Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 21 - : The Opportunity to Break through to the Second Layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

Chapter 21: The Opportunity to Break through to the Second Layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

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A settlement reward and an additional reward made Chen Qianxue quite surprised. She did not expect that casually joining an Immortal cultivation sect could actually be considered an achievement?

However, this additional reward was a bit too much, right? The two Rejuvenation Pills that she had not used yet?

Would that mean that she would receive an extra reward based on her items?

Chen Qianxue did not know how to retort for a moment.

On the other hand, she was quite interested in calculating the spiritual power of the reward.

In reality, she had encountered a bottleneck in her cultivation, and it was difficult for her to refine the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into spiritual power. If all the spiritual power of the second level of the Qi Refinement stage was poured into her meridians, what kind of effect would it have?

Chen Qianxue looked forward to it very much.


She felt a stream of pure spiritual power, which came from nowhere, gushing into her meridians and Dantian, and she could not help but feel refreshed.

There was an obvious growth of the spiritual power in her body. Although the second level of Qi Refinement was not comparable to the first level of Foundation Establishment, the strength of the two was vastly different.


When all the spiritual power of the second level of the Qi Refinement stage was poured into her body, it would cause a big ripple.

This loosened Chen Qianxue’s bottleneck again. She even felt that her meridians were slightly swollen!

Having this feeling usually meant the opportunity to break through…

It was here!

Chen Qianxue could not suppress the excitement in her heart, and joy appeared on her face.

At the same time, two round objects appear in her palm.

Looking closely…

They were two pills that emitted a faint medicinal fragrance. They were Rejuvenation Pills.

Compared to the loosening of the bottleneck.

She did not care about the rejuvenation pills at all.

“No, I have to wait a bit longer.” Chen Qianxue was not in a hurry to break through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment stage, because her experiences in the Immortal cultivation simulator had told her that sometimes she could not rush things.

It was better to be steady.

If she failed to break through the bottleneck and caused a backlash…

Then the gains would not be worth the losses.

“Continue to simulate Immortal cultivation! After a few more days of simulating Immortal cultivation, I’ll be able to attempt to break through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment stage. In fact, if the fourth simulation is successful, I might be able to directly break through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment stage after calculating the rewards.”

Her tone was filled with anticipation.

After having experienced a total of three simulated Immortal cultivation experiences, she believed that she would get better and better each time.

This time, it was not because she had been careless. She would definitely be able to live longer.

Thinking about this…

The joy that had finally risen was washed away by the unwillingness.

She had always inadvertently made some low-level mistakes.

As a result, she had gotten himself killed.

She really should not have done that.

“After simulating Immortal cultivation three times in a row, in the end, I wasn’t even as good as a Junior Martial Sister.” Chen Qianxue revealed a bitter smile. “If I had known earlier, I would have left the Immortal Ascension Sect with her and joined another Immortal cultivation sect.”

At the same time.

Qinghe County.

Li Clan.

Compared to the lively atmosphere that the Chen Clan had been putting on, the Li Clan’s atmosphere had been suppressed to the extreme.

White silk was hanging on the eaves or by the door. A coffin was placed in the sacrificial hall, and a large ‘grave’ was very eye-catching.

One could vaguely hear the woman’s low sobs and the Clan members’ whispers.

As the head of the Li Clan, Li Heshan’s expression was slightly gloomy.

He was staring at the coffin. It would be a lie to say that he was not grieving.

Li Jinfu was his youngest son. He was also one of the more outstanding and pleasing sons.

Compared to his other sons, Li Jinfu knew how to use his brain. He knew how to run the clan’s business.

Although he did not have the talent or innate ability to cultivate Immortality, as long as he was properly nurtured, he could still take over a lot of the clan assets and one day even inherit his position.


All of this was shattered.

Li Jinfu had died.

“Bai Yi, an Immortal cultivator who can ride a sword…”

Li Heshan murmured these words in a low voice.

Yesterday, he had known who the murderer of his son was. The other party was an Immortal cultivator with extraordinary strength.

“No wonder he wasn’t killed by the Li Clan a year ago. He wasn’t simple in the first place.”

‘Why did he hide for a year before revealing himself?’

‘Why didn’t he take revenge on the Li Clan a year ago?’

‘Why did he wait until the Li Clan attacked him again? Why did he stop pretending?’

‘Is this the evil taste of Immortal cultivators? Or is there another reason?’

One question after another flashed through Li Heshan’s mind.

He discovered that he could not guess the thoughts of that Immortal cultivator called Bai Yi.

He also did not know why he had to hide for a year.

He had indeed come into contact with some Immortal cultivators, but he was not an Immortal cultivator himself.

He did not understand the reason.


At this moment, a man with two neatly combed beards, who looked rather similar to Li Heshan, walked forward.

He lowered his voice and said, “The servants and the people of the Cao Gang who know about this matter have all been taken care of. This kind of matter will not be spread.”

“Yes.” Li Heshan nodded and said in a deep voice, “How are the other two matters?”

The man replied, “I have already asked someone to use a communication talisman to inform great-grandfather. After great-grandfather found out about this matter, he told us not to worry. He has decided to leave the mountain.”

“I’ve also roughly investigated that Bai Yi. He has been staying in Qinghe County, so it’s unlikely that he’s a disciple of some Immortal cultivation sect. It’s likely that he’s an itinerant cultivator.”

Li Heshan nodded with satisfaction, he immediately said, “My Li Clan has been standing in Qinghe County for hundreds of years, and it hasn’t been because of money or because of the Cao Gang. It’s because the Li Clan also has Immortal cultivators. This is the main reason why no one dares to provoke our Li Clan.”

“The Li Clan has always strived for marriage alliances with various parties. The children they give birth to will be tested for their innate ability. Those who have Immortal cultivation innate ability will be sent to the Spirit Sword Sect.”

“Therefore, although the Li Clan appears to be an ordinary mortal family, in reality, it is an Immortal cultivation clan.”

He paused.

He continued, “Your great-grandfather is one of the best. When he entered the Spirit Sword Sect, he became an inner sect disciple. After more than a hundred years, your great-grandfather has already become a deacon of the Spirit Sword Sect.”

“You are my eldest son. Remember, in the future, if you become the head of the Li Clan. Even if an Immortal cultivator is targeting the Li Clan, there is no need to panic.”

“The Li Clan has the foundation to deal with them. We also have the experience to deal with them.”

After listening, Li Heshan’s eldest son, a man with a small mustache, hurriedly nodded. “I understand!”

“Right. Two days later, for the Chen Clan’s Old Master’s birthday. I originally arranged for your sixth brother to go with me, but your sixth brother passed away. You come with me.”

“When you’re there, don’t talk nonsense, especially when you see that Holy Maiden. Don’t feel too good about yourself. Don’t talk to her.”

“The Li Clan has many clansmen in the Spirit Sword Sect, but as long as that Holy Maiden says a word, the Li Clan will fall into eternal damnation. In front of the Chen Clan, the Li Clan is just a small fry.”

“Don’t play tricks, don’t harm the Li Clan, understand?” Li Heshan suddenly said.

“I know!”


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