Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 188 - Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (3)

Chapter 188: Calculate the Reward! The Human Tools Became Rich (3)

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After taking in all five rewards, Chen Qianxue slowly suppressed the surprise in her heart.

What emerged in her heart was a faint surprise. She was indeed very happy.

If she took out any one of these five rewards, who knew how many people would yearn after it.

Chen Qianxue was very satisfied.

When all the spiritual power of the fifth level of Foundation Establishment was added, Chen Qianxue could no longer control the momentum of her breakthrough, because she had the ‘Half-Innate Spirit Body’ constitution like Qin Jiao. This was the unexpected reward that Chen Qianxue received during the last simulation of life.

This reward allowed her to have no stage shackles below the Golden Core stage.

There was no bottleneck. If she wanted to break through to the next stage, there would be no issues.


The aura of the Foundation Establishment stage was fully displayed. Chen Qianxue suddenly found a small inn. It seemed that there was no way to block the movement of her breakthrough

However, it was already too late to set up a concealing array. She could only brace herself and break through in one go.

After the aura of the Foundation Establishment Immortal cultivator spread out, everyone within a radius of several hundred meters inexplicably felt a wave of palpitations.

Those who were in the inn felt a great terror descending!

They did not know what happened in the inn either. However, the fear in their hearts made them run out of the inn in panic.

In less than ten breaths’ time, other than Chen Qianxue, there was no one else in the inn.

In the next moment, these people who ran out of the inn felt extremely fortunate for their actions.


A gust of strong wind swept through the inn. The wooden structure of the house fell apart with a loud bang, and the tiles on the roof were thrown high into the air by the airwaves.

The spiritual energy undulations surged violently, making a group of ordinary people dumbfounded, and even some Immortal cultivators were extremely shocked.

Different from ordinary people, even the weakest Immortal cultivator could see that an expert had broken through.

This kind of breakthrough…

It should at least be at the Foundation Establishment stage, right?


Yuanying County had just encountered a calamity that left people scratching their heads, yet an Immortal cultivator had broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage?

This was a blessing in disguise, right?

They were very confused. They were also very envious.

In the distance.

Shu Zhihua seemed to have sensed something. She turned her head and looked in a direction of Yuanying County. Her gaze seemed to be able to penetrate through countless buildings. She said in surprise, “Third level of Foundation Establishment? No… It’s already the fourth level of Foundation Establishment. There’s actually someone who has broken through at this juncture?”

“This kind of aura doesn’t seem to be a demon cultivator of Sacred Heart Palace. It’s more like an Immortal cultivator of the Righteous Path. Moreover… the aura faintly revealed by the other party is somewhat similar to that little Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty.”

No matter what, she was still a sixth level Golden Core Immortal cultivator. So, even though Shu Zhihua was very far away, she could still faintly feel Chen Qianxue’s unique aura.

She said that Chen Qianxue’s aura was somewhat similar to Fu Shuangni’s.

That was because Chen Qianxue’s last reward gave her a kind of King-like aura.

This kind of aura could only be raised by a royal family member of a dynasty.

Moreover, not just any descendant of the royal family could have such an aura. Those who could raise this kind of aura were the best among the descendants of the royal family!


In less than a few breaths’ time, Shu Zhihua’s tone became even more surprised. “She broke through again? And it’s the same person? From the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage, she broke through to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment stage in one fell swoop. Now, she’s already at the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment stage? What kind of miracle medicine did this woman take?”

This touched on the blind spot of Shu Zhihua’s knowledge.

It was still fine to break through a small stage. After all, when Immortal cultivators cultivated to a certain level, they had to break through eventually.

The problem was… The other party broke through two small stages in one go!


Shu Zhihua could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

What kind of monster was this? Was this still a human?

“Disciple, you don’t seem to be surprised at all.” Shu Zhihua noticed that the Golden Core puppet controlled by Bai Yi seemed to have been expressionless the whole time.

The Golden Core puppet said straightforwardly, “Because I know the identity of the other party. There’s nothing surprising.”

“Oh?!” Shu Zhihua was very curious. “You actually know who this monster is? Who is she?!”

The Golden Core puppet calmly replied, “That person is the current Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect.”

Spirit Sword Sect?

These three words were not unfamiliar to Shuzhi Hua. Not long ago, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator of the Spirit Sword Sect appeared and chased after the escaping the Golden Core demon of the Sacred Heart Palace.

The person who had broken through two stages consecutively was actually the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect?

“So that’s the case…” Shuzhi Hua suddenly came to a realization. “No wonder the Nascent Soul stage of the Spirit Sword Sect came so quickly. It turns out that their Holy Maiden is here!”

In fact, the shock in her tone had not dissipated yet.

Even if she was the Holy Maiden of a large-scale Immortal cultivation sect, was such a terrifying talent in Immortal cultivation really normal?

It was unheard of!

Even some ancient books did not record Immortal cultivators who could break through two small stages at one time!

Was she an unprecedented genius? A figure that would be sung in the legendary songs for ages to come?

Shu Zhihua was secretly speechless and lamented that the Immortal cultivation world was really full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

She could randomly come to any place, yet she could meet such a monster.


Chen Qianxue did not know that she had been paid attention by a sixth level Golden Core stage cultivator.

After she broke through two small stages in one breath, the moment she opened her eyes–

She found that the inn she was staying in had been razed to the ground.

Moreover, she could feel that pairs of eyes that were either shocked, fearful, or adoring were all focused on her.

Ignoring all the stares, she swept her mind over it.

After discovering that the breakthrough did not cause any casualties to others, she took out a heavy gold ingot from her storage bag. Threw it to a man in the crowd with a sad face.

The gold ingot fell in front of the man.

Chen Qianxue tone calmly said, “This is to give you the money to repair the inn, the rest is to give you compensation.”

The reason why she said it in public was to prevent anyone from having any devious thoughts.

Now that she had made it clear, it meant that this was a sum of compensation given by an Immortal cultivator.

Who would dare to have any devious thoughts?

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