God of Fishing

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: My Internal Organs Are Shaking

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Everybody stared at them. According to common sense, the battle between a level-seven and a level-six did not have any suspense. However, Han Fei was not anything common. Since he defeated Hu Kun in one move, it was indeed possible that he could fight a level-seven.

Under everyone’s watch, they began their fight. Han Fei jumped and smashed, because he did not know any other battle techniques.

Xing Qiu sniffed. His spiritual energy surged out. He was ready to knock Han Fei down in one attack.

Han Fei thought differently. He couldn’t catch too much attention. Level seven was already the peak at the school. If he took Xing Qiu down like how he took Brother Gang down just now, something terrible would happen.


Han Fei changed his expression and pretended to step back. “You are good. Is this the strength of level seven? Impressive!”

Xing Qiu looked proud and confident, feeling good that he taught Han Fei a lesson. But deep in his heart, he was shocked at Han Fei’s power. His hands were almost numb.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

“Damn it! Level seven is truly magnificent!”

“He Xiaoyu, I don’t think I can win this time!”

“Hey, are your hands not numb? You’re bleeding.”

Han Fei mumbled as they clashed five times. At first, the audience thought that Han Fei had indeed felt the domination of level seven.

However, they soon realized that Xing Qiu was not any better. His hands were cracked, and his face was becoming paler and paler. Even his rod was shaking.


Xing Qiu was flung away. His rod remained straight, but his arms were slightly broken. He almost fell over.

Han Fei said, “Sheesh! The level-seven experts are truly unstoppable. My hands are shaking.”

As he spoke, Han Fei shook his hands.

Everybody was speechless. Do you think we can’t tell that you’re pretending?

Mr. Yang seemed calm but was greatly shocked. How had Han Fei grown so strong? Not only had he defeated someone of a higher level, but he did not even suffer any injury.

Everybody fell quiet.

Someone smacked their head. Am I in a dream? Is this really Han Fei?

He Xiaoyu opened her mouth, her eyes full of disbelief. Why did she not know that Han Fei was so good in the past four years?

Han Fei hurried to drop a hint at He Xiaoyu.

However, He Xiaoyu did not really get it.

Staggering to He Xiaoyu, Han Fei cried and fell on He Xiaoyu.

Han Fei said, “Hey, although I won the battle, I seem to have suffered heavy wounds.”

Then, Han Fei felt that something was not right. He had touched a certain part.

“Huh? So soft?”


He Xiaoyu blushed in fury. “You’re shameless!”

Han Fei was stunned. “Why are you slapping me when I’m already heavily wounded? My internal organs are shaking. I want my Swallowed Spirit Soup…”

Everyone rolled their eyes. Can your acting skills be any worse? You want soup when you’re dying?

Mr. Yang tried to calm himself down. I’m not going to be infuriated by a boy. Calm down. Hu…

Mr. Yang bellowed, “All right, end of this battle! Han Fei, come with me.”

Han Fei said, “Sir, I need to have the soup, or my internal organs can’t be soothed…”


Han Fei was kicked more than ten meters away, but he jumped up and immediately tried to flee.

Mr. Yang shouted, “Stop there! You can claim the soup in the cafeteria later. Come with me… He Xiaoyu, you will come too. The rest of you, send Hu Kun and Xing Qiu to the medical room.”

Wang Jie was staring at a bottle of valuable body-conditioning fluid, when he saw his colleague lead two of his students to him with a grim face.

Wang Jie asked, “Mr. Yang, what’s up?”

Mr. Yang said, “Mr. Wang, your student hid his abilities quite well! Han Fei knocked out a peak level-six in one attack and defeated a level-seven with only a few hits. Do you know about this?”

Wang Jie was stunned. What did you say? He knocked out a peak level-six in one attack and defeated a level-seven with only a few hits?

Han Fei said in a hurry, “Mr. Wang, my internal organs are shaking, too…”

Mr. Yang said, “Shut up! You did not even tremble. You think I didn’t notice?”

Looking at Han Fei thoughtfully, Wang Jie turned to He Xiaoyu and asked, “Xiaoyu, tell me. What was your plan this time?”

Blushing hard, He Xiaoyu failed to come up with anything for a long time.

In the end, Mr. Yang grinned and said, “Your student was addicted to swindling other people of their soup. I caught him right when he tried to do it again. Since he’s your student, it’s not my place to discipline him. Right, I think few students in our school except Tang Ge can defeat him now. Let him hoax elsewhere.”

Han Fei secretly complained. Who could’ve known that a level-seven was so weak? Brother Gang had resisted him for quite a while!

After Mr. Yang left, Wang Jie finally looked at Han Fei weirdly. “What exactly did Tang Ge give you that made you advance so fast?”

At the edge of a level-two fishery, on a white extravagant boat, Tang Ge sneezed and frowned. Is my brother being bullied by someone? I have indeed been away for too long this time, but what can I do since this sir wouldn’t let me go?

He decided to find a way to go back in a couple of days. He did not want to see Han Fei bullied by other people.

Fang Ze was holding a fishing pole next to him. On the fishing pole was a three-headed snake. He said to Tang Ge with a smile, “This is a three-headed sea snake. It won’t die even if its heads are cut from its body, and the heads will be regrown a while later. Its gallbladders are the best tonics. Here, take them. You will reach level nine after you take them.”

Wang Jie thought that Tang Ge was behind everything. Han Fei only had a Level One Spiritual Heritage. However talented he was, how could he become a level-seven fisher from a level-two one after half a month? If he had such talent, he would be distinguished even in the town.

Wang Jie said thoughtfully, “You may feel good if your cultivation is excessively improved with external help, but it will be more difficult for you to advance in the future. However marvelous the spiritual fruit is, it’s a medication and should not be taken randomly. You must not advance too quickly, or your foundation may be ruined.”

Han Fei said, “All right! Sir, I’ll listen to you.”

Wang Jie did not feel comfortable to see the loser of his class growing into a top expert among his peers. He waved his hands and said, “Go now! Stop dueling with other people. You will be given two bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup in the future.”

Han Fei nodded his head. He suddenly asked, “Sir, I’m told that there are more experts in other campuses of our school?”

Wang Jie’s eyelids shivered. “They’re nothing good. They’re in level seven at best. Do not do anything outrageous.”

Han Fei said, “Got it, sir. I won’t do anything outrageous.”

Then, Han Fei intended to leave. He Xiaoyu followed him.

Wang Jie said, “Wait.”

Han Fei turned around. “Is there anything else, sir?”

Wang Jie said, “You’d better watch what you’re doing. You’re too little to be together. I won’t stop Mr. He if he hits you someday.”

He Xiaoyu suddenly blushed. Who’s together with him? I’m only following him to drink soup.

He Xiaoyu said, “Sir, there is no such thing. He Xiaoyu and I are pure friends, as pure as the meat of the little white fish…”

Wang Jie said, “Get out of here.”

Han Fei hurried to go. It seemed that he couldn’t trick the students of his own campus anymore. The teachers could all recognize him.

He Xiaoyu said, “He Xiaoyu, we’ll go to the southern campus after we have soup in the cafeteria. I’m sure we can get fifty bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup there. We also need to buy a big calabash, which can contain the soup when we are full. However, you must lend your bamboo rod to me. I cannot use my super iron rod easily…”

Han Fei talked for a long time, but when he looked back, he found He Xiaoyu walking angrily without looking at him.

Han Fei said, “What’s up? Don’t be upset. We’re pure friends, as pure as the clouds in the sky.”

He Xiaoyu turned back abruptly. “Am I not pretty? I have too many pursuers! I’m not interested in you at all!”


Han Fei rubbed his head. What’s going on? Are we talking about the same thing? How can I like a twelve-year-old girl? I’m almost thirty years old.

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