Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 37 - This Holy Maiden Is Clearly Not Going to Die, but She Is Extra Cautious

Chapter 37: This Holy Maiden Is Clearly Not Going to Die, but She Is Extra Cautious

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Qin Jiao suddenly widened her eyes. The first time she simulated Immortal cultivation, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator gave her a reward, which made her feel that this simulator was a little stingy.

However, this time, she decided to take back her prejudice.

This was an innate spirit body!

Although it was a half-innate spirit body, it still made her extremely excited!

As one of the newborn talents, Qin jiao naturally knew what a newborn talent like the innate spirit body meant to Immortal cultivators.

Qin Jiao thought that her talent in Immortal cultivation was very high, and her innate ability was enough to be called a genius.

However, no matter how talented an immortal cultivator was, they couldn’t resist the temptation of an innate spirit body!

“Good!” There was a myriad of thoughts in her mind. In the end, it only turned into one word.

She was a little impatient. She wanted to immediately start the next simulation of Immortal cultivation, but unfortunately, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator did not pay attention to her. She still had to wait for a full 12 hours.

“If the rewards are so generous every time, I guess it won’t be long…”

Qin Jiao clenched her fists. “Then I can defeat Chen Qianxue without any Magic Treasures.”

“Defeat Chen Qianxue with my bare hands!”


She still remembered her purpose of going down the mountain, and she still could not let go of her unwillingness to be defeated by Chen Qianxue.

As for why she did not challenge her now?

Qin Jiao still had a brain.

Chen Qianxue at the first level of Foundation Establishment, and with the Magic Treasures she brought from Zhengxin Palace, she could barely contend with her. She had a little confidence that she could win against her opponent.

However, Chen Qianxue had broken through to the second level of Foundation Establishment yesterday, and Qin Jiao’s restless thoughts were instantly dispelled.

It was better to be a bit cowardly.

Challenging that detestable woman from the Spirit Sword Sect now was simply asking for trouble.

She would be beaten up.


A lightning bolt as thick as a bucket flashed past and directly struck a huge rock. The hard rock instantly exploded and broke into pieces.

A huge pit appeared on the ground, and scorch marks of electric arcs covered the ground.

It looked slightly horrifying. It was terrifying.

“Its power is not bad.” The reward Chen Qianxue received was the Sky-holding Lightning-controlling Technique. Although it was only a fragment, she could still use it.

Every time she used the reward from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator in reality, it always made her feel that it was not very real.

In the simulated Immortal cultivation world, the Sky-holding Sect was only slightly inferior to the Spirit Sword Sect.

The Sky-holding Sect’s Lightning-controlling Technique was indeed very powerful.

Chen Qianxue had specially come outside to test its power, now, she was very satisfied with the reward she had received. “If this Lightning-controlling Technique was placed in the Spirit Sword Sect, it would probably be regarded as an ancestral precious technique, just like the Sword Cultivation Technique.”

The power of lightning was extremely strong, not to mention that it was caused by a cultivation technique, which contained even more dangerous spiritual power.

Its power… it was more terrifying than ordinary lightning!

Moreover, the speed of the lightning was so fast that ordinary Immortal cultivators would not even have time to react.

It was enough to catch people off guard.

“There’s still nearly an entire day before the next simulation of Immortal cultivation!”

Chen Qianxue muttered, “I’ll have to wait again.”

Time passed.

When noon arrived the next day, Bai Yi sensed that Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao were trying to establish a connection with the Immortal Cultivation Simulator at almost the same time. It was as if the two of them had timed it well.

Bai Yi naturally would not stop the two human tools, nor would he discourage their enthusiasm.

When he granted the permission, Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao entered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator at the same time.

Chen Qianxue still chose that familiar life.

This was pretty much what Bai Yi had expected. Bai Yi understood Chen Qianxue’s personality quite well.

This human tool No 1 basically would not restart a new life.

Unless… she was completely sick of it.

Often experiencing the same Immortal Cultivation Simulation, Bai Yi felt that Chen Qianxue was already a little sick of it. However, she had a strong urge in her heart to continue to persevere.

After this urge dissipated, she might be able to restart her life.

As for human tool No 2, Qin Jiao.

This time, she did not choose to restart her life. Her choice was exactly the same as Chen Qianxue’s. She chose to continue her life.

After all… It was not easy for Qin Jiao to obtain such a good newborn talent. She would definitely not miss such an opportunity.

With such a good newborn talent, plus her background was not bad, what was there to be dissatisfied about?

[Age 0, Chen Qianxue was born in a poor family…]

[Age 0, Qin Jiao was born in an Immortal cultivation family…]

The simulated Immortal cultivation life of the human tools officially began once again.

The human tools that Bai Yi paid the most attention to was naturally Chen Qianxue from the Spirit Sword Sect.

There was no other way. Although Chen Qianxue’s breakthrough speed was very slow in the process of simulating Immortal cultivation, the number of times she simulated it was very high!

The last time Chen Qianxue was in the simulation of Immortal cultivation, she was already at the sixth level of the Qi Refinement stage.

Bai Yi felt that this time, she would definitely be able to break the record.

As his thoughts fell.

The Immortal Cultivation Simulator’s line of text prompts once again appeared in his field of vision.

[Age 15, Chen Qianxue transferred to the Sky-holding Sect. After obtaining a lot of cultivation resources, she immediately went out to train with her Junior Sister.]

[Age 20, Chen Qianxue was training.]

[Age 30, perhaps due to an explosion in her luck, Chen Qianxue found an abandoned cave abode and obtained a lot of good things.]

[Age 40, Chen Qianxue took her Junior Dister into closed-door cultivation. This time, her Junior Sister did not offend that mysterious large force. This made Chen Qianxue sigh in relief.]

[Age 50, Chen Qianxue didn’t choose to provoke a Devil cultivator. She successfully avoided a fatal disaster.]

[ Age 60, Chen Qianxue has reached the seventh layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Age 70, although she is an immortal cultivator, in order to avoid getting into trouble, Chen Qianxue, who has lived for 70 years, didn’t kill a single person. In the process of tempering herself, her goal is only demonic beasts.]

80 years old, Chen Qianxue has reached the eighth layer of the Qi refining realm

As expected.

Chen Qianxue’s development in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator did not exceed Bai Yi’s expectations. In fact, she was even more outstanding than Bai Yi had expected.

She had actually lived to the ‘old’ age of 80 years old, and her cultivation had directly reached the eighth layer of the Qi Refinement stage!

This was all thanks to Chen Qianxue’s cautious mind.

Every time she started to simulate Immortal cultivation again, she would be even more careful than the last time.

Chen Qianxue did not provoke anyone, nor did she provoke any enemies of immortal cultivators.

She seemed to have found the correct way to simulate Immortal cultivation.

Although, such a boring life of Immortal cultivation basically did not have any extra rewards.

However… she had lived for a long time!

After many simulated experiences of Immortal cultivation, Chen Qianxue learned one thing–

It was useless to live a wonderful life. One had to die early.

Living Long was the way of the king!

As long as all her peers were boiled to death, she would be the most outstanding.

As long as Elder Yue was boiled to death, her Junior Sister would be safe.

In short, there was only one word.


This Holy Maiden obviously would not die, but she was extra cautious?

Bai Yi liked her very much!

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