God of Fishing

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Spiritual Energy Explosion

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Han Fei looked around magnificently and asked, “Who’s next?”

People whispered to each other. A student at the peak of level five assumed that Han Fei was exhausted, and that he could give the guy a final blow and win the bamboo rod over.

However, Han Fei said in disdain the moment he stood out, “You’re too weak for me. Go away.”

The student wouldn’t give in. “I have Swallowed Spirit Soup, too. I would like to challenge you.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “It’s fine as long as you get the soup. Come on. You will be the winner if you can force me to take one step back.”

The student was delighted. “I’ll hold you to that.”

Then, he shouted and charged forward with the iron rod. Han Fei could easily tell that he concentrated most of his spiritual energy on the iron rod.


Han Fei bent and nearly stepped back, but he was a level-six after all. After a collision, the level-fix student dropped on the ground.

Han Fei said, “I told you to go away… He Xiaoyu, collect the soup!”

However, some of the clever students, thinking that Han Fei almost stepped back just now, shouted, “Let me… It’s my turn… No, it’s mine…”

Several minutes later, no level-five fishers challenged him anymore. They wondered how Han Fei blocked them at the last moment and knocked them down with one attack when he was almost stepping back every time.

He Xiaoyu simply poured the Swallowed Spirit Soup into the calabash and thought, I’m just here to help process the soup, I’m just here to help process the soup.

Soon, more and more people came to the cafeteria.

Picking up He Xiaoyu’s calabash, Han Fei drank it now and then and said, “Who’s next? Everyone is welcome…”

Nobody responded to him.

Han Fei shouted again, “Are there no capable warriors in the southern campus at all? Where are your level-six and level-seven experts?”

“Get out of the way!”

The crowd divided, and a couple of teenagers walked over confidently.

Someone was relieved. “They’re finally here.”

Someone grew confident. “The southern campus will be mocked if they do not come.”

Someone said, “Han Fei is dead for sure. How can he expect to resist them? As long as he is not given time to rest, it remains to be seen whether or not he can survive two of them. He has fought for so long anyway.”

“Who’s asking for trouble in the southern campus?”

The man stared at Han Fei maliciously as he spoke.

Han Fei said, “I am Han Fei, boss of the eastern campus. I have never been defeated in my entire life. I’m here to be defeated.”

He Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. You’ve never been defeated? You were just a level-two fisher before. Nobody dared to fight you because they were scared that they would accidentally kill you.

Han Fei, however, held his head high, too busy feeling good about himself to care about that.

“You’ve never been defeated? You’re even stronger than Tang Ge?”

Han Fei was not bothered. “Tang Ge is my brother. We’ve never fought. I’m here just to be defeated.”

One of the newcomers mocked, “You’ve fought many battles. You must be out of spiritual energy. Are you sure you want this?”

Han Fei said, “I’m a quick absorber. My spiritual energy is infinite.”

Everybody rolled their eyes. They had never seen anyone as shameless. Infinite spiritual energy? You think you are the Sea God?

Someone hefted their iron rod and shouted, “I’ll fight you if you want to fight. Don’t surrender if you have balls.”

Han Fei said, “You’d better confirm that your balls are still there first.”

Everybody was infuriated.

“Kill him!”

“Crush him!”

“He’s not getting out of here on his own two feet!”

Waving the bamboo rod, Han Fei said lazily, “Bite me!”

“I’ll go first!”

Someone couldn’t hold back anymore and decided to check Han Fei’s strength. However, Han Fei merely leaped and struck three times, blowing the guy away and bending his iron rod.



“Is this guy made of iron?”

“Why is he still so strong?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Next!”

“Wait a moment.”

Han Fei’s domination was disrupted by a middle-aged man with two students.

“Mr. Zhou.”

Zhou Ding looked awful. He was not convinced when someone told him that a stranger was challenging the whole school, but he believed it now. The little girl’s calabash was apparently full of Swallowed Spirit Soup.

Zhou Ding eyed Han Fei. The guy was indeed a level-six, not a level-seven.

Zhou Ding pointed at one of his students and said, “Chen Cai, you’re up.”

The guy named Chen Cai was also carrying a bamboo rod. He seemed much stronger than the other level-sixes.

Chen Cai said, “I’m Chen Cai. I will challenge you.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes and grew solemn.


Spiritual energy burst out of his bamboo rod. Han Fei stopped panting and shivering. Watching the incoming stick, he simply lifted his own rod against it.


Many students below level five stepped back under the brunt of the attack.

Han Fei was slightly stunned. The guy was rather strong. He did not know the technique, but there was a hidden force behind the attack. He almost stepped back under the dual forces.

“Huh? You’re good!”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered, but Chen Cai’s face changed greatly. The attack that he launched with eighty percent of his strength did not shake the guy at all?

Zhou Ding was also surprised. Chen Cai’s Spiritual Heritage was Level Three, High Quality. He was almost the strongest level-six in the southern campus. However, he did not have any advantage in the battle.

Han Fei shouted, “Sweep!”


Chen Cai became pale after the collision. He slid dozens of meters away, his hands shaking. How could the attack have been so powerful?


Chen Cai seemed rather anxious. He stomped on the ground, and his bamboo rod glowed.

“Spiritual Energy Explosion!”

Han Fei immediately stepped back before the enormous power. Thankfully, his previous slash blocked the blast, or he might have failed.

He Xiaoyu said in a hurry, “This is Spiritual Energy Explosion. It’s very powerful. Even the level-sevens have to avoid it.”

Han Fei shook his arm and his head. “It’s quite tough. I can gather the spiritual energy, but how can I detonate it?”

“How is it possible? He took the hit of the Spiritual Energy Explosion?”

“Is he made of iron? Why is he so tough?”

Zhou Ding was surprised. The young man was not simple. Taking the hit of the Spiritual Energy Explosion without being hurt was a sign of his sturdiness.

To everyone’s surprise, the spiritual energy at the tip of Han Fei’s rod was more and more brilliant.

Han Fei declared, “Spiritual Energy Explosion…”

Zhou Ding took action. He snatched Han Fei’s spiritual energy, but the next second, his hand was blown away by the enormous spiritual energy.

“Humph. Break!”

The cluster of spiritual energy crumbled. Han Fei was forced to take quite a few steps back under the waves.

Han Fei’s eyes glowed. It was truly impressive. He didn’t know how to detonate it. If it weren’t for this teacher, there would’ve been nothing he could do.

Zhou Ding was rather embarrassed. He almost failed to break the Spiritual Energy Explosion of a level-six student.

Narrowing his eyes, Zhou Ding said, “You have the combat ability of a level-eight fisher, and you are brazen enough to trick my students for their Swallowed Spirit Soup. Get lost.”


All the students exclaimed in shock.

The combat ability of a level-eight fisher? That was one tough student.

Someone was suspicious. “Is he Tang Ge? Who else in the eastern campus is as strong?”

“Jerk! You pretend to be a level-six when you are a level-eight! Give us our soup!”

“That’s right! Give us our soup, Han Fei!”

Han Fei said, “What are you talking about? I’m obviously a level-six. I didn’t tell you my natural-born strength because I like to keep a low profile.”

Han Fei looked at Zhou Ding and smiled in embarrassment. “Mr. Zhou, I was actually here to seek breakthroughs, and I understood a lot after sensing the power of the Spiritual Energy Explosion. I’ll take my leave.”

Zhou Ding grabbed Han Fei. “Where are you going?”

Han Fei screamed, “Sir, I’m truly a level-six! You can check me!”

Ignoring what he said, Zhou Ding picked him up and left.

Han Fei shouted while he was hanging in midair, “He Xiaoyu, follow me!”

The students were left astounded at the cafeteria of the southern campus.

Some of them murmured, “A level-eight? A level-six that is as strong as a level-eight? Is he really a Heavenly Talent?”

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