Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 4 - The Holy Maiden’s Unlucky Simulated Immortal Cultivation Life

Chapter 4: The Holy Maiden’s Unlucky Simulated Immortal Cultivation Life

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“She has indeed lived much longer than me. It seems that inviting her to help me simulate Immortal cultivation was a correct choice.”

Bai Yi could not help but sigh as he watched all of this happen.

Chen Qianxue had already spent a full five years in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

However, in reality, it seemed to have happened in an instant.

Chen Qianxue’s experience was indeed a little embarrassing, and she almost died midway.

Fortunately, she managed to survive.

She had lived for more than five years!

It was already better than him, right?

Bai Yi was well aware of Chen Qianxue’s experiences in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, her every move, every word, and every action could not escape his gaze.

One had to say, Chen Qianxue was also very unlucky. In the process of simulating immortal cultivation… Just like him before, she was possessed by a god of misfortune.

However, the difference between the two was that Chen Qianxue was more capable of averting danger than he was.

The fact that she was able to live longer was good proof.

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator–

Chen Qianxue did not know that the culprit who had tricked her into the simulator was watching everything that she had experienced, and was even commenting on it. It was as if he was talking to himself.

At this moment, she was wearing very plain clothes. The clothes on her body were made of sackcloth and animal skin.

There was no other way. After all, she was poor!

In her previous life, she lived a luxurious life.

In order to improve her life, she had to go to the mountains to hunt wild beasts.

For a five-year-old to go hunting sounded ridiculous.

However, during this period of time, Chen Qianxue had already hunted many wild beasts. No one in the village treated her like a normal child.

In order to not hinder her hunting efficiency, Chen Qianxue even cut her hair short. She looked extremely unkempt.

She was just like a tomboy.

[Name: Chen Qianxue]

[Constitution: 6]

[State of mind: 3]

[Family background: 0]

[Luck: 3]

[Reputation: 2]

[Talent: A gift from a Dao master, Ancestral Jade Pendant, Sword]

“My family background has become 0… no wonder every time I go out to hunt, I would encounter fierce beasts in the mountains. Every time, I would be surrounded by danger.”

Chen Qianxue remembered that as long as any attribute was reset to zero, the probability of death would increase.

If she had not secretly learned the blacksmith’s breathing technique and refined her inner strength, she might have died at the hands of fierce beasts the first time she went into the mountains to hunt.

In the end… She was too much of a smart alec, and she caused her family background status to return to zero.

She was too arrogant and defied the simulator. She tried to modify the Spirit Sword Sect’s Cultivation Method of her previous life without permission.

The result was… it backfired.

“Mother! I’m going into the mountain!” Chen Qianxue carried a short sword on her back. To an adult, this short sword was just a slightly longer dagger, but it was very suitable for her.

She could not use the techniques from her previous life, but she had basic sword skills in her mind as well as the innate talent of [Sword]. She was very comfortable with using a weapon like a sword. It was like waving her arm.

After five years of being together, she no longer felt any awkwardness when she called out the word ‘mom’.

Her weak and sickly mother was sewing clothes. When she heard Chen Qianxue’s words, she hurriedly raised her head and saw that her daughter had already run far away.

She gritted her teeth and sighed again.

They both depended on her, the five-year-old daughter.

This made her feel very complicated.

She looked at her daughter’s back as she left.

She was filled with worry.

“Last time, I was almost eaten by a tiger that was about to turn into a demon. This time, it’s very likely that I’ll meet it again. “This time, if I can’t fight it head-on, it’s obvious that my small body can’t beat this kind of fierce beast. If I fight it head-on, I’ll only die for no reason.”

In the mountain.

Chen Qianxue held the short sword. Her small figure shuttled through the dense forest as if she was walking on flat ground.

She had exchanged this short sword with a big wild boar with the blacksmith in the village.

The poor blacksmith still did not know that Chen Qianxue had secretly learned his ancestral internal strength breathing technique.

With this secretly learned breathing technique as the core, Chen Qianxue specially tailored a sword technique for herself that was used by ordinary martial artists. She also equipped this sword technique with a lightness skill.

Whether it was a self-created sword technique or a lightness skill, it could allow her to mobilize the internal energy in her body.

It increased her strength to another level!

Compared to the spiritual energy in her previous life, her inner energy was insignificant, like a drop of water in a pond.

However, it was better than nothing.

At the very least, it would allow her to have a little bit of self-protection in this dangerous world.

At least, when she encountered any danger, she could resist a little bit.

Just as she was rapidly shuttling through the dense forest, suddenly, she paused. The short sword in her hand slashed across, followed by a flash of blood.

A multicolored poisonous snake was cut into two halves, falling to the ground and constantly twisting its body.

Chen Qianxue frowned.

She had already encountered countless poisonous snakes. She did not know what was so special about her. It was as if she could attract all the surrounding dangers, and these beasts would even take the initiative to attack her.

If it was not for Chen Qianxue’s quick reaction, she might have been ruthlessly bitten.

It was not that there were no other hunters in the village. These hunters might encounter these poisonous snakes and insects, but they would only encounter them once or twice a month.

What about her?

Every time she went into the mountains, she would encounter them several times!

It was as if they were targeting her specifically.

“Is it because the family background has been reduced to zero? It looks like I have to raise my family background. Otherwise, sooner or later, I’ll be killed by this Immortal Cultivation Simulator.” Chen Qianxue was anxious, and this feeling of being controlled made her very uncomfortable.

She accurately stabbed her sword into the head of the venomous snake and violently stirred it a few times, smashing its head into pieces.

Then, she squatted down to dissect it and take out its gall bladder.

The gall bladder of this venomous snake could be used as medicine. A single gall bladder could be sold for dozens of coins in a medicine shop.

She had to salvage everything.

All of a sudden, she felt a chill down her spine. A huge rustling sound followed, causing her to have a bad premonition.

She quickly turned her head and looked over, only to discover a familiar huge figure. It pounced ferociously, accompanied by a tiger’s roar that shook the mountain forest!

A unique fishy smell pervaded the air.

“How unlucky…”

Chen Qianxue’s expression became even uglier. She recognized this huge tiger. It was the huge tiger that had chased after her a few days ago and had almost eaten her!

She immediately tapped her toes lightly and quickly moved backward. She swept her sword out!

What greeted her were two huge tiger claws!

If she was hit by any of the tiger claws, Chen Qianxue felt that she would be turned into meat paste.


The sharp blade cut through the claw pad of the tiger’s claws, but the immense force that came from the tiger almost made Chen Qianxue drop the sword.

A colorful tiger landed on limbs and licked the bleeding claw pad of one of its forelimbs.

It stared at Chen Qianxue with an extremely ferocious and beastly look in its eyes.

If one looked carefully, one of its eyes was closed. There were also many wounds on its body that had not fully healed.

It also remembered this little human. She was the one that inflicted these wounds on its body…

It met its enemy once again.

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