God of Fishing

Chapter 2831 - 2831 Luo Xiaobai's First War (3)

2831 Luo Xiaobai’s First War (3)

Yu Jiaojiao asked, “Then what should we do now?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Speed is important in war. An Liudao knows this well. Wait for half an hour…”

Lu Xuan and Yu Jiaojiao looked at each other. Back then, they were convinced by Luo Xiaobai’s powerful logical ability and talent for wisdom. They had thought that the three million people in the demon plant fortress were enough for Luo Xiaobai to lead.

But now it seemed that the demon plant fortress might be nothing to Luo Xiaobai. This battlefield of the human race might be where Luo Xiaobai could give a full play to her strength.

After half an hour.

In the rear command center of the human race, a total of 403 people were cultivating here, and Luo Xiaobai didn’t count in those supervising the battle on the front line.


Suddenly, outside the human race’s headquarters, the void trembled, and the overwhelming pressure of various Great Daos shook the world. Led by An Liudao, 832 cultivators in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm or perfected Star Transformation Realm suddenly appeared here.

The human race naturally noticed their blatant attack the moment they appeared. For a moment, all the Sky Openers here were on guard.

There were hundreds of thousands of Sea Establishers and tens of millions of Venerables in the headquarters in addition to them…

“Not good! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“The people in the City of Origin are crazy. They are going to officially declare war.”


Immediately, a large array was activated in the human headquarters. However, An Liudao didn’t seem to care. He said, “You should know that this kind of energy array can’t withstand a strong attack.”

He raised his hand, and 832 people from the City of Origin attacked at the same time. These were all in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm and perfected Star Transformation Realm, and even half of them were in the perfected Star Transformation Realm. Therefore, when these more than 800 people attacked together, their strength was terrifying. After only one round of impact, the human race’s protective array dimmed.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

For a moment, the 64 Sky Openers in charge of guarding the array spat out their essence blood. They were seriously injured by this terrifying counterforce.

“Think of a way to escape!”

“You must go back alive and report this matter to the Human Emperor.”

“Nonsense. If we die, no one needs to inform Master Human Emperor. He’ll find out soon. Let Master Hong Yue escape with his men.”

“Hey, b*stards from the City of Origin, come on! Do you think I’m afraid of you? I might die today, but you’ll have to come to accompany me tomorrow.”

“Master Human Emperor will avenge us. You idiots have no idea what you’re doing.”

“Come on! How can we humans be afraid of death?”

An Liudao was indifferent. As a general, he had already made a decision and couldn’t change his mind now. Even if he changed his mind now, he had completely offended the human race and there was no possibility of reconciliation.

Therefore, An Liudao roared, “Break the array now!”

Just as the cultivators of the City of Origin were about to break the array, a woman in white walked out of the human command center calmly.

Even Hong Yue stood behind this woman, not daring to cross at all, not even walking side by side with her.

“Master Hong Yue, run!”

“Huh? Who is this?”

“The war commander?”

“Ah! Wasn’t it said that the commander wouldn’t come to the front line until tomorrow? Why is it today…”

The moment An Liudao saw Luo Xiaobai, his heart trembled. How could it be? This woman was the war commander of the human race? Then who was the person besieged by An Mo and the others?

“We’ve been tricked?”

An Liudao reacted very quickly. He immediately scanned his surroundings with his perception, but he didn’t find anything unusual!

An Liudao sneered. “Are you bluffing? Your war commander is besieged on the road at this moment. Do you think you can trick me?”

Luo Xiaobai slowly opened her mouth and said indifferently as if introducing the battle situation, “In war, you have to know how to cheat. If you are capable, you have to pretend to be incapable. If you want to take action, you have to pretend not to take action. When approaching the enemy, you have to make the enemy feel that you are very far away. When you are far away from the enemy, you have to make the enemy feel that you are very close. Among battle formations, the necessary disguise can make the enemy hallucinate and make a wrong judgment. As the saying goes, all is fair in war… As a commander, you are actually very ordinary. Attack! Kill all of them.”

The human cultivators: “???”

The cultivators of the City of Origin: “???”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In an instant, billions of strands of hair appeared in the void, like infinite beams of light spreading out in the void. Nearly two hundred peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm and perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the City of Origin were pierced through.

“Hahaha! Watch me on a killing spree!”

Liu Qiansi stepped out of the void. Anyone who was pierced by the hair felt that something was growing in their bodies the next moment. But in the blink of an eye, the bodies of these people began to sprout. Their flesh and blood were passively resisting the power of life crazily growing.

Few of the two hundred people could dodge Liu Qiansi’s attack.

“A Monarch? You are… no, you are not the Human Emperor.”

At that moment, An Liudao was shocked. The person who came was not a strong master of the human race, but a demon plant at the Dao Proving Level. This was clearly not the Human Emperor.

Someone was shocked. “The human race has a second Monarch!”

“Not good! Disperse and evacuate now!”

However, Luo Xiaobai’s voice echoed in all directions, “Since you’re already here, why are you in a hurry to leave? Since you’ve declared war, this will be your last resting place.”

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