Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 187 - Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (2)

Chapter 187: Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (2)

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It formed a vortex of spiritual energy that could be seen with the naked eye, and the scene left people speechless.

Fortunately, Bai Yi had already set up levels of illusory formations in the courtyard that could deceive people’s eyes and ears.

Moreover, these illusory formations had been reinforced and modified by Shuzhi Hua.

It was enough to conceal Bai Yi’s movements when he broke through to the seventh level of Foundation Establishment.

If there were Immortal cultivators with Golden Core cultivation or above who used their divine sense to probe the situation here, they might find something.

Otherwise, no one would know what had happened here.

Just those Qi Refinement stage itinerant cultivators in Qinghe County, as well as the Imperial Court Immortal cultivators who were big cats and small cats.

It was even more impossible to see any clues.


It was as if a loud sound that only Bai Yi himself could hear came from his Dantian. He stepped into the cultivation of the seventh level of Foundation Establishment!


It was not over yet!

His meridians and Dantian were still crazily absorbing spiritual energy. A large amount of spiritual energy continuously nourished his meridians, Dantian, his flesh, bones, and even his soul.


In less than a few breaths’ time, Bai Yi once again crossed a small stage and stepped into the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment stage.


Another few breaths’ time passed, and this time, he reached the ninth level of Foundation Establishment.

Bai Yi felt that his entire person had sublimated. It was as if he had an illusion that he was invincible in the world.

The main reason was that the speed of the breakthrough was too fast, giving him a unique illusion.

Fortunately, this illusion came and went quickly. Bai Yi quickly stabilized his fluctuating emotions.

He exhaled heavily.

“I’m still far away. I can’t drift away,” Bai Yi said to himself. “At least when I reach the Golden Core stage, I’ll be a little proud.”

Four additional rewards were also distributed.

5,000 high-grade spirit herbs were stored in Bai Yi’s storage bag.

These spirit herbs were not particularly useful to him who did not refine pills.


He remembered that Shu Zhihua knew how to refine pills. When the time came, he would just give her a portion of the spirit herbs to deal with.

As for the additional reward 2, there was no need to mention it. The horror of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique was self-evident. It was just that Bai Yi did not expect that the Mysterious Mask had swallowed so many Golden Core and Foundation Establishment demons, in addition, it had also swallowed the Spirit Embryo of an ancient Soul Formation stage demon.

As a result, the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique was only two-tenths of its full content?

Could it be that the further the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique went, the more difficult it would be to obtain it?

Now, with the addition of this two-tenths of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique, Bai Yi had already grasped five-tenths of the this astonishing technique. He now had half of it.

He did not know what price he had to pay to obtain the latter half.

How many times could he devour the Blood Lotus Daoist’s Demon Embryo?

Damn it! He was using the Blood Lotus Daoist as a lamb, harvesting him as a resource!

The Protective Jade Pendant that was given in additional reward 3 made Bai Yi’s eyes light up. He had a very deep impression of this jade pendant.

When Chen Qianxue and the others were simulating Immortal cultivation, Chen Qianxue had given this jade pendant to Wei Yi of the Great Wei. Wei Yi had used this special jade pendant to block the attack of the Soul Formation Demon Embryo.

Although this jade pendant had been broken because of this, it did not mean that it was not powerful. This was a life-saving divine artifact!

Even mighty figures in the Nascent Soul stage could roam the world of Immortal cultivation if they had this.

With this jade pendant, it was equivalent to having a few more lives!

He would have yet another trick up his sleeve that would save his life!

When this jade pendant that was as white as jade lay in Bai Yi’s palm, he suddenly felt that there was some residual heat on this jade pendant, and it was accompanied by a faint fragrance.


Could it be Chen Qianxue’s body temperature… and the fragrance on her body?

Looking at this special jade pendant, Bai Yi could not help but fall into deep thought.

The final additional reward was not an item that could be seen.

It was somewhat similar to Human Tool Number 3’s one-time settlement reward — Suppression.

However, Human Tool Number 3’s ‘Suppression’ could only be used on some demonic beasts.

Chen Qianxue’s ‘Beginner King Aura’ was clearly effective on humans.

It was yet another great harvest!

Yuanying County.

Chen Qianxue only waited for half a cup of tea’s time before she received the rewards from the simulator.

When she saw the rewards, her originally calm emotions started to flutter.

Finally, she could not help but stir up some ripples.

“This is…” She said in surprise, “Four achievements?”

“Four additional rewards?”

“Adding a normal reward, there will be a total of five settlement rewards this time around?”

She was a little surprised. Actually, she was rather stunned.

“Riches Comparable to a Country. Is this an achievement that can only be activated because of the things in the huge bronze door cave abode that Qin Jiao and I plundered?”

“Demon’s Nemesis. It must be because I used the Mysterious Mask to destroy Daoist Blood Lotus’s Demon Embryo, right?”

“Stabilizing the Country. If I’m not wrong, it must have been the result of suppressing the remnants of the previous dynasty.”

“Meddling with the Imperial Power. Is this the result of the struggle between the Crown Prince of Great Wei and me?”

[Reward: All the spiritual energy of the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment stage (with a Half-Innate Spirit Body, you can break through to the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment stage in one go)]

[Additional reward 1: 1,000 different types of spirit herbs (all of them are special spirit herbs of high quality)]

[Additional reward 2: Incomplete version of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique (one-tenth of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique)]

[Additional reward 3: Damaged Protective Jade Pendant (seems to be able to withstand a strike from a Nascent Soul stage cultivator)]

[Additional reward 4: Special Temperament (you have a slight aura of dominance)]

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