Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 3 - The Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden’s Simulated Immortal Cultivation Life

Chapter 3: The Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden’s Simulated Immortal Cultivation Life

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After this her consciousness reappeared, it was replaced by a feeling of suffocation. It felt like a drowning person who was on the verge of death had finally surfaced on the surface of the water. She could not help but take large gulps of breath.

However, she could not control herself and let out a cry, which stunned Chen Qianxue for a moment.

She… cried?!

That’s not right!

When did her voice become like this?

She suddenly woke up, and her uncontrollable crying finally stopped.

At this moment, she heard a commotion, as if someone was talking.

“It’s out! It’s born! It’s a baby girl! Both mother and daughter are safe! Both of them are fine!”

“It’s a pity that she won’t be able to see her father, who is a soldier,.”

“However, why did the baby girl only cry twice?”


Baby girl? Chen Qianxue was extremely confused.

She could tell that the voice belonged to a middle-aged woman, but what was she talking about? Born?

Both mother and child are safe?

As she was deep in thought, she felt an endless wave of tiredness. She could not stop this feeling of tiredness, and it was impossible for her to focus anymore. She could not think too much and could only fall into a deep sleep.

She could vaguely see a line of familiar words that appeared in her consciousness.

[At the age of 0, you were reincarnated into an Immortal cultivation world. You were born into a poor family.]

[Your mother gave you the Ancestral Jade Pendant. She hopes that you can grow up safely.]

[Luck +1]

“It’s starting…”

Seeing that the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect was wrapped in a layer of bedding, Bai Yi had a clearer understanding of his authority.

He was aware of everything in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator as if it was a god’s perspective.

This perspective was particularly strange.

It felt… like watching a movie.

He did not know if he had made the right choice to pull the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden in this world. This was his attempt, and he hoped that Chen Qianxue could live for five years in the simulation.

Only after living for five years would the Immortal Cultivation Simulator calculate the reward.

For example, he had entered the simulator more than 30 times before, and if he did not live for five years at a time, then he would not get anything.

He simulated loneliness!

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator–

The next day, in the morning.

The ear-piercing cicadas chirping in the summer was quite annoying. Even in the house, it was extremely hot, and the wind from the cattail leaf fan was warm.

Chen Qianxue sucked on her milk with a face full of despair. She felt very ashamed of this behavior.

However, she could not care too much due to her hunger. In order to grow up healthily, she must endure this shameful behavior.

Chen Qianxue had been confused and incredulous at first about her reincarnation into another world, and the fact that she had another pair of parents. Now, she had gradually accepted this fact.

There was nothing she could do…

She knew that even if she did not accept this fact, it would be of no use.

Her opinion could not stop anything.

‘If what the Immortal Cultivation Simulator said is true, then as long as I die in this world, I can go back, right? But what if what it said isn’t true? After all, it lied to me from the start!’

She thought about how she had clearly clicked ‘no’ when she first encountered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, but in the end, she was still dragged into the simulator. She gritted her teeth!


She had no teeth.

She was even angrier!

As her hunger dissipated, her emotions gradually calmed down.

Through the words of the people around her, after a day of listening, she knew that the world she was reincarnated into was also an Immortal cultivation world.

She had heard the term ‘Immortal cultivator’ more than once.


This also meant that the danger was very high!

Chen Qianxue was very clear about the mutual deception between Immortal cultivators, and she also knew that many Immortal cultivators would take extreme measures in order to obtain even greater power.

In the world she originally lived in, there would be news of Devil cultivators causing mischief from time to time.

There would be an entire village of people being slaughtered by Immortal cultivators who walked the path of the Devil.

Ordinary people were too weak in such a dangerous world!

Now… she was just an ordinary person!

Her current body was too weak. Chen Qianxue wanted to try to use this weak body to circulate her Qi and absorb the spiritual energy of this world.

As a result, the meridians in her body were blocked due to her young age and weak body. Thus, it was useless to circulate her Qi.

She even felt a piercing pain coming from her blocked meridians. It made her so shocked that she immediately stopped circulating the Spirit Sword Sect’s cultivation method.

[You tried to use the Spirit Sword Sect’s cultivation method to refine the Heaven and Earth spiritual Qi, but you didn’t know that the simulator forbids the use of the origin world’s Cultivation Methods. Your bold attempt failed!]

A few lines of words suddenly appeared again.

Chen Qianxue’s sucking action paused, and her small face was filled with disbelief.

Does the simulator forbid the use of the Cultivation Methods of the origin world?

What did it mean?

Did it mean that the Spirit Sword Sect’s Cultivation Method that she remembered could not be used in this world?

This Immortal Cultivation Simulator had this kind of restriction?

She was a bit dumbfounded! It was unexpected!

All the Cultivation Methods in her mind could not be used, which meant that if she wanted to step into the world of Immortal cultivators, she needed to start from scratch.

The problem was, where did she get a Cultivation Method that matched this world? Could she only think of a way to enter a certain sect?

However… she did not know what level her current innate ability was at.

Chen Qianxue did not expect that the biggest obstacle in her life would appear in front of her just like that.

‘I can only take one step at a time. If it really doesn’t work, I’ll take the risk and change the Cultivation Method. If I change the Spirit Sword Sect’s Cultivation Method, then it won’t count, right?’

Such a thought flashed through her mind.

Recklessly changing a Cultivation Method that had been passed down for thousands of years was very dangerous.

It might lead to a backlash and sudden death!


In this kind of world, if there was no way to become an Immortal cultivator, the danger was equally great!

Sudden death could happen at any time!

Right now, the most important thing was to grow up quickly. Right now, her body was too weak.

Thinking of this, Chen Qianxue’s strength increased even more.

Just like that…

Time flew by.

Chen Qianxue experienced several seasons in this unfamiliar cultivation world. She started to age, year by year, and her body was gradually becoming a bit stronger than when she had just been born.

The Immortal Cultivation Simulator in her consciousness had line after line of text prompts.

It recorded all of her experiences during the past five years.

[Half-year-old, you speak very fluently. Your mother is amazed. She thinks you are a genius.]

[Age 1/2, bad news came. Your father died on the battlefield, and his pension was stolen.]

[Family background -1]

[Age 2, you discovered that the village blacksmith knew a breathing technique. With your exaggerated comprehension, you quickly stole it and successfully refined a strand of inner energy unique to ordinary martial artists.]

[Constitution +1]

[You have a talent in martial arts comprehension, you have already mastered the breathing technique.]

[Constitution +3]

[Age 3, a villager was teasing your mother. He was crippled by your kick. Your strange strength has made you famous. However, your mother is worried about how you will get married in the future.]

[Reputation +1]

[Age 4, your deeds were known by an Immortal cultivation sect. They specially sent people to test your innate ability. However, your Immortal cultivation innate ability is ordinary. They went back in disappointment. You are also very depressed.]

[State of mind -1]

[You regrouped and thought of ways to modify the Cultivation Method of your previous life and integrate it into the breathing method. You thought you were clever and tried to find the bug in the simulator. However, you failed and suffered a backlash. Your mother sold everything to save you, and you lay in bed for a month.]

[Constitution -1]

[State of mind -1]

[Family background -1]

[Age 5, your family background was too poor, so you motivated yourself again and chose to go into the mountains to hunt. Your luck was not bad, and you had a good harvest every day.]

[State of mind + 2]

[Family background +1]

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