Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 20 - Calculating the Reward, Second Level of Qi Refinement!

Chapter 20: Calculating the Reward, Second Level of Qi Refinement!

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[The candidate you invited, Chen Qianxue, has lived for 16 years, 1 month, and 19 days in the simulated Immortal cultivation life. There is still a 24-hour cooldown time before the next simulated Immortal cultivation life.]

[In the third simulated Immortal cultivation life, Chen Qianxue has gained the achievement of joining a sect. There is an additional reward!]

[You have received the following rewards –]

[Reward 1: Green Jade Technique (immortal Cultivation Method of Immortal Cultivation Sect, the highest cultivation is the Golden Core stage)]

[Reward 2: Second level of Qi Refinement (Chen Qianxue’s cultivation realm of 16 years of painstaking cultivation)]

[Reward 3: Sword (affinity with the way of the sword)]

[Additional reward: Baiping Sword (spirit sword given to Chen Qianxue by the Sect Master of the Immortal cultivation sect)]

[Please choose any one of the rewards. The extra reward is a must-have reward. There is no need to choose.]

Look at the three rewards for settling the Immortal simulator, as well as an additional reward, Bai Yi could not help but hesitate.

All three prizes are very good!

He wanted it all!

Although the Green Jade Technique can not be compared with the Sword Cultivation Technique, it is also an Immortal Cultivation Method. In the Immortal cultivation world, any complete Immortal Cultivation Method was extremely precious.

Even if the Green Jade Technique’s maximum cultivation was the Golden Core stage, there would still be many Immortal cultivators who would fight over it.

If it was sold, it would definitely be sold for a high price.

It was said that the currency of Immortal cultivators was not gold or silver, but something called spirit stones.

Spirit stones could be used to trade and assist in cultivation.

At the same time, they could be used to refine artifacts and pills.

It could be said that… If Bai Yi chose the Green Jade Technique, then he could use it to exchange for a large number of cultivation resources.

And the second reward was the inheritance of Chen Qianxue’s cultivation in the simulator!

In one breath, he would go from an ordinary person to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage, becoming a true Immortal cultivator!

At present, even if Bai Yi had spirit energy in his body.

He could not be considered an Immortal cultivator yet.

Choosing to inherit Chen Qianxue’s cultivation stage would allow him to better deal with the Li Clan, and would also allow him to have a certain level of self-protection in this dangerous world earlier.

The third reward was also precious. This was a rare type of newborn talent.

It would build his foundation for immortal cultivation.

The reason why a 10,000-meter-tall building could rise from the ground was thanks to a good foundation. To put it another way, talent was similar to the foundation.

It was because the three rewards were very good that Bai Yi found it difficult to make a choice.

Should he choose 1?

Should he choose 2?

Should he choose 3?

Many thoughts and thoughts flashed through his mind, and Bai Yi finally made what he thought was the right choice. “I will choose 2!”

He wanted the cultivation level of the second level of the Qi Refinement stage!

Bai Yi knew very well.

He was currently in a bad relationship with the Li Clan of Qinghe County. The Li Clan could stand in Qinghe County for hundreds of years, and Bai Yi did not believe that the Li Clan did not have a foundation that ordinary people did not know about. This kind of foundation was very likely to be fatal.

He needed enough strength to protect himself in a short time, and only the second reward could do that.

The moment he made his choice, a large amount of pure spiritual energy crazily poured into his Dantian and meridians.

In the blink of an eye, his meridians had been expanded by an unknown amount, and the spiritual energy in his body was like a gurgling stream.

His limbs and bones were constantly being washed away by the spiritual energy, and his physique was beginning to change!

His five senses were also changing!


As if he could vaguely hear a muffled sound, Bai Yi stepped into the first level of the Qi Refinement stage without any difficulty.

It was not over yet!

A large amount of spiritual energy was still surging into his meridians and Dantian, making him not feel the slightest discomfort. Instead, he felt very comfortable.

In short…

It was great!


Invisible spiritual energy suddenly spread out in all directions, lifting up the corners of his clothes.

The second level of the Qi Refinement stage!

In less than a minute, he had stepped into the second level of the Qi Refinement stage!

Bai Yi opened his eyes. He felt totally different from just a minute ago. It was as if he had sublimated his life form, making it difficult for him to explain this change.

Was this how it felt to be an Immortal cultivator? Was this the cultivation level of the second layer of the Qi Refinement stage?

At the same time, a spirit sword that had been inserted into the scabbard also appeared out of thin air in his hand.

Baiping Sword!

Chen Qianxue’s spirit sword in the immortal cultivation simulator!

This spirit sword had already become extremely dilapidated when Chen Qianxue was besieged.

However, when Bai Yi pulled it out, he found that it was intact.

The blade of the sword shone with a cold light.

It made people shudder!

“Control!” Bai Yi pinched his fingers and shouted. The Baiping Sword immediately left his hand and circled around him like a swimming dragon. It was so agile that it was unbelievable.

As a second level Qi Refinement cultivator, he was already able to control the sword skillfully with the Sword Control technique in the Sword Cultivation Technique.

When the sword was suspended in the air, it did not tremble at all.

It was very stable.

Under the control of Bai Yi, Baiping Sword flickered several times in the room at an extremely fast speed. Soon after, a few unlucky flies fell to the ground and were all easily cut into two halves.

There was not even a need for the sword to pass by. Just the strong wind brought by the Sword Control was enough to cut the flies.

“A second level Qi Refinement cultivator and an ordinary person are simply not on the same level.”

Bai Yi sighed.

Three years of inner strength and martial arts experience, a complete version of the Sword Cultivation Technique, a few strands of spiritual power, a cultivation level of the second level Qi Refinement stage, the Baiping Sword.

These were all the rewards Bai Yi had received during the past three days through the Holy Maiden’s simulated Immortal cultivation.

He had to say…

He increasingly felt that his decision a few days ago was correct.

If he had not pulled Chen Qianxue into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator…


He still had to bitterly simulate his Immortal cultivation. He did not know how many more times he had to die before he was qualified to settle the reward.

The Chen Residence.

Chen Qianxue also opened her closed eyes. Her expression was not particularly good. After all, she had been forced into a desperate situation and chose to kill herself. Otherwise, she would not be willing to die.

Every time she died in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she would have to start all over again.

She would have to waste who knew how many years of time.

“For the sake of controlling a small sect, each and every one of them tore off their usual disguises, revealing their ugly faces. These Immortal cultivators are even more sinister than ordinary people.”

“After being involved in this sort of battle, they should have chosen to leave as soon as possible, just like Junior Martial Sister.”

“In the end, I had to stay in the Immortal Ascension Sect. In the end, I was targeted.”


Chen Qianxue shook her head and tried hard to calm her thoughts. She was lying when she said she was not angry.

Who would not be angry about something like this?

It had nothing to do with her, and she did not want to get involved, but in the end, it had to be her.

She did not know what the woman who had colluded with the Devil Sect was thinking.

At this moment…

The Immortal Cultivation Simulator’s notification finally appeared, diverting her attention.

[You have lived for 16 years, 1 month, and 19 days in the third simulation of the life of an Immortal cultivator. You are eligible to receive a reward! There are still 12 hours of cooldown time before the next simulation of the life of an Immortal cultivator.]

[You, Chen Qianxue, have achieved the achievement of entering a sect in the third simulation of the life of an Immortal cultivator. You have received an additional reward!]

[You have received the following reward –]

[Reward: All spiritual energy of the second level of the Qi Refinement stage (a very pure spiritual energy)]

[Additional reward: Two Rejuvenation Pills (the pills you did not use before you died)]

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