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Chapter 402 - Nascent Soul Cultivator: How Could She Be Resurrected on the Spot?

Chapter 402: Nascent Soul Cultivator: How Could She Be Resurrected on the Spot?

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[Age 236, nothing happened.]

[Age 240, nothing happened.]

[Age 241, a guest came to the Imperial Palace. Although this guest’s cultivation was only at the Nascent Soul stage, due to his special identity, even the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty came out to welcome him. It was also at this moment that Fu Shuangni learned… that the Immortal Residence, a secluded cultivation sect, has arrived! ]

[The Nascent Soul mighty figure from the Immortal Residence has expressed his intentions to the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty. The Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, Chen Fengyin, has no problems with this.]

[Faced with the invitation to the Immortal Residence, neither Chen Qianxue nor Qin Jiao have rejected it.]

[Just as the person in the Immortal Residence was about to leave, he suddenly realized that there was a very talented Immortal cultivator in the Imperial Palace. That Immortal cultivator was less than 300 years old and was already close to the second layer of the Golden Core stage. She was definitely a genius among geniuses.]

[The Nascent Soul stage cultivator from the Immortal Residence thought for a moment. The other party first contacted the Master of the Immortal Residence through a secret technique. After receiving the master’s reply, he also sent an invitation to Fu Shuangni.]

[Fu Shuangni agreed.]

The Nascent Soul stage cultivator from the Immortal Residence finally left the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty.

As for Fu Shuangni, Chen Qianxue, and Qin Jiao…

They were also prepared to leave for the Immortal Residence.


The three of them did not go to the hidden sect Immortal Residence at the same time. Fu Shuangni was the first to leave the Imperial Palace. In order to safely escort her to the Immortal Residence, the Great Wei Dynasty specially arranged for a Nascent Soul stage cultivator to escort Fu Shuangni.

[Age 243, after three years of long journey, Fu Shuangni is only half a step away from reaching the second level of the Golden Core stage.]

[At the same time, she and the Nascent Soul stage cultivator who escorted her to the Immortal Residence are already infinitely close to the specific location of the Immortal Residence.]

[Age 244, Fu Shuangni is on the flying ship, preparing to break through to the second level of the Golden Core stage. Such a move made the Great Wei Nascent Soul stage cultivator who escorted her dumbfounded.]

[The other party couldn’t help but sigh. Young people nowadays really have exaggerated talent in cultivation.]

In fact… Fu Shuangni’s talent in cultivation could only be said to be above the middle range.

But unfortunately, the cultivation resources she enjoyed were really too exaggerated.

The cultivation resources she had used up were replaced with cultivation talent like Chen Qianxue’s, she might already be about to break through to the Nascent Soul stage.

Now, she had used up so many cultivation resources, and she was only at the second level of the Golden Core stage.

It was truly a waste of a lot of resources.

Fu Shuangni’s breakthrough this time did not seem particularly smooth, but she did not care because she knew that she still had a lot of life to use up.

She suffered a serious backlash from the breakthrough, causing the Nascent Soul stage cultivator escorting her to turn pale with fright.

“Not good!” The Nascent Soul stage cultivator’s expression changed drastically. He did not expect… to encounter such a thing on the way to the Immortal Residence!

This Nascent Soul stage cultivator hurriedly made a move, wanting to save Fu Shuangni who had suffered a serious backlash from the breakthrough.

But in the next moment, jis expression changed again.

Because he realized that Fu Shuangni in front of him had already lost all signs of life!

He felt that as a Nascent Soul stage expert, he was still very accurate.

This person in front of him was already dead!


His eyes were wide open, his face filled with shock.

“What should we do?” This Nascent Soul stage expert felt trouble, and he took a deep breath, there was a hint of helplessness in his expression. “Who would have thought that such a thing would happen? When this junior broke through, didn’t she make any preparations in advance? “She must have been too impatient, causing her state of mind to be unstable when she broke through. She suffered a very serious backlash.”

“Sigh!” He sighed heavily.

However, at this moment, his eyes widened once again as if he had seen a ghost. He stared at Fu Shuangni, who was clearly dead.

This was because he was shocked to find that Fu Shuangni had regained her life!

This, this, this…

What was going on?

He was stunned!

“You…” The Nascent Soul stage cultivator said in shock, “You came back to life?!”

Fu Shuangni looked back at him and revealed a smile. She replied politely, “Maybe it’s because I don’t deserve to die. The backlash from the breakthrough is not enough to take my life. I have pretty good luck.”

Hearing such a humble reply, the Nascent Soul stage cultivator felt that it was unbelievable.

Good luck?

If he was lucky, he could be resurrected? Or did this junior not die just now?

Did he enter a state of suspended animation that even he could not see?

The Nascent Soul stage cultivator could not understand!

After the flying ship finally arrived at the Immortal Residence, the doubts in the Nascent Soul stage cultivato.r’s mind also followed Fu Shuangni on the Immortal path and left.


“Is this the Immortal path that Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao told me about? It’s rumored that the founder of the Immortal Residence walked on a mountain path before he ascended. The other party is clearly the ceiling of the Immortal cultivation world, but he chose to use his legs to step on the peak of this majestic mountain.”

“The mountain path that the other party walked on became the so-called Immortal Path. This reclusive sect called the Immortal Residence is also famous in the Immortal cultivation world because of that ancestor and this Immortal Path.”

Fu Shuangni was already on the green stone steps of the Immortal path. She looked at the green stones that were filled with traces of time.

She did not know why, but she felt a faint pressure in her heart.

The ancestor of Immortal Residence who had already ascended to Immortality was clearly tens of thousands of years away.

However, the other party still had a remnant will effect.

With this will on the path of Immortal Ascension, this ordinary path up the mountain was no longer ordinary.


Fu Shuangni found that the higher she went, the greater the pressure she felt in her heart.

Moreover, this pressure seemed to have solidified and was suppressing her body!

At this moment, she took out a very strange spirit tool. It was a huge vertical eye.

Fu Shuangni injected a trace of spirit energy into it, and the vertical eye gradually turned transparent!

It did not have any aura!

“I see…” Fu Shuangni came to a realization. “After activating this spirit weapon, it will be in a hidden state. Moreover, this is a special spirit tool that a Soul Formation stage powerhouse from the royal family spent hundreds of years creating.”

“If that Master of the Immortal Residence is only at the Soul Formation stag, then the possibility that she can see through this hidden spirit tool is infinitely close to zero.”

Fu Shuangni muttered thoughtfully. This thing was quite interesting.

It seemed that the Soul Formation stage ancestor of the imperial family of the Great Wei had profound attainments in the path of artifact refinement.

Or rather… The thing that the other party was most proficient in was probably artifact-making.

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