God of Fishing

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Boss of the Eastern Campus

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The news that Han Fei crushed Xing Qiu spread throughout the school quickly. Nobody believed it at first, but someone from Class One confirmed it, making people despise and envy Han Fei.

After he woke up, Hu Kun felt that the world had collapsed. He was crushed by one attack?

He gnashed his teeth. “Damn it! It’s all because of Tang Ge! Don’t laugh too soon, Han Fei…”

In the school, someone murmured when they saw Han Fei, “You might not have surpassed level three if it weren’t for Tang Ge.”

Someone whispered, “Look, that’s Han Fei. He’s unbelievably lucky. We can’t bully him again.”

Some girls scorned him when they walked past Han Fei. “Counting on other people is not an ability at all!”

Han Fei was rather gloomy. Their level was even lower than his, and yet they looked down on him.

In the cafeteria, seven bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup were placed before He Xiaoyu, and two before He Xiaoyu.

Han Fei said, “Finish them. We’ll set off after that.”

“Gudu… Gudu…”

He Xiaoyu had only two bowls of soup. She was rather angry to see that Han Fei had already had three bowls. She was drinking her own quota, not something swindled out of other people.

Han Fei glanced at her and pushed a bowl toward her. “Have some more, so that you’ll be stronger.”

He Xiaoyu said, “It’s no use to drink so much. I can’t absorb it that fast.”

Han Fei said, “Why do you care about that? It can’t harm you anyway. Drink it first.”

He Xiaoyu thought for a moment and realized that it did make sense. After the drink last time, she nearly broke the obstacles of level seven in her cultivation. Maybe Han Fei was right about having as much of the soup as possible.

There were plenty of students in the cafeteria, but nobody was around Han Fei and He Xiaoyu.

They all looked at them in shock. Was the Swallowed Spirit Soup as cheap as water to them?


Han Fei and He Xiaoyu rose. They looked at each other and walked out of the cafeteria.

His spiritual energy surpassed 1,000 points again. Han Fei was very confident.

Han Fei and He Xiaoyu stood at the gate of the southern campus, each with a rod before them. He Xiaoyu also carried a huge calabash.

The most outrageous thing was the plate before Han Fei’s chest that said, Han Fei, boss of the eastern campus, is here to duel with the students of the southern campus. Whoever defeats me will be given a bamboo rod. Note: The losers have to provide two bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup. The level-seven experts need to provide four. Those below level six can leave me alone.

Immediately, the southern campus was enraged.

Many students looked at them furiously. The two of them were cocky enough to challenge the whole southern campus?

Someone scolded, “You’re Han Fei? What makes you think you can swagger around here?”

Someone hefted an iron rod and shouted, “I’ll let you know the color of your blood!”

Someone cursed, “Those who don’t know you might think that you’re Tang Ge. Who’s Han Fei? Never heard of you before. You will crawl home later!”

“Let me!”

A level-six guy approached with an iron rod. “I am Li Fanglai, a level-six fisher. Do you dare to duel with me?”

Someone whispered, “Li Fanglai’s Spiritual Heritage was measured to be Level Two, High Quality. He’s a Heavenly Talent who will go to the town. He can’t lose.”

“That’s right. His opponent feels like a level-six to me, too. They are on par with each other.”

“Hehe! Li Fanglai, knock him down as quickly as possible for the southern campus!”

Li Fanglai raised the iron rod and bellowed, “I’ll crush you!”

Han Fei waved his hand. “Wait a moment.”

Li Fanglai stiffened. “What are you doing? Are you scared? You can’t get away with this unless you kneel and admit you’re wrong.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “You haven’t brought me your Swallowed Spirit Soup yet. What if you don’t give it to me after you fail?”

Li Fanglai flushed with fury. “You think I can’t afford two bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup?”

Han Fei said, “I’m not saying that you can’t, but it’s hard to tell from your appearance.”

Li Fanglai was infuriated that the guy showed no respect for him. Do you think you are a sure winner?

Li Fanglai, maddened, simply attacked.


Han Fei blocked the attack easily and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Fetch the soup already! You won’t run when your champion fails, will you?”

The onlookers were angry. “Who cares about two bowls of soup?”

“You think you’re going to win?”

“You’re too cocky. If I had fought you, I would’ve beat the crap out of you!”

The two of them fought for several minutes; Han Fei breathed heavily.

Li Fanglai discovered, to his surprise, that the guy was too strong. He used his full strength but could not crush his opponent. Damn it. He definitely could’ve crushed the guy if he were at the peak of level six.

He Xiaoyu looked at the sky. She felt that Han Fei was committing fraud. His acting was quite vivid, but he couldn’t have used more than thirty points of spiritual energy.


Han Fei slashed hard and tossed Li Fanglai to the ground.

Li Fanglai’s face flushed. It was truly frustrating. He had run out of spiritual energy, but why was this guy still fine?

Many people were rendered speechless.

Someone squinted. “The guy should be stronger than Li Fanglai, but Li Fanglai consumed a lot of his spiritual energy. He will be crushed by another level-six.”

Immediately, another person jumped out and declared, “I’m Jia Tong from Class Seven. I’ll let you rest for a moment in case you claim that I’m taking advantage of you.”

Han Fei was lost for words. Would resting for a moment make any difference? For fishers to regain their spiritual energy, they had to train themselves for half a day.

Han Fei waved his hand and said, “Wait a moment. Not that I’m dawdling, but where is the Swallowed Spirit Soup? I won’t fight you until the soup is delivered. I’m worried that you won’t give it to me.”

“You think that we have no honor?”

Jia Tong was beyond angry. Being suspected was even more humiliating than being provoked.

Jia Tong said, “Someone fetch the Swallowed Spirit Soup already!”

Han Fei said, “That’s unnecessary. I have a better idea. Let’s duel before your cafeteria. It’s more convenient.”


Everyone almost vomited blood. How many people do you think you can defeat? I hope that your brain is not filled with the Swallowed Spirit Soup!

He Xiaoyu couldn’t help but step back. She said to herself, I’m only here to help him drink the soup that he can’t finish, but I’m not familiar with this guy.

He Xiaoyu went even further. “Why, you don’t have the courage for that? I was told that there were many experts in the southern campus, but it’s not true at all. He Xiaoyu, let’s go to the northern campus…”

Jia Tong snapped, “How dare you? Come to the cafeteria if you dare!”

Han Fei said, “If I dare? I can make you go bankrupt!”

Han Fei strutted in with the bamboo rod while everybody glared at him furiously.

He Xiaoyu took a deep breath. I won’t be beaten up, will I? I’m not involved in this. They probably won’t beat me. I’m a girl!

Han Fei finally saw the two bowls of soup that Li Fanglai lost. He immediately shouted, “He Xiaoyu, collect the soup!”

He Xiaoyu blushed, feeling guilty as if she were stealing a kid’s toys. But it was Swallowed Spirit Soup! She used to be given two bowls of them every five days, but she had earned two bowls so easily.

Jia Tong said, “Can you fight now?”

Han Fei said, “Of course, the southern campus is truly generous. Come on, let’s fight.”

Jia Tong attacked the moment Han Fei nodded. Spiritual energy surged out of his rod crazily.

Han Fei shouted, “That’s a good one! As expected of the genius of the southern campus!”

“Nice! Take another one from me!”

“Good one!”

After a couple of collisions, Jia Tong blushed. How much spiritual energy did this guy have? Why was it never exhausted?

Han Fei, on the other hand, pretended to breathe heavily, while he actually controlled the output of his spiritual energy. After all, his body was so sturdy now that he could block Jia Tong’s attacks with half of the energy his enemy used. So, he felt that he could crush a couple of them in a row.


In his carelessness, Jia Tong was hit by Han Fei and flung three meters away. His hands were shaking.

Many people stopped jeering. The guy truly had something behind his boldness. He had defeated two level-six experts consecutively.

Han Fei merely shouted, “He Xiaoyu, collect the soup…”

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