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Chapter 403 - Master of Immortal Residence: What Kind of Monster Is This?

Chapter 403: Master of Immortal Residence: What Kind of Monster Is This?

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[Age 246, Fu Shuangni finally gained something that belonged to her on the path of Immortal Ascension. She obtained a rare Epiphany that belonged to her. In this Epiphany, she smoothly broke through to the second layer of the Golden Core stage!]

[After Fu Shuangni stabilized her cultivation for a period of time, she continued to climb towards the peak of the majestic mountain.]

[Age 247, another year had passed, and Fu Shuangni seemed to have gained some enlightenment again. However, this enlightenment was not enough for her to break through to the third level of the Golden Core stage. It only increased the spiritual energy in her body by a hundred million points.]

[On the Immortal path, Fu Shuangni met a person who was like her and was invited here.]

[The other party was surprised by Fu Shuangni’s appearance.]

[Both parties did not have any conflict on the path of Immortal Ascension.]

[Age 248, another year has passed. Fu Shuangni actually met another person on the path of Immortal Ascension. The other person was also one of a Heaven’s Favorite in the Immortal cultivation world and was also invited by the Immortal Residence.]

[What’s worth mentioning is that Fu Shuangni met a heaven’s favorite this time and was actually a woman just like her.]

[But it’s obvious that Fu Shuangni doesn’t know her.]

Fu Shuangni did not know this female Heaven’s Favorite, but Chen Qianxue, who was far away in the Great Wei Dynasty, recognized this woman’s identity.

Yes, Chen Qianxue had not left for the Immortal Residence yet.

Instead, she remained in the Great Wei Dynasty.

She had clearly agreed to the invitation of the Nascent Soul stage expert from the Immortal Residence, but after so many years, she did not have any thoughts of leaving. She was truly a ten thousand year old pigeon.

At this moment.

In the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty.

A strange eye floated quietly, and the golden vertical pupil in the eye shot out a ray of light.

The light turned into a picture.

In the picture, a green stone staircase covered with mottled time appeared. On this staircase stood two young-looking women.

Chen Qianxue knew both of them.

Fu Shuangni!

Hou Yingyun!

“It’s her? “Chen Qianxue didn’t expect to see her “Junior sister”in such a way. She looked surprised and murmured, “She was invited to the Immortal Residence? In other words… after she left me, she had a special encounter?”

Qin Jiao came over and asked curiously, “Do you know her?!”

Chen Qianxue nodded and replied, “I used to know her, and we had a lot of interactions, but now… We are strangers.”

Qin Jiao understood her words. “I understand.”

Qin Jiao did not ask further.

Because the two of them weren’t the only ones watching the scene.

The Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, Chen Fengyin, was also watching the scene!

Chen Fengyin looked at the back of his youngest daughter.

He naturally heard the two of them whispering.

He did not expect that his youngest daughter actually knew such a Proud Son of Heaven. Moreover, from her words, he could tell that the relationship between the two of them seemed to be extraordinary. It was very likely that their relationship was very deep, but because of some reasons, they had to leave their friends.

In other words…

Among the ten Favored Sons of Heaven invited by the Immortal Residence this time, three of them were friends of his daughter!

In other words, out of the ten spots, four were related to his daughter.

What kind of personality and charm was this?

So many Favored Sons of Heaven were now surrounding Chang Ning, it was truly amazing!


Chen Fengyin suddenly frowned as he stared at the two beautiful figures on the screen, he was a little hesitant. ‘Chang Ning told me a few years ago that the Immortal Residence wasn’t as simple as it looked. What exactly isn’t simple? She seems to be a little disgusted with the Immortal Residence, as if it wasn’t a good place.’

‘She spent a lot of effort to fiddle with such a special spirit tool and sent the image of the Immortal Residence to Great Wei. Could it be that she wanted to expose some secrets of the Immortal Residence in front of me?’

‘The problem is, what kind of secret is it… Chang Ning isn’t willing to tell me.’

Chen Fengyin actually had some doubts about this matter.

He knew that what his daughter was talking about… Had never been wrong.

But people were not sages after all. Who could guarantee that they would never be wrong?

The Immortal Residence, a reclusive sect, had a very good reputation in the Immortal cultivation world.

Especially in the Immortal cultivation world… There was a legend about it.

It was the ancestor of the Immortal Residence who had founded the Immortal Residence millions of years ago. At that time, he had already attained the Dao and Ascended, transcending tribulation and becoming an Immortal.

It was unknown whether the credibility of this legend was high or not, but it was still relatively widespread in the upper echelon of the Immortal cultivation circle.

It was precisely because of this reason that the Immortal Residence seemed to be mysterious and noble in the eyes of countless almighty cultivators.

Even he, the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, felt the same way.

‘Is there really a problem with the Immortal Residence… ?’

He frowned, but very quickly, his frown relaxed.

‘Forget it!’

In any case, his daughter had told him that that special spirit weapon could only be used for ten years. If he wanted to know the truth, he would have to wait for a few more years.

Time passed.

[Age 249, another year had passed, and Fu Shuangni was already approaching the peak of the towering mountain. She seemed to have surpassed one Heaven’s Favored Son after another and arrived at the very front of the path of Immortal Ascension.]

[Age 250, Fu Shuangni had successfully reached the peak of the mountain and arrived at the residence of the Immortal Residence.]

[At the same time, the insights that she had accumulated over the past few years burst forth in an instant, allowing Fu Shuangni to break through her cultivation in one go!]

[Fu Shuangni has reached the third level of the Golden Core stage!]

[After reaching the residence of the Immortal so quickly, Fu Shuangni has received the attention of all the hidden Immortal cultivators in the residence, including the Master of the Immortal Residence, who has directly appeared and met Fu Shuangni. As expected, although the Master of the Immortal Residence was at the Soul Formation realm, he did not notice that there was a spirit weapon tool in the void beside Fu Shuangni.]

[Age 251, Fu Shuangni began to comprehend the cultivation technique left behind by the Ancestral Master of the Immortal Residence. Her comprehension speed was ridiculously fast. Even Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao combined were not as fast as her.]

The reason was very simple. Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao had already told Fu Shuangni all the elements of this cultivation technique.

In the entire cultivation world, no one understood the cultivation technique left behind by the ancestral master of the Immortal Residence better than the three of them!

Another half a year passed.

Combining the elements that Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao had told her, Fu Shuangni had completely comprehended this cultivation technique of the ancestral master of the Immortal Residence!

The speed was so fast that it shocked the Master of the Immortal Residence once again!

“You really comprehended it?!” When she asked this question, the Master of the Immortal Residence’s expression was filled with disbelief.

She had lived for so many years and had seen many Proud Sons of Heaven. Her true form was even an Immortal that had ascended.

But… She was still shocked.

She looked at Fu Shuangni with a doubtful gaze, as if she was looking at an inhuman monster.

She was full of shock!

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