Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 186 - Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (1)

Chapter 186: Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (1)

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Chen Qianxue, who had returned to the real world, had a completely different mindset from Qin Jiao.

She was neither angry nor unwilling. Her thoughts were as calm as ever. It was as if she was in a sage state all the time.

She was not surprised by her own death. After all, she was already used to dying so many times.

Who could have imagined that the young 19-year-old had already experienced many deaths.

“The chess piece was a bit off, so it’s normal to lose.” Chen Qianxue’s muttering tone was also very calm, there was not the slightest bit of resentment. I underestimated the other party’s ruthlessness towards me, and I also underestimated the allure of the throne to others. Even if they are blood-related siblings, in the face of absolute power, they would completely turn against each other and draw their swords at each other.”

“In the end, I’m still not strong enough. If I had another Nascent Soul stage cultivator by my side, I wouldn’t have to fear the two Nascent Soul stage cultivators on the battlefield. I didn’t expect that the neighboring country would be so decisive and send out two Nascent Soul stage cultivators without any hesitation.”

“Nascent Soul stage cultivators are not common people. Even the youngest Nascent Soul stage cultivator should be no less than 500 years old.”

“For a dynasty, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator is the pillar of support at the highest level. If placed in the army, he would be able to take up the position of a general.”

“The Secret Guards that my father nurtured for so long could only nurture one Nascent Soul stage cultivator, He even gifted that Nascent Soul stage cultivator to me.”

Chen Qianxue stopped talking to herself. She had remembered the lesson this time and would not make the same mistake again.

Moreover, she would not fall for the same trick again.

She shook her head. She threw away the messy thoughts in her mind.

Chen Qianxue quietly waited for the reward to arrive.

Her subconscious told her that the reward this time might be very generous, and it would far surpass the previous rewards.

She just did not know if her expectations were right.


[The person you invited, ‘Chen Qianxue’, has lived for 56 years, 07 months, and 28 days in this simulated Immortal cultivation life!]

[You have successfully activated the four achievements of ‘Rich Enough to Rival a Country’, ‘Enemy of The Demon’, ‘Steady the Country’, and ‘Encroaching on the Imperial Power’. You have received three additional rewards!]

[You have received the following rewards –]

[Reward 1: All spiritual power of the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment stage (seems to be able to allow you, who is at the sixth level of the Foundation Establishment stage, to cross three small stages in one step)]

[Reward 2: Yuqing Sword (a spiritual weapon that Chen Qianxue accidentally obtained from the giant bronze door cave abode)]

[Reward 3: Sea-pacifying Scripture (the treasure of the Great Wei Dynasty’s library, no less than the Book of Killing)]

[Additional reward 1: 5,000 different types of spirit medicines (all of them are of extremely high quality)]

[Additional reward 2: Incomplete version of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique (two-tenth version of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique)]

[Additional reward 3: Protective Jade Pendant (a special jade pendant that can block a Soul Formation attack)]

[Additional reward 4: Beginner King’s Aura (the aura that Chen Qianxue has developed over the years as the Princess of Great Wei)]

The array of rewards was even more dazzling than Qin Jiao’s.

Chen Qianxue had actually activated a total of four achievements, resulting in four additional rewards!

This was already the second time Bai Yi experienced what a pleasant surprise was like today.

The collaboration between two Human Tools was actually so wonderful!

If they had chosen to cooperate from the beginning, Bai Yi felt that he might already be lying in his Golden Core now.

Unfortunately, he could not interfere with the life in the simulator. Otherwise, he would have locked Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao tightly together.

It was very similar to Qin Jiao’s settlement reward.

Chen Qianxue’s settlement reward this time was extremely generous.

Reward 1 was already so enticing. Directly crossing three small stages in one leap, how many people would believe it?

Apart from Qin Jiao, Chen Qianxue, Fu Shuangni, these three Human Tools, who would believe that someone could break through two or even three stages in one go?

Especially when it was three minor stages of the Foundation Establishment stage, and not some Qi Refinement stage!

Reward 2 was not bad either. The name ‘Jade Clear Sword’ was obviously not Daoist Blood Lotus’s own spiritual artifact. He must have snatched it from some Orthodox Immortal cultivator before it was sealed.

A spiritual artifact that could make a Soul Formation stage demon covet it must be an extremely high-grade spirit artifact.

It was likely that its grade was not lower than the Blood-red Copper Coin coin that Bai Yi had previously obtained.

Or, was it only second to that Blood-red Copper Coin?

Reward 3 was it a Cultivation Method of an extremely high grade, or was it a Cultivation Method of the Great Wei Dynasty?

If this Cultivation Method was thrown into the cultivation world in the real world, it would be enough to cause a bloody storm and cause a great disturbance in the cultivation world.


This was not a multiple choice question. This was a single-choice question.

In some aspects, Bai Yi could choose all of them, but in this aspect, he could only choose one.

“Reward 1!”

In the end, Bai Yi still could not resist the temptation of crossing three stages at once.

Once he broke through to the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment stage, then he was only two steps away from the Golden Core stage…

There were only two steps left.

Once he became an Immortal cultivator in the Golden Core stage, then it would truly be a qualitative leap.

How did that old saying go?

My fate is in my hands, not in the Heaven’s.

Very soon, pure and enormous spirit energy began to rush into Bai Yi’s limbs and bones, like a vast ocean of water pouring into his body.

If Bai Yi did not have the Innate Spirit Body and the Human King Body, he would have been overwhelmed by the spirit energy.

The spirit energy in the courtyard was stirred up, and a large amount of spirit energy slowly circled in the sky.

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