God of Fishing

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Fight the Tentacle Lobster

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Hook Kiss was much more powerful than Immobilization.

Han Fei had studied it before. Immobilization could make people absolutely calm and steady before their spiritual energy was transmitted to the fishing line and hook. It could also weaken the line and hook’s threat for fish. However, the greatest disadvantage of Immobilization was that it would take a long time, and the fish might break off the hook at any moment.

Hook Kiss, in comparison, was much more powerful. As long as one knew a fish’s location, they would be able to cast the hook there as fast as a Snakebelt.


Han Fei tossed a big yellow fish into the fish cabin.

He mumbled, “Wait, when I cast the hook, I sensed the waves in the water down below. I think I can save some spiritual energy if I cast the hook there.”


Han Fei tossed a seventh yellow fish into the fish cabin.

The spiritual energy cost has been reduced by one point. Haha, I’m a genius.

Han Fei was very excited. The reduction might be insignificant, but as he fished more and more, he would be able to save a lot of spiritual energy.

After half a day, Han Fei used up one box of bait and filled one of the cabins with almost fifty yellow fish. Thirty of them were absorbed by him.

Seeing that his spiritual energy had been restored to 842 points, Han Fei stopped absorbing, or he wouldn’t be able to pay his fish tax.

No, I can’t catch yellow fish anymore. There’s only one box of green bait. Since it’s already night, I can consider sinking the hook three meters deep.

He caught a green turtle at first, which threw random stones at him. Han Fei tried to block them, but because he was not skilled enough, he was hit multiple times, and his face was pale.

If someone else observed him, they would’ve been shocked that he resisted the green turtle with his body instead of spiritual energy.

Han Fei knocked out the green turtle and mumbled, “This is not profitable! I spent six points of spiritual energy on Hook Kiss and had to use another eight to block the stones. I can only earn the same amount of spiritual energy by absorbing the green turtle with the Demon Purification Pot. I should try catching blade fish instead!”

Han Fei cast his hook more than five meters deep. He did not know what was out there, but anything would be fine as long as it was not a tentacle lobster.

Although the Snakebelt was fast, he could kill it by covering his body with spiritual energy. The tentacle lobster, on the other hand, was much more destructive. He would rather not encounter one.

The blade fish was much more difficult to catch than the green turtle was, or its knife couldn’t have been as precious. The blade fish took the bait much less frequently. Also, since the blade fish had only one chance to throw its knife after it left the water, the attack could be brutal, and the odds were slim that one could obtain the knife.

Last time, Han Fei was almost chopped by a knife. He would’ve been dead if the knife hadn’t deviated by chance.

It was the seventh time that Han Fei cast the hook. Han Fei sensed that a knife was passing the space down before, but he could not use Hook Kiss randomly in case the blade fish cut the fishing line. Waiting for the best moment, Han Fei shook the fishing line like a whip.

Get up!

Han Fei dragged it hard, and a dark shadow broke out of the water.


A knife darted at him like cold lightning. Han Fei was long prepared for it. The purple bamboo in his hand glowed and smashed at the knife.


The knife pierced through the deck into the cabin. Han Fei smashed the bamboo at the blade fish’s head. The blade fish was vulnerable without its knife and was killed instantly.

This is still not a good deal. The fishing cost six points of spiritual energy, the attack cost ten, but the blade fish can only give me no more than twenty points of spiritual energy. However, its knife can be traded for fifty low-quality pearls, that’s not bad.

As night fell, Han Fei caught three blade fish and three green turtles. Half of the box of baits had been used.

When he was about to fish again, he heard squeaking sounds from underneath the boat.

Han Fei immediately had goosebumps all over his body. He knew perfectly that it was a tentacle lobster.

Without any hesitation, Han Fei crawled into a fish cabin. Such lobsters were not very strong but could be very tricky. Their tentacles could attack incessantly like whips. Han Fei was very certain that he would waste a lot of spiritual energy even if he could catch a tentacle lobster. That wouldn’t be a fair deal at all.

He thought that the lobster would go, but he heard it crawling to one side of the boat from the bottom.

“Are you coming aboard?”

Han Fei was lost for words. Had it gotten on the boat even though he didn’t try to catch it?

Soon, Han Fei realized that the tentacle lobster had gotten on the boat and was crawling on the deck!

“Are you kidding me? I’m the hunter here! But I’m hiding in the cabin and you’re on the deck?”

Soon, the tentacle lobster crawled over his head and made obscure noises.

Huh? Why do I feel that it’s eating?

Han Fei waited for a while, but the sound continued.

A moment later, Han Fei heard the sound of fish being picked up from the cabin next door.

Han Fei’s face changed greatly. Was it stealing his fish?

He couldn’t have looked more awful. The green turtles and the blade fish were kept in that cabin. Even Han Fei hadn’t absorbed any of them yet, but the tentacle lobster was stealing them?

“Damn it! You’re asking to be killed!”

Han Fei lifted the cover of the cabin and jumped out, unable to hold back any longer. Do you know how difficult it was for me to catch those fish?

The tentacle lobster, caught unprepared, backed three meters away.

The lobster was more than two meters long, with two tentacles even longer than its body. More importantly, there were another two tentacles above them. Han Fei observed carefully, only to discover that it was another lobster, except that it was of a much smaller size.

Han Fei cried, “There are two of you?”

He glanced at them, and information popped up.

<Name> Tentacle Lobster

<Level> Eight

<Quality> Regular

<Spiritual Energy> 52 points

<Effect> The succulent meat of the lobster can increase spiritual power.

<Collectible> Long tentacles, which can be built into whips.


Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. He hurried to cover himself and the purple bamboo with spiritual energy.

“Get off! Put my spiritual energy… no, put my fish down!”

Han Fei saw that the smaller tentacle lobster was biting a half-meter-long blade fish.

Sensing the threat from Han Fei, the bigger tentacle lobster was infuriated and swept its tentacles.


The tentacles whipped the wall of the boat. Han Fei leaped back and smashed the purple bamboo down.

“This is outrageous! You’re bandits!”

The purple bamboo was wrapped up in the tentacles, and the smaller lobster on top seemed interested in whipping him, too.


Spiritual energy emerged from the purple bamboo, allowing him to break free from the tentacles. When the smaller tentacle lobster whipped him, Han Fei swept his bamboo and cut the tentacles with his dagger.


A tentacle was cut apart. Han Fei took the opportunity to jump on the smaller lobster’s back.


Not giving the enemy another chance to attack, he struck the smaller tentacle lobster three times in a row, hitting it into smithereens.

“Ya! Ya!”

Han Fei rolled to the deck quickly, but a tentacle was still whipped at him.


Han Fei sensed burning pain on his back. He almost passed out under the agony.


Han Fei wielded his purple bamboo and smashed at the lobsters again.


One of the lobster’s eyes was blown up. It began slapping its tentacles randomly under the pain. Han Fei seized the opportunity to hit the lobster from its back.

“You want to eat my fish? You want to eat my fish?”

Seeing another tentacle come at him, Han Fei drew his remaining four daggers and threw them.

Soon, another tentacle on the bigger lobster was broken. It struggled and tried to jump into the ocean, but how could Han Fei give it the chance? He jumped again and smashed the lobster’s head until it was deformed.

Han Fei cursed at the tentacle lobsters after they had stopped moving, “You came to steal my fish with your son? You think you can steal my fish so easily?”

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