God of Fishing

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Evolution of the Demon Purification Pot

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One couldn’t acquire any treasure without taking risks. Han Fei returned to the Ghost Blade Clam and took the pearl away.

He then came to the purple bamboo in excitement and plucked it out. It was more like a straight stick than a plant.

It was not as difficult to remove as Han Fei thought. He poured spiritual energy into his hands and used all his strength. Eventually, he was able to get it out.

The Purple Bamboo Fruit fell the moment he plucked the bamboo. Han Fei felt intoxicated. The intense fragrance of the fruit was attached to his skin through water and leaked into his body, making him sense the aroma.

However, Han Fei was too panicked to enjoy it. The smell was too intense even for him. What about other undersea fish? Besides, he had blood all over him. He already saw dozens of green crabs not far away.


Han Fei stuffed the fruit into his mouth and intended to flee.

However, the moment the Purple Bamboo Fruit entered his body, Han Fei felt like he was being boiled. His skin reddened, and he couldn’t possibly feel any hotter.

The scorching energy caused the calabash on his wrist to glow. A tremendous amount of energy escaped into his wrist.

Han Fei’s muscles tightened. He could almost hear the sound of his blood pumping.

Han Fei couldn’t move, but he saw hundreds of green crabs raising their pincers at him.

Then, with a crisp sound, Han Fei felt that he had a breakthrough, and his body’s condition was better.

The green crabs were still densely packed at this moment.

Han Fei was scared. The energy in his body was still on a rampage. Some entered his wrist, and some flowed through his body.

Although Han Fei was not in his best state, he could at least move now. Having no time to think, he cast his hook at several big black fish dozens of meters above him. The fish fled under the stimulation, dragging Han Fei upward.

After a brief while, the fish turned around and crashed into Han Fei, as if it realized that it couldn’t escape.



Han Fei almost threw up because of the collision. He couldn’t hold his breath anymore.

I have to breathe in fresh air now.

Han Fei struggled to hug the big black fish. He accidentally laid his hands on the scales, and his fingers were cut.

Go up!

Han Fei stabbed his dagger into the fish’s head. The black fish fled again at the pain, but since its head was controlled by Han Fei, it could only swim upward.

Han Fei looked back, only to see all kinds of fish chasing after him. He almost peed himself.

The black fish was very fast. After only a minute, it leaped out of the water.

Han Fei took a big breath of air. Then, he saw his boat hundreds of meters away, undamaged.

“Hyah! Hyah!”

With a dagger on its head, the black fish could not do anything except rush in the direction that Han Fei desired.

“Hurry! Hurry!”

A huge mouth bit his calf.


Han Fei cried miserably. Having no time to knock the attacker off, he focused all his attention on reining in the black fish.

When he was a hundred meters away from the boat, Han Fei cast the hook to the boat and finally pulled himself onto it.


He struck a dozen times and killed the fish that had been biting him. He then threw the fish away.

“Hu… Hu… Hu…”

Having no time to bother the blood on his calf, Han Fei lied on the boat with his limbs stretched out. That was too close. He felt it was a miracle that he survived the adventure!

Several minutes later, Han Fei sat up in excitement. He felt that his body was full of power.

Han Fei looked at his wrist. The calabash was still blinking, but nothing new was revealed. He checked the data.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Five (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 682 (159)

Spiritual Heritage: Level One, High Quality (Upgradeable)

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Stunned, Han Fei took a deep breath. Have I lost eight hundred points of spiritual energy?

He gasped loudly. If he had run out of spiritual energy, he would’ve been dead. Also, he just had a Purple Bamboo Fruit that must’ve contained tremendous spiritual energy, yet he only had less than seven hundred points of spiritual energy left?

Han Fei weighed the purple bamboo in his hand and wondered how good it was compared to the bamboo rod he previously used.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt an excruciating pain in his palm. He opened his hand, only to be shocked.

A green calabash was growing out of his body from his palm. It was delicate and slightly smaller than an apple, with a fresh leaf on top.

A real calabash?

Han Fei’s eyes widened. How did the calabash grow out? He snapped it, only to discover that the calabash seemed to have been stuck to his hand.

He put the calabash before his eyes and observed it. Suddenly, it flashed, and Han Fei found himself in a dark void surrounded by countless sophisticated characters. Right before his eyes, there were two vertical lines.

Han Fei couldn’t understand the characters, but he did recognize the two lines.


Forge the Universe.

“Refining” was the most brilliant and eye-catching world. “Forge the Universe,” in comparison, was rather lackluster. Other than them, Han Fei could see more words, but they were unorganized and beyond recognition.


Han Fei suddenly had an epiphany.

He needed 2,000 points of spiritual energy to activate the function.

Han Fei was relieved. Two thousand points was not too far-fetched for him.

Then, Han Fei looked at “Forge the Universe.” If “Refining” meant building weapons, what did “Forge the Universe” mean?

Damn it. Ten thousand points of spiritual energy? Are you robbing me?

It meant more than two hundred bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup.

Han Fei was lost for words. He had been thrilled about the Demon Purification Pot’s change after absorbing the energy of the Purple Bamboo Fruit, but it was still demanding spiritual energy.

Since he did not have enough spiritual energy, Han Fei decided to ignore it. When he opened his eyes, the calabash was already gone, but when he thought about it, it emerged again.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… Interesting. This must be an artifact. I have to keep the secret well.

Han Fei finally looked at the big yellow fish next to him.

<Name> Young Iron-head Fish

<Level> Eight

<Quality> Regular

<Spiritual Energy> 42 points

<Effect> It can increase one’s physical strength if it’s eaten over a long period of time.

<Collectible> Brains of the iron-head fish, which can accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy


An iron-head fish? Am I in a level-one fishery?

Iron-head fish usually appeared in level-one fisheries. They were dangerous and fond of crashing into people or boats. However, this iron-head fish was much smaller than what he saw before.

Under normal circumstances, one’s bones would be broken after being knocked into by this fish.

Han Fei remembered the crash in the ocean, which nearly squeezed his internal organs out.

He tapped the fish’s head with the purple bamboo.


Han Fei tapped it again with greater strength and was finally relieved after the fish head collapsed. It was indeed tough. If it were an adult, he probably would’ve been dead. Judging from the look of it, he was still in the general fishery.

Han Fei had been badly wounded, mostly by the gastric acids of the sea dragon. All his wounds were bleeding heavily.

Huh? Is it healing?

Han Fei checked the bite on his calf, only to discover that the wound was much smaller.

After another moment, the wound was even smaller, and the corrupted flesh was recuperating.

Is it because of the gallbladder? Or the Purple Bamboo Fruit?

After several minutes, Han Fei calmed down and felt that his senses were sharper. His body was also very comfortable.

An hour later, Han Fei stood up and warmed himself up, only to realize that his wounds had been half-healed. With this speed of recovery, he would return to peak condition in another two hours.

However, Han Fei became grim the next second. He had lost the coral rod, the iron rod, the turtle shell, and the sea dragon skin. He did have the pearl that he collected from the Ghost Blade Clam. Should he eat it to facilitate his recovery?

I’d better keep it for now. I should take it when my body is in better shape.

Han Fei recalled the treasures at the bottom of the ocean. The clams, the green crabs, the nail conchs, the corals…

When I reach higher levels, I’ll definitely go down there again after accumulating several thousand points of spiritual energy.

If others learned of his plan, they would think him a lunatic. Even the grand fishing master did not have thousands of points of spiritual energy! Han Fei did not know that the bones he saw at the bottom of the ocean were all fishing masters. They died simply because their spiritual energy ran out. At the bottom of the ocean, even a Snakebelt could kill a fishing master who did not have spiritual energy.

After his wounds were healed, Han Fei looked around, only to see no boats around. There were only some birds in the sky.

I’ll definitely demand an explanation from the port. How could they distribute a faulty boat to me?

However, the journey did have a silver lining. Not only had he made a breakthrough, he also acquired a purple bamboo, which was an ultimate plant!

After a brief rest, Han Fei began to fish and practice Hook Kiss again. It was indeed an amazing art that could turn him into Spider-Man at the bottom of the ocean.

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