.

She was alive!

However, she was not completely alive.

“Where is my body? I… I seem to still be in the body of the Master of the Immortal Residence. My body became a part of her before I died, so after I resurrected, I’m still alive in this form?”

Fu Shuangni was stunned. This… she had not expected this.

Moreover, she suddenly realized that the Master of the Immortal Residence did not seem to notice that her resurrected consciousness was inside her body.

Fu Shuangni fell into deep thought.

Was she still human?

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