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Chapter 22 - Hiss! Young Master Bai Is Definitely a Ruthless Person!

Chapter 22: Hiss! Young Master Bai Is Definitely a Ruthless Person!

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“Have you heard? That Sixth Young Master of the Li Clan seemed to have died in an accident the day before yesterday. There was a funeral yesterday, and there were even a few wreaths placed in front of the Li Clan mansion today! Tsk, he’s only 19 years old, and he’s already gone. What a pity!”

“Hiss! Really? Are you sure he died in an accident?”

“My cousin is a servant of the Li Clan. According to him, he died in an accident, but he doesn’t know what exactly happened, and the Li Clan isn’t willing to tell us the cause of death.”

“Tomorrow is the 90th birthday of the Old Master of the Chen Clan. It’s not a good time for the Li Clan to have a funeral?”

“What’s not good about that? Someone died!”


In an inn in Qinghe County, all the tables of customers were discussing in whispers.

Bai Yi had just sat there for a short while when he heard these people’s discussions.

He did not expect that so many people already knew about this not long after this incident.

As expected, there was no such thing as an impenetrable wall in this world.

Even if the Li Clan wanted to lay low at this juncture, there was still some news that could not be stopped. They could not just shut everyone up. The news would eventually reach some people’s ears.

However, as of now, these people did not know how Li Jinfu died. Most of it was just hearsay.

Bai Yi had nothing to say about this. For him, even if people knew that he was the one who killed Li Jinfu, it did not matter.

Self-defense. It was only natural.

However, there was still no big movement from the Li Clan’s side, which made Bai Yi a little surprised. He did not believe that the Li Clan would let it go.

However, Bai Yi did not worry too much, and there was no need to worry about anything.

In the end, in this world of Immortal cultivation, strength was the foundation of all confidence.

“Young Master Bai! Young Master Bai!”

Just when Bai Yi was waiting for the waiter to serve the dishes, a familiar voice was heard.

Only to see…

The shopkeeper of the medicine shop, Old Liu, had actually found this place. He ran to Bai Yi, panting heavily. He hurriedly took a few breaths to ease his rapid breathing.

Then, he said anxiously, “Young Master Bai, I’ve finally found you! Li Clan… that Li Jinfu of the Li Clan is dead. He’s the one who threatened me not to rent your shop a few days ago!”

“A few days ago, Li Jinfu was the one who threatened us merchants!”

“It’s the blessing from the Heavenly Dao. It’s so satisfying!”


Old Liu then noticed that Bai Yi did not seem to have any reaction on his face. It was as if he already knew about this.

“Young Master Bai, aren’t you surprised?”

He could not help but scratch his head. He was a little puzzled.

Bai Yi shook his head. “This matter has long spread. I was just listening to the people at the next table discuss it. What’s there to be surprised about? It’s not like the people of the Li Clan are immortal. What’s so strange about a dead person? I’m rather surprised. How did you find me?”

Old Liu laughed embarrassedly. “Young Master Bai comes to this inn to spend money every day. The neighbors know very well about this matter.”

Is that so?

Bai Yi was stunned.

He did not expect that because he was too lazy to cook, he would come to the inn to eat every day. He could actually become the gossip of the neighbors?

“Young Master Bai, that Li Jinfu who threatened us is dead. Does that mean…” Old Liu lowered his voice and asked, “We won’t be targeted by the Li Clan in the future?”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Bai Yi’s smile was a little strange. “If Li Jinfu died accidentally, then the Li Clan probably won’t care about us in the next few days.”


His tone changed. “What if we are involved in Li Jinfu’s death?”

“What do you think the Li Clan will do?”

“How! How is that possible! Young Master Bai, don’t say something like this… eh?!”

Old Liu suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Bai Yi in disbelief.


“Young Master Bai… you… you…”

“I. . .”

“I didn’t hear anything! I didn’t say anything!”

Old Liu was already breaking out in cold sweat. It was obvious that he was frightened by Bai Yi’s words, especially when he realized that Young Master Bai did not seem to be joking when he said those words.

That was because he could not tell that he was joking. Did that mean…

The death of Li Jinfu of the Li Clan was related to Young Master Bai?

Facing the threat of the Li Clan, Young Master Bai did not sit back and wait for death…

Did he take the initiative to attack the Li Clan?


He used a killing move right away?

He killed him right away?


Young Master Bai was definitely a ruthless person!

Old Liu secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He felt that his legs were a little weak and he could not stand still. He sat opposite Bai Yi, trembling. His mind was in a mess.

“Don’t worry. This is a grudge between me and the Li Clan. It has nothing to do with you merchants.”

Bai Yi said, “Moreover, tomorrow is Old Master Chen’s birthday.”

“Do you think the Li Clan will dare to do anything at this special time?”

These few words made Old Liu feel a little more at ease.

He was really scared just now!

However, even so, he was still a little scared. Facing a family that had stood tall in Qinghe county for hundreds of years, a shopkeeper like him was nothing.

If others wanted to specifically crush him, it was probably easier than crushing an ant.

“Bai… Master Bai, what happens after Old Master Chen’s Birthday?”

Old Liu suddenly thought of the key point. “I heard that Old Master Chen’s 90th birthday is going to be a feast for nine days and nine nights. But what should we do after nine days?”

His voice was a little shaky. It was not his fault. He was just an ordinary person.

When he found out that Li Jinfu’s death was related to Bai Yi, Old Liu did not immediately turn around and run away. It was already very loyal of him, and he had the courage to stand firmly on Bai Yi’s side.

If it were anyone else, they would probably want to cut ties with Bai Yi in a hurry to avoid getting into trouble.

“Who will deal with who nine days later? That’s hard to say.”

Bai Yi laughed.

Old Liu was a little confused. Could it be that Young Master Bai not only wanted to deal with Li Jinfu, but also the Li Clan?

Ah, this…

It was not possible, right?

The problem was that Young Master Bai did not seem to be joking.

Bai Yi’s tone was calm as he said, “Don’t worry, the Li Clan won’t touch you, I promise.”

“… then, okay! I believe Young Master Bai!”

Old Liu clenched his teeth and mustered up some courage.

“Right.” Old Liu calmed his thoughts, he could not help but become serious. “Young Master Bai, when you mentioned the Chen Clan just now, I thought of the Chen Clan’s granddaughter. It is said that she is the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect, and she looks like a fairy!”

“Unfortunately, I only heard what other people said she looked like, but I haven’t seen her with my own eyes. I don’t know whether those people are boasting or not.”

Bai Yi glanced at him and lightly said, “Haven’t you seen her before?”

“Ah?” Old Liu was stunned. “I’ve seen her before? Why don’t I have any impression of her?”



Old Liu’s eyes widened again.

“Was that her!?”

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