Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 34 - The Holy Maiden Who Had Died without Any Change in Her Mind

Chapter 34: The Holy Maiden Who Had Died without Any Change in Her Mind

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The commotion caused by Chen Qianxue’s attempt to break through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment stage was so great that almost half of the Immortal cultivators in Qinghe County could feel the surging spiritual energy fluctuation, including Bai Yi.

Bai Yi knew what kind of reward Chen Qianxue had received, so when he saw the spiritual energy fluctuation.

His first reaction was — Chen Qianxue was about to break through.

“A 19-year-old Foundation Establishment second layer…”

Bai Yi clicked his tongue and could not help but sigh, “When Chen Qianxue returns to the Spirit Sword Sect, her Master will probably be shocked by her improvement speed, right?”

The rewards Chen Qianxue received in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator were not very generous each time.

However, when she accumulated the rewards five times, it was significant.

Moreover, Chen Qianxue would definitely continue to simulate Immortal cultivation in the simulator, and the rewards she would accumulate would increase.

One had to know that even if a few hundred years passed in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, it would only last a few hundred minutes in reality.

Chen Qianxue could simulate Immortal cultivation once a day. In this way, she could completely break through more cultivation realms in a short period of time.

However, the premise of all this was that she could live longer than the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation.

Bai Yi was not worried about Chen Qianxue because, in his eyes, Chen Qianxue had long been a qualified human tool.

On the contrary, it was his second human tool, Qin Jiao…

Bai Yi was a little hesitant.

Qin Jiao had only experienced Immortal cultivation once in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. Bai Yi could not figure out her personality for the time being.

If Qin Jiao had a glass heart, she would not dare to go back in after dying in the simulator.

Then, Bai Yi would have no choice but to find another human tool.

Hopefully, she does not let him down!

Time passed.

The Chen Clan’s Old Master Chen’s birthday banquet was held from day to night, and then from night to the next day. Even though almost a day had passed, the Chen Residence was still very lively.

After Chen Qianxue broke through to the second layer of Foundation Establishment, she showed up at the banquet last night, and then she continued to stay indoors.

She needed to stabilize her realm.

Moreover, she quietly waited for the next simulation of Immortal cultivation.

“Time’s up.”

Chen Qianxue slowly opened her eyes and tried to connect with the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. This time, it was unexpectedly smooth, and the connection was successful in an instant.

Chen Qianxue followed the same path as before.

She did not choose a brand new Immortal cultivation life.

[Age 0, you were born in a poor family. Your mother named you — Chen Qianxue.]

[Age 10, you are in the Immortal Ascension Sect. Are you considering whether to transfer to the Sky-holding Sect this time?]

[Age 14, you brought your Junior Sister to the Sky-holding Sect.]

[Age 20, you can’t think of any way to take down Elder Yue without implicating yourself. You brought your Junior Sister down the mountain to train and decided to stay as far away from the Sky-holding Sect as possible.]

[Age 30, and you’re still training outside. You only return to the Sky-holding Sect once every few years, and you only stay for a few days each time.]

[Age 38 years old, and you and your Junior Sister Hou Yingyun have already made quite a name for yourself outside.]

[Age 39, you failed to break through to the sixth level of the Qi Refinement stage and suffered a backlash.]

“Cough…” Chen Qianxue’s face was weak. It had been quite a few days, but the backlash still had not disappeared.

However, she was not depressed. Instead, she smiled.

This was because this time, she had broken the previous record for surviving the simulated Immortal cultivation.

She was far away from the Sky-holding Sect. She only went back once every few years.

Little Junior Sister Hou Yingyun had always been by her side. She did not have any chance to interact with Elder Yue, so she naturally would not be targeted by Elder Yue.

It was indeed very dangerous to train outside, but it was even more dangerous inside the Sky-holding Sect!

If it were not for the Sky-holding Sect’s cultivation resources, Chen Qianxue would have become an itinerant cultivator.

At least…

She did not have to face a Golden Core stage cultivator who had a high chance of becoming her enemy.

[Age 42, you have finally gotten rid of the problem of the backlash and continue to cultivate diligently.]

[Your Junior Sister Hou Yingyun has already reached the seventh layer of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[Age 45, you have successfully broken through to the sixth layer of the Qi Refinement stage, breaking the previous record of simulating the cultivation of an Immortal.]

[Age 49, Junior Martial Sister Hou Yingyun has offended a mysterious major power in the cultivation world. In order not to offend that mysterious major power, the Sect Master of the Sky-holding Sect has ordered you to bring Junior Martial Sister back to the sect, and then let the sect deal with her.]

[You have refused.]

[You and Hou Yingyun are regarded as traitors of the sect.]

[Age 52, you have killed a cultivator of the Devil Sect. However, the identity of the other party is not simple. He is actually a direct disciple of an elder of a Devil Sect. You have caused a great disaster.]

[Junior Martial Sister is being hunted down by the righteous path, and you are being hunted down by the Devil path. You can’t help but laugh at yourself.]

[Age 55, Junior Martial Sister Hou Yingyun was killed by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. She died!]

[Age 56, you are being hunted down by a Devil Sect expert.]

[You died!]

[Age: 56 years old, 10 months, 9 days.]

“As expected.” After returning to reality, Chen Qianxue’s mood did not change at all. She had already anticipated that her death was imminent. “Ever since Yingyun offended that mysterious force, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live for long.”

“I just didn’t expect that I would be so unlucky later on, offending those Devil cultivators.”

“Two unlucky bastards! It’s also possible that my bad luck infected Yingyun.”

The number of years Chen Qianxue had lived in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator added up to three digits.

Her mood was so calm that there were not too many ripples.

She had experienced too much.

Bai Yi, who had watched Chen Qianxue’s life simulation, once again realized what kind of nightmare level difficulty the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was.

He knew how Hou Yingyun had provoked a power she should not have provoked. She had only acted heroically to save one person and taught another group of people a lesson.

Although her attacks were a little heavy and people died, she had still done what was right.

In the end… she had unknowingly offended that faction.

Then, Chen Qianxue was also dragged into this.

Bai Yi had a feeling that the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was deliberately causing trouble for Chen qianxue, increasing the difficulty of simulating Immortal cultivation.

Once the difficulty increased, it would be fatal.

[You have received the following reward –]

The notification text came again. Bai Yi’s attention was attracted by the reward.

[Reward 1: Sky-holding Thunder-controlling Technique (a technique of Sky-holding Sect that focuses on attacking and killing)]

[Reward 2: Time Reversal (there is a certain probability of Time Reversal)]

[Reward 3: 56 years of cultivation experience (Chen Qianxue’s bitter cultivation experience)]

It was still one out of three.

This time, Chen Qianxue still did not activate any new achievements, so there were no additional rewards.

Bai Yi did not hesitate and chose the first reward.

The second reward was very unreliable. Who knew how many years it would go back?

What if he lost himself?

Would it not be very awkward?

He ignored the third reward. He felt that it did not matter very much.

At this time, Bai Yi noticed that the second human tool, Qin Jiao, was also trying to connect to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. He also gave her access to the simulator.

It seemed that Qin Jiao did not disappoint him. The other party also had an unyielding spirit.

There were some similarities between her and Chen Qianxue.


Geniuses all had an air of arrogance!

Hopefully, this second human tool could give him a little surprise.

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