God of Fishing

Chapter 2832 - 2832 Luo Xiaobai's First War (4)

2832 Luo Xiaobai’s First War (4)

The strong masters of the human race were all shocked. Is this their war commander? Such a way of appearance really caught them by surprise.

People didn’t know much about Liu Qiansi, but it didn’t mean that no one knew him. When these people saw that it was a Monarch who personally took action, they knew that the human race would definitely win this battle.

Although Liu Qiansi had been staying around Han Fei and didn’t seem to cultivate much, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t strong. It was just that Han Fei’s strength completely covered up his brilliance.

At this moment, Liu Qiansi unexpectedly pierced through the 203 people of the City of Origin on the spot as if it were a game.

An Liudao went crazy. It was not because there were too many people killed on his side, but because he was shocked to find that the human race had one more Monarch the moment Liu Qiansi showed up.

“God’s Arrival Technique.”

A few of the strong masters in the City of Origin began to use the God’s Arrival Technique. Although their God’s Arrival Technique was no longer effective because of the disappearance of their Great Monarch, they had no choice but to try it when faced with a Monarch-realm strong master. Unfortunately, in the end, no powerful force fell on them.

The God’s Arrival Technique was to borrow the power of the strong. When An Tianming was still here, as a Great Monarch-level powerhouses, he could indeed lend power to them. But now, An Tianming had died, and the strongest person in the City of Origin was only the puppet An Bailin. An Bailin had even sacrificed himself, so how could he lend them power?

Those who performed the God’s Arrival Technique became Liu Qiansi’s second target.

The billions of hairs intertwined in the void. In the past, in the Storm Quicksand Sea, Liu Qiansi had controlled and killed countless mine demons with this move. At this moment, it was no exception. In the blink of an eye, more than 30 people were pierced through. Even if they had Soul Suppressing Godly Weapons, it was useless. While Liu Qiansi controlled her power to restrain them, Luo Xiaobai had already summoned spiritual plants in their bodies to devour their Qi and blood.

The Soul Suppressing Godly Weapon could only suppress souls, but the destruction of the body was extremely dangerous in such a battle.

Besides, the City of Origin was not like the Lava Giants. It was impossible for every one of the hundreds of thousands of Sky Openers to have a Soul Suppressing Godly Weapon. Otherwise, how many godly weapons would the City of Origin have?

Therefore, in this round of attacks by Liu Qiansi, 238 people were pierced and 213 people had their Star Beads shattered and died on the spot. The remaining people only held on for a while longer.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Human Sky Openers, listen up. Kill all the heavily injured cultivators of the City of Origin.”

Hearing that, the human cultivators all roared, “Brothers, kill them!”

“Kill! Whoever offends our human race must be killed!”

Just now, they thought that they were doomed today, but who knew that the tables would turn so quickly? This newly-appointed war commander not only lured the enemy in and caught the City of Origin off guard, but also showed them the ability of a war commander!

The only thing they didn’t understand was why didn’t the Monarch fight at the very beginning if he would attack anyway?

Seeing this, An Liudao knew that it was impossible for his sneak attack to succeed, but he had to tell the others that a second Monarch had appeared in the human race.

“Everyone, retreat. Whoever escapes must inform our city of the news that the human race has a second Monarch.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

After all, they were all in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm or perfected Star Transformation Realm. Liu Qiansi could kill more than 200 people with a sneak attack, but in a head-on battle, it was almost impossible to kill more than 300 strong masters of this level. Although a Dao Prover was strong, it wasn’t that strong.

Therefore, about 580 of the nearly 600 people quickly retreated.

Liu Qiansi shouted, “Don’t run… Hey, why am I the only one attacking? If Master is here, none of them can escape.”

Luo Xiaobai just said calmly, “If he were here, I’m afraid we wouldn’t even have been able to find a piece of wreckage. Go after them. Someone will cooperate with you.”

“Cooperate with me?”

Just as Liu Qiansi was full of doubts, darkness gradually enveloped the rear of the human race.

The fleeing cultivators of the City of Origin all disappeared into the darkness.


Accompanied by a shrill scream, none of the cultivators of the City of Origin who were enveloped in the darkness could come out.

An Liudao’s face changed in shock. “That’s impossible. Why would the undead be here?”

“Puff ~”

An Liudao lowered his head in confusion, only to see a white bone extending out of his chest. He felt that his infinite vitality seemed to have been extracted by someone at once. Then, a creepy voice rang in his ears, “Hehehe… this is just the beginning.”

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