God of Fishing

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Hook Kiss

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Can corals yield fruits? The idea popped up in Han Fei’s head but was immediately disapproved.

Han Fei swam closer and realized that something was not right. How could there be so many bones?

Yes, there were bones everywhere. Some were fish, some were turtles, and some were human.

More importantly, the human bones did not come from one person.

When he looked at the fruit on the crimson tree, Han Fei was shocked that data appeared.

<Name> Purple Bamboo

<Level> Ten

<Quality> Ultra

<Spiritual Energy> ???

<Effect> ???

<Collectible> Purple Bamboo Fruit


Purple Bamboo Fruit?

Han Fei immediately remembered the Crimson Sea Fruit that Fang Ze gave to the village leader. He didn’t see the fruit clearly, but he saw how ecstatic the village leader was. Fortunately, he had met another marvelous fruit. He wondered how it was compared to the Crimson Sea Fruit.


Han Fei calmed himself down. The bones indicated great danger. Why were those people and animals dead?

Han Fei immediately backed off. He saw the knife of a blade fish in the corals.

It must belong to the deceased. Other than the knife, Han Fei also noticed some fishing poles and iron rods.

Seeing the iron rod, Han Fei immediately drew his fishing pole.

The coral rod was for self-defense, but in a battle, it would definitely be too rough and unwieldy. The iron rod, on the other hand, would be much better.


Han Fei cast the hook out. He caught the iron rod and even tied the line on the rod. That was the difference between a Divine fishing art and a regular fishing art.

Regular fishing arts were special tricks that aimed to capture fish. Hook Kiss, on the other hand, could integrate the hook, the line, and the fishing pole and be applied to battles.

Han Fei had practiced it before but wasn’t very familiar with it yet. One of his purposes for the trip was to practice Hook Kiss. The effect of the art amazed him.

Han Fei dragged the iron rod as well as the blade fish’s knife to him.

Although there were human bones, he didn’t see any weapons. He saw several fishing poles, but they were iron ones at best. It would be a burden to carry them.

Huh? A turtle shell? The Wang family and the Tigers fought over a shell. That’s certainly good stuff.

Casting the hook and pulling, Han Fei changed his face. It weighed more than fifty kilograms!

Han Fei’s heart was bleeding. The shell was too heavy for him to carry to the surface of the ocean!

Han Fei did not dwell on it. He abandoned the shell and looked at the purple bamboo.

Han Fei was tempted. The purple bamboo was a natural material for a rod!

Han Fei wondered if he should try to grab it. But what if he did grab it, would there be any trouble?

For Han Fei, taking risks was not unusual. He made up his mind to take it.

Han Fei cast the hook at the Purple Bamboo Fruit quickly. His heart raced as the hook approached his target…


The hook reached the fruit, but at exactly the same moment, Han Fei felt that the corals trembled, and a gigantic head extended out of a hole.

<Name> Sea Dragon

<Level> Eighteen

<Quality> Rare

<Spiritual Energy> ???

<Effect> ???

<Collectible> ???


Tch… Damn it, a sea dragon? A level-eighteen rare monster? I’m so f*cked.

The sea dragon was not a real dragon but one of the strongest sea snakes. As a top-tier demonic snake, it shouldn’t be here at all.

Han Fei had no doubt that he was no match for the creature.

He immediately tried to retreat the line and run, but the fruit was not pulled to him although the line had been straightened. Seeing that it was possible to take it, Han Fei immediately gave up.

He shook the fishing pole and transmitted his power from the fishing pole to the hook. The hook instantly broke free. Han Fei cast it out again, not at the Purple Bamboo Fruit but at another cluster of corals dozens of meters away.

The sea dragon dashed out and stared at him with bloodshot eyes, as if it were interested in the small creature that was trying to steal its treasure.

Right after the sea snake came at him, Han Fei pulled the hook heavily and swooshed to the other cluster of corals.

A strange scene happened in the corals.

Han Fei cast his hook now and then, allowing him to leap from one place to another quickly, but whenever he left a place, the corals behind him would be crushed by a giant head.

Han Fei cried, Brother, I did not intend to steal your stuff. Can we talk nicely?

I’m doomed. It’s a dead end.

There were no corals ahead. He had reached where he started his exploration.

Taking a deep breath, Han Fei quickly swam to the sea anemones. However, the sea dragon was much faster than him. Seeing that it was going to bite him, Han Fei gritted his teeth and flew at the Ghost Blade Clam whose mouth was wide open.


The noise of closing teeth came into Han Fei’s ears. This place was too dangerous.

The Ghost Blade Clam’s mouth was aimed at Han Fei, as if it were waiting for Han Fei to send himself over.

The moment Han Fei approached it, he sprang and jumped over the Ghost Blade Clam.

In the next second, an enormous head bumped into the Ghost Blade Clam.

The Ghost Blade Clam would’ve been rendered speechless if it was intelligent. How can there be such a huge head? I can’t swallow it at all!

Sharp teeth emerged and bit down, only to pierce into the sea dragon’s flesh.


The sea dragon roared and crashed into a rock.


After an ear-splitting explosion, the Ghost Blade Clam fell from the sea dragon. If Han Fei had the time to look back, he would see that half of the clam’s teeth were gone and there was a hole on its shell. It was basically dead.

A green crab was watching, holding its pincers. Having no time to think, Han Fei cast the hook to the crab and threw it to the sea dragon.

The half-meter-long crab was chewed into pieces after a bite, but one of its pincers left a wound on the sea dragon’s mouth.

Han Fei was anxious. What could he do if it didn’t let go of him? He couldn’t defeat it!

Seeing the tentacles of the sea anemones that were floating in the water, Han Fei gritted his teeth.

He cast the hook to one of the tentacles. The next moment, all the tentacles began to float.

He had threats both ahead and behind.

Han Fei hurled himself to the sea anemones, where thousands of tentacles were waiting. He poured all his spiritual energy into his iron rod and slashed. Immediately, the water surged and pushed the tentacles to one side.

Exceeding his expectations, a bloody mouth enveloped him right before he fell into the sea anemones.

I’m doomed!

Han Fei could see nothing but darkness. He had been devoured. The good news was that the coral rod was stuck in the mouth of the sea dragon. As for the iron rod, he had lost it earlier.

Damn it. This is so tight…

Han Fei couldn’t move at all. The muscles of the sea dragon were constricting and moving randomly. Han Fei hadn’t been swallowed into the stomach yet, but who knew what would happen next?

He tried to hold the blade fish’s knife and cut whatever he could reach.


The sea dragon struggled hard. After only an instant, thousands of holes appeared on its body.

Han Fei wasn’t any better. Some tentacles pierced through the sea dragon and entered his body.

Demon Purification Pot, absorb now!

Han Fei thought he was done; there was no telling if the Demon Purification Pot worked. But the muscles that gripped him gradually relaxed.


Han Fei struggled hard. His body was so sore that he thought his feet had rotted into bones.

When he thought of that, Han Fei struggled and waved his dagger crazily.

A piece of meat almost fell into his mouth.

Pu… This is bitter…

Han Fei had an idea. A snake gallbladder?

The sea dragon struggled more and more weakly. Under the dual attack of the tentacles of the sea anemones and the Demon Purification Pot, it was impossible for the sea dragon to flee. It suddenly stopped jerking.

A glowing shadow cut the skin and jumped out of the creature.

Han Fei was covered in blood, but he dared not be careless and cast the hook out the moment he left the body.

He swooshed away instantly. Then, the place where he was at was filled by tentacles.

Han Fei’s heart pounded. Dozens of holes had been left on his body despite the protection of spiritual energy. In the ocean, blood could be very horrible.

Are you still hunting me? Are you still biting me?

Blood was surging out. Han Fei saw countless fish swimming over and fled quickly. The sea dragon, on the other hand, was drowned by tentacles and fish.

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