Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 401 - The Short White-Haired Old Witch

Chapter 401: The Short White-Haired Old Witch

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Fu Shuangni, who had broken through to the first level of the Golden Core stage, received another letter from Chen Qianxue and the others not long after. After she finished reading the contents of the envelope.

She thought for a while and finally gave up hesitating. She stood up and left the bronze giant door cave!

This was the first time she had left this place since entering the bronze giant door cave.

Fu Shuangni left because Chen Qianxue had asked for her help in the letter.

After leaving the cave.

Fu Shuangni had already arrived at a deserted island. This place was not far from the bronze giant door cave. Before she entered the cave with Chen Qianxue and the others, she had stayed on this deserted island for a day.

“More than a hundred years have passed. Everything is different from my impression.” Fu Shuangni breathed in the air outside the cave and felt the Heaven and Earth spiritual Qi that was much thinner than in the cave, she actually had a feeling that she was not used to it.

Now that she had already reached the Golden Core stage, if she did not care about the consumption of her own spirit energy.

She did not even need to drive the flying ship and could rush to the Imperial City at an extremely fast speed on her own.

However, Fu Shuangni obviously could not do that.

Although she was not as cautious as Chen Qianxue, she would not let the spirit energy in her body be in a state of scarcity.

With the flying ship, it would be a waste not to use it.

Time passed.

After arriving at the Great Wei Dynasty’s Imperial City, Fu Shuangni, after a hundred years, she once again saw Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao.

She realized that she could not see through the cultivation of these two people, and this made her feel a little emotional.

As expected, her talent was much more important than hard work.

After all…

Chen Qianxue had been busy with other things, but under such circumstances, she was actually able to keep her cultivation level up and even make it difficult for her to surpass it.

This was the difference in talent!

The three of them did not catch up with each other during this meeting. After all, during this period of time, the three of them had been writing letters to each other and maintaining communication on the letters.

There was no need to catch up.

Chen Qianxue went straight to the point, “This time, whether we can expose the ugly side of the Immortal Residence, you will be the most crucial point. As long as we can let the world know how ugly the things of a reclusive sect like the Immortal Residence are.”

“We can use the power of the cultivation world and the power of the Righteous sects and the Imperial Court to directly destroy this so-called reclusive sect!”


Chen Qianxue asked Fu Shuangni to come out of seclusion to deal with this reclusive Immortal cultivation sect!

Fu Shuangni nodded slightly. “After destroying a reclusive sect, there should be one more thing on top of its achievements, right?”

She did not reject Chen Qianxue’s request, even if the Immortal Residence did not have much to do with her.

The friendship between the three of them did not need to be thought about whether the Immortal Residence had anything to do with her.

As long as Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao ran into any trouble, Fu Shuangni naturally would not stand by and watch.

“However…” Fu Shuangni frowned and asked, “Do you have any confidence that you can make the ugly face of the Immortal Residence appear in the eyes of the world?”

Chen Qianxue smiled, “In order to do that, I have made full preparations.”

After saying this, Chen Qianxue handed over a very special spirit tool to Fu Shuangni.

Fu Shuangni took it and raised her eyebrows.

This spirit tool’s appearance was very strange. It looked like a big blood red eye with a golden vertical pupil in the eye.

There was a faint flow of spirit energy on the vertical pupil.

It seemed to contain thousands of mysteries.

“This is?” Fu Shuangni could tell that it was extraordinary. Moreover, this spirit tool did not look like it had been corroded by time. She asked in surprise, “This is a spirit tool that has just been refined, right?”

Chen Qianxue nodded, “Yes, this is a special spirit tool that the Imperial Ancestor of the Great Wei Dynasty spent hundreds of years refining.”

Hearing this, Fu Shuangni was even more surprised. “You can persuade that Imperial Ancestor to spend over a hundred years to refine a spirit tool for you?”

“It’s not really convincing. It’s just a small deal between the junior and the ancestor.” Chen Qianxue smiled and said, “I used Daoist Blood Lotus’s cultivation manual to ask the ancestor to help me refine a spirit tool.”

“Fortunately, my identity is very special. The ancestor could not bring himself to snatch something from a junior. Thus, this transaction can be concluded.”

She paused and continued, “This spirit tool can only be activated by a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator. Moreover, it can only be used for ten years. After ten years, it will be useless. Moreover, once activated, it can not be sealed.”

“Its use is also very simple…”

Chen Qianxue took out a special spirit tool from her storage bag, which was exactly the same as Fu Shuangni’s.

It was actually an eye that looked rather strange at first glance.

Chen Qianxue explained, “As long as your eye is activated, it will transmit everything you see and hear to my eye.”

“It doesn’t matter even if the distance is hundreds of millions of miles or billions of miles, even if there is an array formation isolating it. Both eyes can establish a kind of communication connection.”

Qin Jiao, who had been silent all this time, interrupted excitedly. “This is what I thought of!”

Qin Jiao chuckled. “Before this, Chen Qianxue and I had been thinking about how to expose the plot of that short white-haired old witch in the Immortal Residence. I said that we should use the communication talisman before we die! But Chen Qianxue said that there was no concrete evidence, so who would believe what she said in the communication talisman.”

“At that time, I began to think about what could be more effective than the communication talisman and bring out the evidence. Then, I had a flash of inspiration and thought of a spirit tool with this principle.”

“This kind of spirit tool has never been found in the Immortal cultivation world. I came up with it alone, and it is my own invention!”

“Cough cough!”

Qin Jiao coughed and smiled sheepishly. “It’s just that with my tool refining level, I can’t refine it.”

Fu Shuangni understood.

It meant that Qin Jiao had come up with a way. Chen Qianxue would get the royal Soul Formation Patriarch to help refine it, while Fu Shuangni would use her life as the bait to use this spirit tool.

Using this special spirit tool, she would show the ugly face of the Immortal Residence to the entire Immortal cultivation world.

It sounded like she was going to sell her out.

After all, she had given up a little too much because she had to give up her life!

If it was someone else… They might feel that this was too much.

But if it was Fu Shuangni, it would not be a big problem!

Fu Shuangni said, “It looks like you guys have also considered my newborn talent and thought of this method, right?”

Qin Jiao continued to laugh. This kind of thing really made her feel embarrassed.

This was because Fu Shuangni was going to take the risk alone.

But no one was more suitable than her.

If it was any one of Chen Qianxue or Qin Jiao, although they could be used as bait, if they died, their lives would be restarted.

Fu Shuangni was different.

“No problem.” Fu Shuangni smiled, “I still have a few lives that I can use. Using one or two lives to exchange for a settlement is not a loss. “Moreover, I have long wanted to try the so-called Immortal Path.”


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