Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 2 - Do You Want to Understand the True Meaning of Cultivation? Do You Want to Truly Live?

Chapter 2: Do You Want to Understand the True Meaning of Cultivation? Do You Want to Truly Live?

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Qinghe County.

Chen Residence.

Chen Qianxue, who was known by everyone as a once-in-a-thousand-years prodigy, slowly opened her eyes.

She had been cultivating wholeheartedly since last night. The bottleneck in her cultivation was still not loosened at all.

“The spiritual energy here is too thin. Cultivating here for ten days is not as good as cultivating in the sect for an hour.”

Chen Qianxue shook her head and muttered, “With this cultivation speed… I don’t know when I can break through the bottleneck and reach the second layer of Foundation Establishment.”

She was only 19 years old, but she was already a first layer Foundation Establishment cultivator.

She was able to become the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden because of this kind of exaggerated talent.

However, no matter how high her talent was, there would still be a bottleneck. She had encountered one such bottleneck now!

Chen Qianxue had already been stuck at the first layer of the Foundation Establishment stage for a whole year.

It was inevitable that she would be a little anxious.

Of course…

If others were to find out about her anxiety, they would probably be so envious that they would vomit blood.

Many Immortal cultivators could not break through to the Foundation Establishment stage in their entire lives.

Immortal cultivators who were still in the Qi Refinement stage at the age of 100 or 200 were everywhere.

Chen Qianxue’s talent could be described as monstrous!

Just as she stood up…


Her face suddenly turned cold!

“Who is it?!”


A cold light flashed and landed in Chen Qianxue’s hand. A shocking sword intent pierced through the house. It felt as if the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

“Eh!?” Chen Qianxue quickly discovered that she could not feel any strange aura.

Most of the people in the Chen Residence were ordinary people. Even if there were Immortal cultivators, they were all at the Qi Refinement stage.

Could someone weaker than her silently sneak into her consciousness?

Absolutely impossible!

Only those who were much stronger would be able to hide from her. They must be at least in the Golden Core stage.

However… If they were already at the Golden Core stage, why did they not attack her openly?

She calmed down a little and re-examined the things that appeared in her consciousness.

Those were two lines of words —

[Do you want to understand the true meaning of Immortal cultivation? Do you want to truly live?]



In the upper right corner of these two lines of words, there was an X sign that was so small that it could not be seen clearly. Chen Qianxue did not understand what this small X sign meant.

Was this… for her to choose?

The true meaning of Immortal cultivation?

To truly live?

Without a second word, she chose [No] because she felt that something was very wrong with this thing. The possibility of it being a fortuitous encounter was not very high. How could a fortuitous encounter appear in such a strange way?


After Chen Qianxue made her choice, her vision suddenly turned black. It was as if she had fallen into a dark abyss. At this moment, she was unable to move her body. Even if she wanted to move her eyes, she could not do so.

She could no longer feel the existence of any spiritual energy, and her spiritual sense felt as if it was trapped in her body.


Chen Qianxue immediately understood that she had fallen into a trap, but she had no way to escape because she could not even mobilize the spiritual energy in her body!

If her consciousness was not still active, she would have thought that she was already dead.

At this moment…

Something visible finally appeared in front of her eyes.

It was a few more lines of text, but the content was different from before.

[Welcome to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. You will be able to start your new life in the simulation!]

Immortal Cultivation Simulator? What was this thing?

Magic Treasure?

Array Formation?

What was its purpose? Why did it confine her here?

Questions appeared in her mind, but no one answered them for her.

[The longer you survive in the simulated Immortal cultivation process, and the more exciting the events you experience, the more generous the rewards you will receive after you die.]

[The threshold to receive the rewards is to survive for five years. Please live carefully and cautiously.]

[Death in the simulator is not considered a true death. You are still alive in the real world.]

[Good luck, Lucky One!]

“Death in the simulator is not a true death? Hmm? I can talk? I can move?”

Chen Qianxue suddenly reacted when she was talking to herself in confusion.

She found that although she still could not mobilize the spiritual energy in her body, at least she could move and talk now.

She was not as immobile as before.

Now that she was in a strange space, she did not know how to get out.

“I can only see what this so-called Immortal Cultivation Simulator wants to do…”

Chen Qianxue’s thoughts were heavy.

[Please choose three of the following ten newborn talents to activate your Immortal cultivation life –]

[1. Lion dance expert (these eyes are big and round)]

[2. Loser (don’t bully the young, don’t bully the middle-aged, don’t bully the old)]

[3. Foot control (take a guess)]

[4. A gift from a Dao master (there is a chance to obtain special items)]

[5. Cthulhu (whimsy, whimsy barb)]

[6. Crossing races (there is a chance to be reincarnated into a race other than the human race)]

[7. Ancestral Jade Pendant (it will bring some good luck)]

[8. Sword (sword affinity)]

[9. Destiny’s daughter (you must be a female)]

[10. Long-legged monster (the ratio of your upper body to your lower body is seriously out of proportion)]

[Please choose!]

“These are… Huh? What?!”

Most of the ten newborn talents appeared in front of her. She was utterly confused.

Did this Immortal Cultivation Simulator mean that she had to choose three talents?

Chen Qianxue did not know if she could leave this strange place after she made the choice, but she knew that she did not have any other choice.

She could either stay here forever… or she could take a gamble!

She gritted her teeth and began to look at these ten newborn talents seriously.

Option 1 was ignored by her.

She knew that the lion dance was a kind of performance. She had seen it when she was young. It was quite good, but she was not interested.

Option 2… Chen Qianxue frowned. She did not quite understand what it meant.

Would she become a loser if she chose it?

It seemed like a poor talent to choose. She definitely could not choose it.

Option 3. She could not understand it either. Just to be safe, she skipped it.

Option 4. Chen Qianxue was deep in thought.

A gift from a Dao master? An existence that could be called an expert in the Dao should at least be a Golden Core stage cultivator, or even a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, right?

She picked this.

Option 5. Cthulhu? She had never heard of it before. It was better to be careful and not randomly choose.

Option 6. Chen Qianxue hesitated for a moment, but she still did not choose it.

She did not want to become a non-human.

“Option 7 and 8. They look pretty good,” Chen Qianxue muttered to herself.

The last two options… she ignored them.

After she made three choices, a brand new text appeared in front of her eyes.

[You have chosen talent 4, talent 7, and talent 8. The Immortal Cultivation Simulator has given you 10 attribute points. Your personal attributes are being randomly generated…]

[Name: Chen Qianxue]

[Constitution: 3]

[State of mind: 3]

[Family background: 1]

[Luck: 3]

[Reputation: 1]

[Talent: A gift from a Dao master, Ancestral Jade Pendant, Sword]

[Hint: Any attribute will be reset to zero, and the probability of death will increase significantly.]

[Your simulated Immortal cultivation life has officially begun –]

[Countdown: 10, 9, 8…]

As the countdown approached zero, Chen Qianxue became more and more nervous.

It was hard for her to calm down.

[Countdown: 0!]

[Simulation begins!]

In an instant, Chen Qianxue’s vision went black again. This time, even her consciousness paused for a few seconds.

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