God of Fishing

Chapter 2833 - 2833 Victory on the Front Line (1)

2833 Victory on the Front Line (1)

Liu Qiansi was chasing dozens of people, only to see that those people were enveloped by the black fog. The screams coming one after another made Liu Qiansi’s scalp tingle.

At that moment, he saw a black-robed man sucking An Liudao into a dried corpse. More importantly, the other party was clearly stronger than him. He definitely had the strength of the Carefree Level. The black-robed man turned around and waved at him gently. “It’s been a pleasure to cooperate for the first time. Please tell the war commander of the human race that the Immortal Temple will deliver the refined stars he wants to him within ten days. As for the corpses of these people, we’ll take them away.”

Liu Qiansi said, “Ah… Okay…”

Liu Qiansi was a little scared. He watched the man in black drag An Liudao into the black fog, and then the black fog gradually dissipated. The strong masters of the City of Origin were nowhere to be seen.

Liu Qiansi shivered and quickly ran back. When he saw Luo Xiaobai, before he could say anything, Luo Xiaobai said in advance, “The people of the City of Origin have been executed. Now everyone, please lead all the human beings in the front line to participate in the battle and start a head-on battle. Within a day, I want the entire City of Origin to be crushed.”

“Ah, they were executed so easily? Those are all cultivators in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm or the perfected Star Transformation Realm.”

“Is Monarch Qiansi so powerful?”

“I never heard of his name before. The strength of a Monarch is indeed extraordinary.”

Hong Yue shouted, “Now, take the order and set off!”

Immediately, everyone agreed. “Commander, we will definitely complete the mission.”

Except for those who were still besieging the heavily injured cultivators of the City of Origin, the others immediately mobilized their troops.

For a time, voices rose and fell in the human camp.

“Assault battalion, assemble and be ready to attack!”

“Charging battalion, gather. The war has begun. Let’s go!”

“Whetstone Battalion, gather up! Hurry up…”

For a moment, all the warriors in the rear of the human race, be it Sea Establisher, Venerable, or Explorer, were mobilized. There were more than 30 million of them in total.

At this moment, Liu Qiansi came to Luo Xiaobai and said with a scared expression, “It’s terrifying. I saw infinite death energy. The people from the City of Origin were all enveloped. An Liudao was also a Dao Lock-level powerhouse, but in the blink of an eye, he turned into dried meat. Have we really cooperated with the Immortal Temple?”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Didn’t you see everything?”

Liu Qiansi said, “I just feel that these people are evil. Even if it were me, if I were enveloped by that death aura, I would probably only have a dry trunk left when I came out. And I think I heard you say that these guys are waging war everywhere. Are these really good people?”

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “There are no absolute good and bad people. The undead have their own goals when they start a war. We also have our own goals when we start a war. On a certain level, there is no conflict between us. As for the evilness of these people, it’s not our human race who should be afraid, but our enemies.”

Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai discussed cooperation with the Immortal Temple for a long time.

Originally, Luo Xiaobai didn’t know the purpose of the Immortal Temple’s war and thought that they were evil. However, when Luo Xiaobai clearly knew that the three Temples maintained uniformity in resisting the ominous, she put down her prejudice against the Immortal Temple.

Although the war waged by the Immortal Temple had caused too many people to die, in fact, not all the people who died had truly died. It was possible that they had transformed into undead creatures. Secondly, the cultivators of the myriad races who fought against the undead had gained a lot in the war, and their strength and realm had improved.

Therefore, Luo Xiaobai made a hypothesis. If there was no Immortal Temple in this world, what would the Sea Realm be like?

The answer was that the Sea Realm would fall into even crazier chaos because there were too many strong masters in the Sea Realm, and the reason why they could become strong was that they kept training, fighting, and growing.

If one wanted to continue to obtain this kind of training, he had to have a suitable whetstone and target to kill. Without the Immortal Temple, this growth might very well evolve into a conflict between the various factions, a battle between the various races, or even a war between the five Divine Realms.

After all, in the Sea Realm, many creatures could no longer be called sea demons. Everyone was one of the myriad races. Why should I be a sea demon and you are not?

Therefore, the myriad races needed an enemy, and the ominous was too far away from them, so it was unrealistic to make an enemy of the ominous. As for the Immortal Temple, they insisted on going against the myriad races and attacked and killed everywhere like a meat grinder of the myriad races. Therefore, they naturally became the myriad races’ common enemy.

From this perspective, the Sea Realm really couldn’t do without the Immortal Temple. And the Immortal Temple might not be as evil as everyone thought. It could even be said that they were shouldering the incomprehension and disdain of all races to do a great thing.

This was also the reason why Han Fei didn’t really kill Ye Qi when he first saw him.

Since the Three Temples existed, there must be a reason for their existence. Otherwise, there might have been a war between the Three Temples long ago.

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