Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 36 - The Script for the Trash Genre Didn’t Follow the Script

Chapter 36: The Script for the Trash Genre Didn’t Follow the Script

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[After negotiating with the old grandma, Qin Jiao confirmed the location of the other party’s cave abode. She planned to wait until she became stronger before going to that cave abode to search for hundreds of millions of treasures.]

[On the same day, Qin Jiao’s fiancé, whom she had never met before, came to her house and requested to break off the engagement.]

[The Qin Clan felt humiliated, but they had no choice but to agree.]

[Qin Jiao didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, she was very happy and thanked him in person, leaving him dumbfounded.]

[Age 17, Qin Jiao has returned to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[Age 18, Qin Jiao has returned to the third level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[The old lady who Qin Jiao was carrying couldn’t help but teach her a few more advanced alchemy skills when she saw that Qin Jiao had extraordinary talent and knew a lot of crude alchemy skills. Qin Jiao learned very quickly, which made the old grandma speechless and called her a monster.]

[Age 20, Qin Jiao has reached the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Ten new talents were refreshed, but Qin Jiao didn’t think much of them. She didn’t replace any of them.]

[An elder from the Clear Sun Sect came down the mountain and talked to Qin Jiao’s father for a moment. After the elder from the Clear Sun Sect left the Qin Clan, Qin Jiao’s father’s expression was extremely ugly.

“What happened?” Qin Jiao asked curiously, but her father forced a smile and did not say anything.

[Age 21, the Qin Clan ran into trouble. The Patriarch of the Qin Clan was assassinated in secret, and the Patriarch of the Qin Clan died for some unknown reason. The Qin family fell into chaos!]

[The sect called the Clear Sun Sect sent people down the mountain to take over everything of the Qin Clan.]

[Qin Jiao realized that her father and the Patriarch’s death had nothing to do with each other.]

[A large number of Qin Clan members died suddenly for no reason.]

[The old Grandma asked Qin Jiao to leave immediately. Qin Jiao decided to trust her.]

[However… it seems to be too late.]

[In the night.]

[Qin Jiao was attacked and killed!]

[She died at the age of 21 years, 25 months, and 25 days.]


“Good Heavens, is she gone just like that?” Seeing Qin Jiao, the number two human tool, fall just like that, he muttered in surprise, “With an innate spiritual body and an old grandma who used to be in the Nascent Soul stage, in the end, she still couldn’t escape being killed by the Immortal Cultivation Simulator plot?”

Bai Yi did not know whether the difficulty of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was targeted at the human tool-users or the authority dogs like him.

After all… the better the human tool performed in the simulator, the more generous the rewards Bai Yi received.

On the contrary… the more miserable it would be.

However, compared to the unlucky Chen Qianxue, Qin Jiao’s Luck was much better.

The second time she simulated Immortal cultivation, she would live until she was 20 years old. Unfortunately, she did not follow the script. If she had shouted “Don’t bully girls who are poor” in front of her fiancé, it might have been different.

Such a ridiculous thought flashed through Bai Yi’s mind because he felt that Qin Jiao’s script this time was too familiar.

At this moment.

Bai Yi’s attention quickly focused on the settlement reward. It was Chen Qianxue’s settlement reward

[Qin Jiao has ended her simulated Immortal cultivation life. During the simulated Immortal cultivation, she successfully activated the ‘Annulment’ achievement. You will receive the following settlement reward and an additional reward –]

[Reward 1: Blood Explosion Pill recipe (Immortal cultivators who consume this pill will fall into a berserk state)]

[Reward 2: Qin Clan’s Cloud Chasing Steps (Qin Clan’s ancestral footwork)]

[Reward 3: All Spiritual Qi at the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage (a pure spiritual qi)]

[Additional reward: Innate spiritual body (Qin Jiao’s initial talent)]

When he saw Qin Jiao’s calculation reward, Bai Yi raised his eyebrows.

He did not think that the first three rewards were very generous. However, that additional reward made it impossible for him to ignore.

Qin Jiao was able to break through to the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage so quickly in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and this was even under the situation where the remnant soul was dragging her down.

It was all because she had the innate spiritual body, a newborn talent.

This talent had greatly improved her innate talent, and there were no problems with the realm shackles at all.

It was equivalent to breaking through as long as she tried to break through.

In the cultivation world, this kind of talent would definitely make the eyes of those cultivation sects turn red. They even wished that they could forcefully tie someone with this kind of talent to their own sect.

Additional talent would definitely be given to Bai Yi, so he did not need to worry about this.

As for the choice of three rewards, Bai Yi thought about it and made a choice. “I choose reward three.”

The pill formula was not of much use to him, and he did not have an alchemy furnace.

Was he supposed to use a clay pot to refine pills?

Would he blow up his own house?

As for the footwork technique passed down in the Qin Clan, the Cloud Chasing Steps, Bai Yi felt that it was not as powerful as the footwork technique that came with the Sword Cultivation Technique.

When all the spiritual energy of the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage surged into his body, Bai Yi only felt that his own spiritual energy had become abundant.

If he cultivated diligently for a month, he might be able to break through to the sixth level of the Qi Refinement stage on his own.

On top of that, his ‘innate spiritual body’ was able to ignore the bottleneck.

Did that not mean that he could break through just like that?

Bai Yi also tried to exhale and exhale the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. He discovered that the speed of the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth was ridiculously fast. In an instant, he went from a person who was not very suitable for Immortal cultivation to a cultivation genius.

Bai Yi felt that if he went to test his bone structure now, and he wanted to choose a sect to join.

He estimated whether it was the Spirit Sword Sect where Chen Qianxue was or the Zhengxin Palace where Qin Jiao was…

They would all open their mountain gates for him.

Evee the core experts of the sect would personally come out and want to take in a disciple.

At the same time.

On Qin Jiao’s side.

At this moment, Qin Jiao’s mind was no longer on Chen Qianxue. She had already forgotten her purpose of going down the mountain and was completely focused on the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

She found an inn and temporarily stayed there. This cleverly avoided the three Senior Brothers from Zhengxin Palace who were looking for her.

Qin Jiao, who had returned to reality, was puffing up her face with an unconvinced expression.

“Damn it!”

“Damn it!”

“Damn it!”

She gritted her teeth and said three times in a row. It was enough to see how unconvinced Qin Jiao was. She snorted, “It was such a good start this time, and there was even a Nascent Soul stage senior who was willing to teach me alchemy skills. In the end, I somehow offended that whatever Clear Sun Sect.”

“That Clear Sun Sect was obviously a righteous sect, but in the end, all they did was cheat. In order to get something from the Qin Clan, they couldn’t be soft, so they used force.”

“I guess… the Qin Clan is gone?”

“Moreover, until the day I die, I still don’t know what exactly is the Clear Sun Sect coveting.”

“Damn it! Damn it!!”

Qin Jiao did not know why she was so angry. She was very unwilling to accept her fate.

She did not do anything, but she had provoked a powerful sect.

As the eldest daughter of the Qin Clan, she had made a good start.

However… In the end, she was ruined by this identity.

She was the eldest daughter of the Qin Clan and the only daughter of the head of the Qin Clan, the Clear Sun Sect would never let her go when they were dealing with the Qin Clan.

[You have received the following settlement reward –]


The settlement reward of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator made Qin Jiao temporarily calm down and wait for the reward to be distributed..

[Reward: Half-innate spiritual body]

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