Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 35 - Don’t Bully the Young and Poor, Don’t Bully the Middle-Aged and Poor, Don’t Bully the Old and Poor

Chapter 35: Don’t Bully the Young and Poor, Don’t Bully the Middle-Aged and Poor, Don’t Bully the Old and Poor

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Qin Jiao did not make the same choice as Chen Qianxue, because the first time she simulated Immortal cultivation, she was severely cheated by a newborn talent.

Now that she recalled that scene, she could not help but shiver.

Her whole body was filled with resistance toward that newborn talent.

So she chose to start everything from the beginning and choose a new talent.

[1. Trash Stream (don’t bully the young poor, don’t bully the middle-aged poor, don’t bully the old poor)]

[2. Foolish son of a landlord (your father is quite rich)]

[3. Born to be a furnace (the following are the paid content)]

[4. Know the King (no one knows better than me)]

[5. Ten generations of good people (you are a good person)]

[6. Iron Rooster (iron to the point of not having a single hair on his body)]

[7. Merlot Sect (be careful of your head)]

[8. Carrying an old granny (it works better when paired with trash)]

[9. Dragon King (his charm doubles when he snaps his mouth)]

[10. Innate spiritual body (there are no shackles below the Nascent Soul stage)]


The new ten innate talents made Qin jiao suck in a breath of cold air. She realized that her luck this time was many times better than the last time.

There were still some talents that she did not quite understand, such as that ‘Know the King’. she was completely confused.

However, there were still quite a few talents that made her feel very good.

Especially the last one, which was a newborn talent. It was even more difficult for her to ignore.

“The last talent is definitely a must-choose, so what should I choose for the rest?” Qin Jiao was in a dilemma, she couldn’t help but mutter, “Trash? There seems to be a connection between this first talent and the eighth talent?”

“The combination is better? Could it be that when these two talents are combined, something unexpected will happen?”

Why not…

Try It?

Qin Jiao came up with this idea. After all, death in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator had nothing to do with reality. If she died, she could just do it again tomorrow.

These strange-sounding talents might be hiding something?

If she tried all these talents, she could at least pick the best one.


Qin Jiao immediately made her choice. “I’ll choose 1, 8, and 10 this time!”

[Simulation begins!]

In an instant!

Qin Jiao once again lost control of her consciousness.

By the time she recovered, she realized that she had already turned into a newborn baby.

[Age 0, you were born into an Immortal cultivation clan. Your father became the head of the Qin Clan in the same year that you were born, and you became the eldest daughter of the Qin Clan because of that.]

[The head of the Gu Clan, who is on par with the Qin Clan, specially came to the Qin Clan to congratulate you and ask you to marry his son.]

[You are dumbfounded.]

[Age 3, your innate spirit body was detected. Your father was overjoyed and imparted the Immortal cultivation method to your Qin clan. You have become a well-known genius.]

[Age 4, you, the genius, have already reached the first layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Age 6, you received an ancient pendant. You think it looks pretty, so you wear it around your neck.]

[Age 8, you have already reached the second layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Age 10, you learned that your so-called fiancé, whom you had never met before, had entered an Immortal cultivation sect. I didn’t expect that fellow to be a genius, but you clearly don’t like him.]

[Age 13, you’ve reached the third layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Age 14, you suddenly realized that the spiritual energy in your body was rapidly losing, and you couldn’t find a solution. When your father learned of this matter, he immediately asked the Qin Clan’s Patriarch to come out of the mountain. However, the Qin Clan’s Patriarch, who had reached the tenth layer of the Foundation Establishment stage, couldn’t see the reason either.]

[Age 15, your cultivation has fallen back to the second layer of the Qi Refinement stage, and you’re beginning to doubt life.]

[Age 16, your cultivation has fallen to less than the first level of the Qi Refinement stage. You have become an ordinary person once again, becoming the target of ridicule. You know that there are many people who say that you are trash behind your back.]


The 16-year-old Qin Jiao sat by the pond in the backyard of the Qin Clan with a hopeless expression on her face. She could not understand the reason at all. Why would her cultivation stage continue to fall for no reason?

Damn it!

Could it be because of that newborn talent called the ‘Trash Stream’?


Among the newborn talents she had chosen, the ‘Carrying an old granny’ that matched the ‘Trash stream’ seemed to have not been activated.

Where did the granny come from?

She had never seen one!


Qin Jiao sighed helplessly and wailed, “I made another wrong choice and wasted more than ten years of time. Ah!”

“Little Doll, why do you say things that I don’t understand every day?”


An old voice came from her mind, “You’re only a teenager now, why did you waste more than ten years of your time?”

Qin Jiao was stunned.

She was sure that the voice that came suddenly was not someone speaking beside her, but the voice came from her mind!

Was it the Immortal Cultivation Simulator?


The simulator only had that kind of cold text prompt. She had tried to communicate with the Immortal Cultivation Simulator many times, but in the end, the other party simply ignored her, it made her seriously suspect that the simulator was just a dead object? Maybe even the artifact spirit did not exist?

Then where did this strange voice come from? Qin Jiao’s heart was filled with endless shock and curiosity.

There was no fear because she knew that in the simulator, it did not matter how many times she died.

In that case…

What was there to be afraid of?

Before Qin Jiao could ask the question in her heart, the old voice answered on its own, “Little Doll, don’t panic. I’m only a wisp of remnant soul now. Currently, I’m using the pendant on your neck as a container to live. The reason why I’m only communicating with you now is that I was still in a muddle-headed state before.”

Qin Jiao suddenly understood. She touched the pendant hanging on her neck.


Could This be the old grandma in her newborn talent?

She seemed to connect all the unfortunate experiences she had in recent years.

She asked in surprise, “Are you absorbing my spiritual power?”

“You are using my spiritual power to nourish your remnant soul?”

The old voice continued, “I have to say, you are very smart, and that is indeed the case.”

Qin Jiao understood.

Her unfortunate experiences in recent years could be completely explained. It was all because of this bastard!

Qin Jiao suddenly narrowed her eyes, countless thoughts flashed through her mind. She was not angry.

Instead, she took the initiative to ask, “Since you’ve already woken up, you won’t absorb my spirit energy in the future, right?”


Qin jiao continued to ask, “What should I call you?”

“I have the same surname as you, Qin.”

A bright light flashed through Qin Jiao’s eyes, she immediately said, “Senior Qin, since you can survive in the form of a remnant soul, you must have been at least a powerful Nascent Soul cultivator when you were alive, right? You absorbed so much of my spirit energy. As an equivalent exchange, you should at least give me some benefits to compensate me, right?”

The remnant soul was startled. “Benefits? That’s right. I’ve dragged you down for so many years, and I should also give you some compensation. If you acknowledge me as your master, I’ll…”

Qin jiao smiled and said, “It’s fine if you acknowledge me as your master. When you were alive, you must have had a cave abode, right?”

“Tell me where it is! I’ll just go in and take your treasure.”

Qin Jiao did not care about acknowledging her master.

In reality, the person who taught her how to cultivate was her mother, the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace!

She was also a great cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage!

She was a second-generation cultivator!

The remnant soul was speechless.

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