Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 406 - Clear the First Round of the Simulated Immortal Cultivation Dungeon!

Chapter 406: Clear the First Round of the Simulated Immortal Cultivation Dungeon!

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“I’m ‘alive’ again…” Fu Shuangni felt that if she stayed in the Master of the Immortal Residence for a few more years or even a dozen more years, her perception of time in the outside world might become blurry.

Fortunately, Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao were quite powerful. They were actually able to collude with so many Immortal cultivators to attack the Master of the Immortal Residence.

Fu Shuangni felt that many of these Immortal cultivators were very unfamiliar, as if she had never seen them before.

She knew that they should be Immortal cultivators from a dynasty other than the Great Wei Dynasty.

They came to attack the Master of the Immortal Residence not because the other party was really doing it for the righteousness of the Righteous Path, but for the things left behind by the Ancestral Master of the Immortal Residence!

That was an Immortal who had Ascended, so the things left behind were definitely not simple!

Even if they could only obtain a little benefit, it would be beneficial for life!

[Age 264, Fu Shuangni returned to the Great Wei Dynasty under the escort of the Great Wei Emperor. She met Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao once again, and after she recounted her experience. Whether it was Chen Qianxue or Qin Jiao, neither of them expected such a huge oversight.]

[Age 268, everything in the Immortal Residence has been thoroughly divided up. After all the treasures in the Immortal Residence have been divided up, the news of the crusade against the Immortal Residence four years ago has spread to the entire Immortal cultivation world.]

Countless Immortal cultivators in the Immortal cultivation world were in an uproar!

No one expected that in such a short period of time, so many things would happen in the Immortal cultivation world that no one knew about.

Many of them were weak, and they did not have any powerful sects as their backers. It was even the first time that they heard that the Immortal cultivation world had such a reclusive sect like the Immortal Residence. They did not expect that such a reclusive sect was actually brewing such a big conspiracy.

And such a reclusive Immortal cultivation sect, which was no different from the demon sect, was actually annihilated by the joint efforts of countless mighty figures a few years ago!

Ah, this…

They were stupefied!

It was as if something major had happened, but it also seemed as if nothing had happened.

Because such a major event had not even had time to affect the weak Immortal cultivators like them… and it had already been dealt with by those almighty experts.

What they did not know was that the instigator of all this was actually three female cultivators whose combined ages were not more than 600 years old.

The three of them also got a share of the treasures in the Immortal Residence, and they also got quite a bit.

The Great Wei Emperor fought for them. So, naturally, the three of them would not miss out on the benefits.

[Age 269, Fu Shuangni is in the Great Wei Imperial Palace, continuing to cultivate diligently…]

In the following days.

Basically, nothing major happened.

Chen Qianxue, Qin Jiao, and Fu Shuangni seemed to be entering a state of focused cultivation.

Perhaps it was because Fu Shuangni’s struggle caused Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao to be competitive.

The level of effort of the three was astonishing.

Casually entering seclusion for more than ten years was a very normal thing for them.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of years had passed.

“Fourth level of the Golden Core stage!” Fu Shuangni opened her eyes. The more she cultivated, the slower her strength increased. She did not expect that she had spent dozens of years to break through a small cultivation realm.

One had to know that the cultivation resources she had consumed during these decades could be described as astronomical.

If she continued to cultivate at this pace, perhaps she would need to be four hundred years old before she could break through to the fifth level of the Golden Core stage?

“Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao should be the same as me… The more they cultivate, the more difficult it is.”

“But…” Fu Shuangni could not help but smile bitterly. “But there is definitely a huge difference between difficult and difficult. I spent so much time to break through a small realm. In this time, they might have already broken through two small realms.”

“They are close to the Nascent Soul Stage… I’m afraid they are getting closer and closer!”

Fortunately, this envy came and went quickly.

In the blink of an eye, she threw it to the back of her mind.

Fu Shuangni chose to continue cultivating.

[Age 312, Fu Shuangni continues cultivating.]

[Age 325, Fu Shuangni was still cultivating.]

[Age 340, Fu Shuangni felt that her cultivation progress was a little blocked. She chose to temporarily come out of seclusion to stabilize her current state of mind. In the end, what she did not expect was that she had just come out of seclusion when she heard a piece of bad news.]

“When Qin Jiao returned to Maple City… She met with the interception of several demons?” Fu Shuangni was stunned. “Didn’t the Great Wei Dynasty’s demon cultivators have already been cleansed?”

She frowned and felt that this matter was not that simple.

Luckily, the bad news was not too bad. Qin Jiao, who was ambushed, did not die and was only slightly injured.

However, it also made her feel uneasy.

That was because every time something happened, she would inexplicably encounter a danger that she should not have encountered.

Once this inexplicable danger appeared, there would be endless trouble waiting for the three of them.

Who knew if they would be targeted by the simulator like before?

This was Fu Shuangni’s concern.

She did not want to lose her people so quickly. At the very least… She had to become stronger first, right?

[The group of demon cultivators that tried to kill Qin Jiao has been identified. They are actually the remnants of the Immortal Residence. I wonder where they learned that Qin Jiao is related to this incident.]

[Age 345, the Great Wei Dynasty has already sent a large number of Immortal cultivators to look for traces of the remnants of the Immortal Residence and successfully killed one of them.]

[Age 350, Fu Shuangni felt that she was getting closer and closer to the fifth level of the Golden Core stage. However, at this time, something that she didn’t expect happened.]

On this day.

Fu Shuangni was still cultivating in seclusion. However, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator suddenly popped up two notifications, which made her stunned.

[All remnants of the Immortal Residence have been eliminated. All the forces that are hostile to the simulator have been eliminated!]

[The Immortal cultivation life simulation dungeon has been cleared and is in the process of clearing the dungeon! In addition to the simulation rewards and achievement rewards, there will be an additional clearing reward!]

“What does this mean?” Fu Shuangni was stunned. “All the hostile forces have been cleared and cleared?”

She was a little stunned.

Did this mean that… In this Immortal cultivation world, because the three of them no longer had any enemies, there was no longer any trouble that would come for them… So this world could no longer tolerate their peaceful Immortal cultivation?

Just as this guess flashed through his mind.

Fu Shuangni’s consciousness suddenly paused.

Her entire consciousness went blank!

She was very familiar with this feeling. Every time she experienced death in the simulator, it was this feeling.

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