God of Fishing

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Tricking a Girl

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Zhou Ding carried Han Fei to an empty cultivation ground and asked him, “What’s with your spiritual energy? Why is it never exhausted?”

Han Fei admitted frankly, “Sir, I’m a quick absorber. My spiritual energy is refilled immediately after I drink the soup!”

Zhou Ding snapped, “That’s bulls*it! I’ve never heard of such a thing before.”

Han Fei, rolling his eyes, said, “Mr. Zhou, it’s true. My master, Wang Jie, knows that. You can ask He Xiaoyu about it! Her father is a teacher in the eastern campus.”

Zhou Ding looked at He Xiaoyu and her bamboo rod. Frowning, he asked, “Is He Mingtang your father?”

He Xiaoyu nodded quickly, hoping that the teacher wouldn’t tell her father what happened today.

Zhou Ding asked, “What’s the real level of your Spiritual Heritage?”

Han Fei said, “It’s… Level Two, Low Quality.”

Zhou Ding said, “That’s bulls*it! He Mingtang’s daughter, you tell me.”

He Xiaoyu was also stunned. She remembered that Han Fei’s Spiritual Heritage was Level One, High Quality. Why was it Level Two now?

Did Tang Ge find any marvelous medicines for Han Fei? It was said that Spiritual Heritage was fixed the moment one was born. Han Fei’s Spiritual Heritage must’ve improved only because of certain top spiritual fruits.

He Xiaoyu nodded enviously, wishing that she had a spiritual fruit, too.

Zhou Ding frowned even harder. “Even if your body is extraordinary, your Spiritual Energy Explosion is still subpar. Do you want to live a peaceful life after pissing off so many people today? Besides, it’s not good to count on your special physical qualities. What if you lose your infinite spiritual energy and cannot cast the unbelievable Spiritual Energy Explosion?”

Han Fei nodded quickly. “You’re right, Mr. Zhou. We’ll be on our way.”

“Get lost!”

Zhou Ding took a deep breath after Han Fei and He Xiaoyu left. Such a body was truly appalling. It was a pity that Han Fei’s future achievements were limited by his Spiritual Heritage. He couldn’t be better than a grand fishing master however lucky he was.

Han Fei and He Xiaoyu left the campus gloomily. The moment they got out of the gate, they ran crazily.

Han Fei asked, “Are we going to the northern campus and the southern campus?”

He Xiaoyu shook her head while running. “No. We’re lucky to only have been kicked out. We might not be so lucky next time.”

Han Fei realized that it did make sense. They seemed too cocky in other people’s territory.

Remembering the calabash of Swallowed Spirit Soup, Han Fei asked, “How much soup do we have?”

He Xiaoyu replied, “Twenty-nine bowls in total.”

Han Fei was surprised. “Huh? Only twenty-nine bowls? I felt that I beat plenty of them.”

He Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. You beat plenty of them? It’s more like you tricked plenty of them. Only the last battle was real, and he learned Spiritual Energy Explosion from it.

However, He Xiaoyu did not intend to tell Han Fei anything. Her father told her not to consider the technique until she was above level seven.

In a corner, Han Fei and He Xiaoyu split the soup. Han Fei got twenty bowls of it. He was the one doing the fights anyway. However, since Zhou Ding let go of them easily probably for He Xiaoyu’s father’s sake, Han Fei gave more soup to He Xiaoyu.

Halfway through it, Han Fei was full. He took a rest and asked, “He Xiaoyu, what’s Spiritual Energy Explosion? I felt that it was beyond my control just now. If Mr. Zhou hadn’t taken action, there might’ve been dire consequences.”

He Xiaoyu asked, “How much spiritual energy did you just gather?”

Han Fei said, “Seventy, or eighty.”


He Xiaoyu spat out the soup and looked at Han Fei in shock.

“How much?”

Seeing He Xiaoyu’s reaction, Han Fei scratched his head awkwardly. “Is it too much?”

He Xiaoyu eyed Han Fei as if he were a lunatic. You’re only a level-six! How much spiritual energy can you possibly have? Isn’t it crazy to concentrate half of your spiritual energy for a battle?

He Xiaoyu asked, “Did you know how much spiritual energy Chen Cai used just now?”

Han Fei asked, “How much?”

He Xiaoyu said, “No more than twenty-five points.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. “Are you serious? Twenty-five points are already so powerful? Then, wouldn’t eighty points have blown my enemy up instantly?”

He Xiaoyu said, “Although it appeared that you picked up Spiritual Energy Explosion, you couldn’t control it at all, so you could’ve only overwhelmed your enemy with spiritual energy even if you launched the attack.”

Han Fei grew interested. “How can I control it? Teach me for the nine bowls of soup I gave you.”

He Xiaoyu said, “Why don’t you wait until level seven? Spiritual Energy Explosion is barely useful at level six. My father said that the spiritual energy is not sufficient and pure in level six, and that after level seven, fishers would gain control over their spiritual energy. This skill won’t be practical until then.”

Han Fei commented, “Huh? It has such a high requirement?”

He recalled Chen Cai’s performance just now. The man almost knocked him out with one attack. It was a major shock for him.

Han Fei suddenly said, “That doesn’t sound right! I defeated level-sevens before. You witnessed it. That guy from Class One did not burst out his spiritual energy.”

He Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. “How can you cast Spiritual Energy Explosion on your classmate? If he lost control of it during the attack, you might’ve been killed.”

Han Fei suddenly said to He Xiaoyu, “Xiaoyu, someone tried to murder me.”

He Xiaoyu: “???”

Han Fei said, “I suspect that someone tried to murder me. I was at sea for five days because my boat was damaged…”

He told the whole story and gazed at He Xiaoyu. “Why don’t you teach me the technique? I’ll give you the rest of the Swallowed Spirit Soup.”

He Xiaoyu was rendered speechless by the reluctance on Han Fei’s face. You earned the Swallowed Spirit Soup for nothing, and you want to exchange it for a technique?

She said, “I’m incapable of it. My father didn’t teach me.”

Han Fei remarked, “Why did your father teach you nothing? Are you sure that you are his daughter?”

He Xiaoyu immediately poked Han Fei with the bamboo rod.

“Of course I’m his daughter! You don’t believe me?”

Han Fei shouted, “Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Stop!”

Han Fei, angry that the girl was too meek, scolded He Xiaoyu and gave He Xiaoyu quite a shock.

Han Fei said, “Just because your father didn’t teach you doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. Do you not want to be an expert? If you have access to it, I can give you a treasure for it.”

Han Fei thought that He Xiaoyu would ask him what the treasure was.

However, He Xiaoyu simply pouted her lips and said, “You yelled at me! You’re mean!”

Han Fei: “???”

Realizing that the situation wouldn’t get any better soon, he simply focused on the Swallowed Spirit Soup.

He Xiaoyu murmured, “You yelled at me! You want me to steal things? You don’t believe what my father said? Why are you so mean?”

Han Fei couldn’t drink the soup anymore. He took out a bottle and said, “Let’s make an exchange.”

He Xiaoyu’s anger immediately changed. Her eyes wide, she asked, “This is… the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid?”

He Xiaoyu gasped. The Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid was made of the brains of the iron-head fish. It was said that dozens of mature iron-head fish were needed to make a small bottle of such fluid.

He Xiaoyu reached her hand out for it.

Han Fei hurried to withdraw his hand. “About Spiritual Energy Explosion…”

He Xiaoyu sniffed and glared at Han Fei, before she said, “I’m truly incapable of it, but in fact, Spiritual Energy Explosion is all about your control over your own spiritual energy. If you can control it well, Spiritual Energy Explosion will be simple.”

Han Fei asked, “How can I control it?”

He Xiaoyu said, “I don’t know much about it. You have to use spiritual energy more often, like in fishing. One bottle of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid is far from enough for you to get the knowledge of Spiritual Energy Explosion. Besides, you have only half a bottle.”

Han Fei was tempted. While the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid was also a treasure, it couldn’t compare to Spiritual Energy Explosion. He must have the technique that could save his life!

Han Fei said seductively, “He Xiaoyu, aren’t we good friends?”

He Xiaoyu said warily, “No, we are not.”

Han Fei said, “If we are not, why are you here to challenge them with me? If your father learns of that, tsk, tsk, tsk…”

He Xiaoyu said, “I… I’m just passing by… Fine, what do you want?”

Han Fei said, “What about a copy of the notes on the control of spiritual energy? I’ll definitely share with you if I find good stuff.”


Han Fei proposed, “He Xiaoyu, the Fishing Trial is going to start soon, and it doesn’t matter who your father is in the test. Why don’t I give you a Spirit Refilling Pill?”

“You have a Spirit Refilling Pill?” He Xiaoyu exclaimed in shock.

Han Fei asked, “How does that sound?”

He Xiaoyu hesitated. “But…”

Han Fei said, “All right, I know what you mean. I’ll give you two.”

He Xiaoyu said, “No, my father…”

Han Fei said, “Three, and that’s my best offer. You must know that a Spirit Refilling Pill is worth two mid-quality pearls!”

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