God of Fishing

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Another Fish Tide

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Han Fei felt that his back was itchy. When he touched it, he discovered, to his surprise, that his wound was already scabbing.

Huh? This doesn’t make sense! I was whipped just now, and the wound is so small?

Han Fei touched it, but the wound was gone after only one moment.


Han Fei remembered the Purple Bamboo Fruit and the dragon gallbladder. One of them must still be effective. Was the advanced healing continuous?

After the incident with the tentacle lobsters, Han Fei stopped fishing. He absorbed the remainder of the blade fish as well as the smaller tentacle lobster whose head had been blown up.

To Han Fei’s surprise, the smaller tentacle lobster provided 36 points of spiritual energy, which equaled what half a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup could offer.

The higher level a creature is, the more spiritual energy it will contain.

However, after calculation, Han Fei realized that he still suffered a loss. Filling his body with spiritual energy was a major cost in battle. He had also consumed a lot of spiritual energy to launch attacks.

Han Fei was upset. Life for an intermediate fisher on the ocean was too hard. He would rather spend all his time in school fighting other people.

It remains to be seen whether or not I can return. I should focus on cultivation.

The view at night on the ocean was still splendid with the three moons, but it was creepily quiet.

The meat of the lobsters were dug out and taken as food. Han Fei sat cross-legged on the deck and started his cultivation.

The moment he started, Han Fei sensed a stream of spiritual energy entering his body. Most was absorbed by the calabash, but it was still much more than when he was at home.

“Huh? Again? It seems that cultivating against the moons is more effective!”

Han Fei felt that he had found a great secret. Back on the island, while Void Fishing was much more effective than Soul Fishing, the difference wasn’t too huge.

However, the effect of Void Fishing on the ocean with moonlight was significantly better than that on the island. He couldn’t feel the difference when he was a level-two fisher last time, but right now, with infinite spiritual energy surging into his body, he realized how magnificent the art was.

It deserves to be called the best generic art. One day of cultivation under such intensity equals other people’s months of cultivation.

Same as last time, when Han Fei started his cultivation, waves spread out on the surface of the ocean. Fish jumped up now and then.

Perhaps because the spiritual energy Han Fei attracted was powerful but not powerful enough, the fish were gathered around him but did not go rampant.


A white fish jumped on the boat and slapped the deck in front of Han Fei.


A yellow fish landed at Han Fei’s side, slapping the deck.

Pa… Pa… Pa…

Another two white fish jumped on Han Fei’s face.

Han Fei stopped his cultivation furiously. Can’t you just stay in the water instead of slapping my face?

He kicked the fish into the cabin, but the moment he stopped the flow of his spiritual energy, dozens of fish began to hop.

Han Fei approached the edge of the boat, only to discover that green turtles and blade fish were swimming about aggressively.

After a few seconds, the ocean seemed to be boiling. Han Fei was so scared that he sat down and resumed his cultivation.

When his cultivation started again, the turmoil died down.

Han Fei finally discovered that those fish were making use of the spiritual energy that he attracted for his cultivation. He felt that such a way of cultivation was truly dangerous.

More and more fish were gathered here. Whenever Han Fei stopped, a riot seemed to happen. He was too scared to stop.

Finally, the moons fell, and the first light of the morning glowed from the horizon.

Same as last time, Han Fei trembled because of the excruciating pain in his wrist. The calabash radiated and was ignited for three seconds. Han Fei had to stop his cultivation after his hand was set on fire.

This time, Han Fei was smart enough to jump into one of the cabins and close it.

As expected, thousands of fish jumped and splashed water in the next moment.

Blade fish, green turtles, tentacle lobsters, Snakebelts, yellow fish… There was even a meat tortoise, except that it was too heavy to jump on the boat.

The ocean was dyed red by blood for a moment. Too many big fish were falling on the deck. Some of the green turtles were so heavy that the boat was shaking and creaking. Han Fei even suspected that the boat would fall apart.

Han Fei was certain that he would be skinned by the fish if he were to go out at this moment.



After several minutes, the noises were finally over.

Han Fei finally opened the cabin carefully. He saw a mountain of broken bodies on the deck. Some living fish were still struggling and catching their last breath.

Han Fei looked at the fish in delight. They were not broken bodies but spiritual energy in his eyes. The refining function in his Demon Purification Pot required 2,000 points of spiritual energy, and Forge the Universe required 10,000. He could easily activate them after spending half a month on the ocean.

That being said, Han Fei still investigated all the fish cabins carefully. He didn’t find any Snakebelts, but he did find a black ball, to his surprise.

The black ball was rolling inside a fish cabin.

<Name> Ball Fish

<Level> Ten

<Quality> Regular

<Spiritual Energy> 290 points

<Effect> The heart of the ball fish is as sweet as sugar and can increase the speed of recovery.

<Collectible> Fish splinters, which can be used as a weapon.


Two hundred and ninety points of spiritual energy?

According to his memory, the ball fish were a special fish in the level-one fishery. They were easy to catch, but they could shoot splinters in all directions when they were in danger. If they ran loose, new splinters would grow out in a couple of days. Few creatures wanted to mess with them.

Most people would rather not catch them because they could turn those people into pincushions. More importantly, the fish did not have much meat. Their only advantage was their heart, that could increase the speed of recovery.

Han Fei gasped aloud. “Have I come to a level-one fishery?”

He thought for a moment and decided to leave the ball fish alone for now. He closed the cabin and then absorbed the broken bodies crazily.

An hour later, all the fish cabins were cleaned up except for those where the yellow fish and the ball fish were kept. Han Fei’s spiritual energy increased to 2,584 points. This was certainly a fruitful trip.

Han Fei thought for a moment and made up his mind to kill the ball fish so that he could try refining. He had five knives and a purple bamboo, and he’d better make the best use of them.

Han Fei kicked the cover of the cabin and stepped back in a hurry. Next second, three black splinters were shot to the ceiling.

So brutal?

Han Fei extended his fishing pole and stirred the water. Then, black splinters darted to the ceiling nonstop.

Han Fei said, “Hey, you’re too silly. What can you do after you run out of splinters?”

Han Fei stirred for a long time, until there were no splinters shooting out. He then stirred with the purple bamboo. After five minutes, another few splinters came out.

“Is that all?”

A few minutes later, Han Fei picked up a soft, slippery dark ball.

Han Fei stabbed into it without hesitation. With its gas leaking out, the fish became a big skin after a few seconds.

Huh? This thing can be made into a bag.

Han Fei cut the heart of the ball fish. It was white and a little bit hard. Was it really worth 290 points of spiritual energy? He touched it and sensed spiritual energy flowing out.

Naturally, Han Fei wasted no time throwing it into his mouth. It was better for him to take it than to give it to the Demon Purification Pot.

After he took it, Han Fei sensed that his spiritual energy was much higher. He checked it and found it to be 2,856 points. Han Fei was rather surprised. Shouldn’t there be more since he had taken it orally? Was it because the ball fish had lost all the splinters? That must be the reason.

Han Fei did not know that the heart of a ball fish could be sold for three mid-quality pearls. If he had known, he would probably die before he took it.

Besides, few people took the heart orally. If the heart was used as an ingredient to make drugs, its effect would be more than doubled.

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