God Emperor

Chapter 94

Chapter 94: The Fourth Prince

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Zhang Ruochen just walked out of Yellow No. 1 and saw Duanxingxing in blue-colored clothes.

He looked a little shocked and greeted her, “Ruochen greets senior sister apprentice Duanmu!”

Duanmu Xingling was surprised when she saw him walking out from the hall. Her beautiful eyes couldn’t stop blinking. “How are you still alive?” She exclaimed.

Zhang Ruochen looked fairly confused. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Why didn’t Sister Chen kill you?” asked Duanmu Xingling.

The question frustrated Zhang Ruochen even more. “Why did she want to kill me? Wait… How did you know she wants to kill me?”

Duanmu Xingling acted as if she had done something wrong and tried to cover it up. She narrowed her eyes with a smile and said, “No… Nothing. I’m just guessing.”

Duanmu Xingling was unhappy and untruthful. Were the bad things that I did last night have been discovered? Duanmu Xingling looked rather upset. She wondered if they had figured out what she did last night.

Afterward, she took a closer look at Zhang Ruochen from head to toes. She asked again, “Is sister Chen still in there?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “There was some misunderstanding between us last night. She is badly injured now. You should go see her!”

“How could she be injured?” Duanmu Xingling exclaimed.

In her mind, Zhang Ruochen should be the one who got injured last night!

Duanmu Xingling didn’t bother to listen to Zhang Ruochen’s explanation. She turned into a shadow and rushed to Yellow No.1 within a second.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and walked out of Dragon Martial Temple.

When his first stepped out of he palace, there was a massive noise.

“Look, look! Zhang Ruochen is walking out of the palace!”

“He… he is not injured or wounded!”

“He didn’t have his legs broken?”

“This is impossible! He must be suffering from an internal injury. Perhaps his cultivation has already been destroyed!”

“I guess he’s been castrated!”

In the past hundreds of years, none of the male students who entered Dragon Martial Temple would be able to come out without getting hurt.

Therefore, the external students had been waiting outside Dragon Martial Temple since last night, to see how he made a fool of himself.

Yet, when Zhang Ruochen came out intact and stood in front of everyone, no one could believe it.

More than a dozen practitioners in the Yunwu County immediately greeted and Liu Fengfeng squeezed out from the crowd and asked, “His Highness the Prince Nine, you did not suffer from internal injuries?” Tens of students from the Yunwu Commandery ran and welcomed Zhang Ruochen. Liu Chengfeng squeezed out from the crowd and asked, “Your Majesty, you didn’t suffer from any internal injury, did you?”

“No!” Zhang Ruochen shook his head. “No, I didn’t.” Zhang Ruochen shook his head and responded.

Liu Chengfeng continued, “Did you encounter the three devils last night?”

Zhang Ruochen answered, “Well, I did come across one of them.”

“Which one?” Liu Chengfeng asked sincerely.

“Huang Yanchen.” Zhang Ruochen replied.

Hearing this name, students who gathered together in the distance took a deep breath.

Liu Chengfeng’s countenance changed. He said, “Two years ago, Yuchi Tiancong, the number one freshman had both of his legs snapped and was thrown out of Dragon Martial Temple. How come she didn’t do anything to you?”

Zhang Ruochen stopped and thought about what happened last night. He thought he shouldn’t tell others about it, and said, “I’ll tell you what happened in private!”

Zhang Ruochen and Liu Chengfeng passed through the crowd and went to a quiet walkway.

Out of curiosity, Liu Chengfeng asked again, “Huang Yanchen is a well-known female devil of the Western Yard. No one comes to a good ending after offending her. Are you sure she didn’t harm you?”

Zhang Ruochen’s countenance changed and said, “I have to say, she set a trap and wanted to hurt me!”

Liu Chengfeng looked worried and asked, “What kind of trap?”

“Something similar to what Yuchi Tiancong had suffered.”

“What do you mean?”

Zhang Ruochen responded. “She was bathing in the tub and I saw her!”

Liu Chengfeng widened his mouth. He was very shocked at what Zhang Ruochen had said, “how much have you see?”

“Pretty much everything, I guess…” Zhang Ruochen gasped.

Liu Chengfeng touched Zhang Ruochen’s entire body to make sure he was saying the truth and that he was completely fine. He asked again, “Bear in mind that Yuchi Tiancong didn’t see anything two years ago but he got his legs broken. Yet, you saw her naked… Do you think she’ll just let you go like this?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “It’s not really a big deal. She admitted that she made a mistake so I’ve forgiven her.”

“What? You forgave her?” Liu Chengfeng was astonished.

No words could explain how much Liu Chengfeng admire Zhang Ruochen for being able to force a devil to acknowledge her fault. Thus, he found Zhang Ruochen more mysterious than ever.

Zhang Ruochen said, “You’d better not tell anyone what happened. Since she has admitted her fault, I can’t ruin her reputation!”

“Right! Reputation is the most important for women!” Liu Chengfeng nodded and exclaimed. “Don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me!”

“Great! I’ll head off to Zi Qian.”

Zhang Ruochen crossed his arms behind his back and walked towards Zi Qian’s room.

He didn’t plan to stay long. He just wanted to return the 2,000 Spiritual Crystals to her before heading back to Dragon Martial Temple.

He decided to seclude himself to practice for a while, and hoped to have a breakthrough to reach the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm as soon as possible.


Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen’s ears shivered slightly. He heard a sharp wind-breaking sound close to him. He quickly retreated two meters as he thought something dangerous was coming in.

A jade-white long spear dashed above Zhang Ruochen’s head and struck on where he was standing a second ago.


The force of the long spear was powerful. It shook and cracked the ground open.

Zhang Ruochen gave a stern face and asked, “Who is this?”

A group of students in white robe walked out from the woods. More than 20 of them surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

There were both freshmen and older students.

Every one of them was wearing a creepy smile and looked at Zhang Ruochen as if he was a dead man.

Feng Zhilin appeared from among the 20-year-old students. He picked up the long spear that stuck to the ground, shook his arm and transferred his Genuine Qi to the spear.

With fierce eyes, he sneered. “You’re Zhang Ruochen?”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the students around him and his face didn’t show the slightest bit of fear. He replied. “Yes, I am Zhang Ruochen!”

“Do you have any idea who I am?” Feng Zhilin asked.

Zhang Ruochen surely knew who Feng Zhilin was as he saw him at Omen Ridge before. He responded. “You’re Feng Zhilin, God’s favored son of Square Commandery.”

“Haha! Since you know my name, you should have known that Feng Zhiyi is my brother, the one you killed in Omen Ridge. I guess you don’t have any problems if I kill you now, do you?” said Feng Zhilin with anger.

One of the students who stood beside Feng Zhilin sneered and said, “An eye for an eye. We have to take revenge for what happened, and even the presbyters of the school will not able to intervene!”

Another student added, “Zhang Ruochen, this is your destiny. Fight with elder brother Feng if you dare!”

In the distance, a student from the Yunwu Commandery passed by. Noticing that more than 20 students were surrounding Zhang Ruochen, he rushed towards the crowd and said in a deep voice, “Feng Zhilin, don’t go too far. My ninth brother has only cultivated to the Mid Stage while you’re already in the Final State of the Black Realm. If he fights with you, death will be his only way out!”

Zhang Ruochen was shocked. He couldn’t believe that there was someone who spoke up for him at this moment.

He turned around and looked at the person who just spoke. He was as chubby as a ball that weighed 300 pounds.

“He just called me his ninth brother. Is he Zhang Shaochu , the fourth son of the Yunwu Commandery Prince?” Zhang Ruochen wondered.

Zhang Shaochu enrolled in the School of the Martial Market last year.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the fat man in front of him. His figure didn’t look like he was the Fourth Prince of the Yunwu Commandery.

Most of the princes Zhang Ruochen met were handsome and graceful. None of them looked as fat as Zhang Shaochu.

Yet, other princes didn’t leave Zhang Ruochen a good impression, but the Fourth Prince did. After all, it took a lot of courage to speak up for him at such a dangerous moment.

In fact, Zhang Shaochu used to be very close with the feeble Ninth Prince. Yesterday when he knew that Zhang Ruochen became the No.1 freshman of the year, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep the entire night.

Early this morning, he planned to visit his outstanding brother.

While he was on his way to meeting Zhang Ruochen, he realized that Feng Zhilin had led more than 20 students to surround Zhang Ruochen, and they kept yelling at him.

Being his elder brother, Zhang Shaochu couldn’t sit there and them bully his little brother. So he squeezed out from the crowd, wanting to protect Zhang Ruochen.

Feng Zhilin glanced at Zhang Shaochu. He exposed a disdained look and giggled, “Piggy Zhang, you do love being punched, don’t you? Let me tell you, no one can save Zhang Ruochen today, he must die! I’m not going to deal with you now, get out of my way!”

Zhang Shaochu was so irritated that his face turned red. Normally, he didn’t dare to provoke Feng Zhilin. When he saw that the one who was being bullied was his ninth brother Zhang Ruochen, he took courage and said loudly, “I’m Zhang Shaochu, not piggy Zhang!”


The 20 students all burst into laughter.

Feng Zhilin also sneered and said, “How can you say you’re not a pig? You are fatter than a pig!”

“The prince of the Yunwu Commandery is a pig! I guess his mother has slept with a pig and now we have a piggy Zhang here!” A warrior from the Square Commandery laughed recklessly.

They knew Zhang Shaochu too well. Although he was a prince, people always bullied him with offensive words and punched him. They even peed on his head, but sadly he didn’t dare to fight back.

The warrior of the Square Commandery widened his legs and chuckled. “Piggy Zhang, come over here! If you crawl under my crotch in front of your brother, I’ll let you go. Otherwise, you clearly know what is going to happen!”

Zhang Shaochu had tolerated them for the entire year and he suffered enough. He yelled. “Nie Xuan, I’ve had enough with all the humiliation! Bring it on!”

Zhang Shaochu completely exploded. His chubby body became even bigger after activating Genuine Qi in his body. He stuck out a palm towards Nie Xuan.

With a cultivation at the Dawn State of the Black Realm, Zhang Shaochu was surely not a weak warrior.

Nie Xuan sneered. He stretched out his arm and caught Zhang Shaochu’s arm with one hand, and struck him hard on his chest with the other hand.

It was known that Nie Xuan had cultivated to the Medium State of the Black Realm, and Zhang Shaochu was not his opponent.


Zhang Shaochu spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was sent flying.

Yet, Nie Xuan didn’t want to let Zhang Shaochu go. He smirked and said, “Since you want to stand out, I’ll satisfy you. I’ll let you know what your fate is going to be!”

Nie Xuan quickly dashed forward. He threw Zhang Shaochu up to the sky, grabbed his arms and released three punches in a row.




Zhang Shaochu spat blood after each punch and fell to the ground heavily.

Nie Xuan stepped one foot on Zhang Shaochu’s head and chuckled. “Somebody come over and hit this fatty’s legs until they’re broken. Take off all his clothes and throw him into the savage beast septic tank. See if he still dares to stand out in the future!”

Looking at Zhang Shaochu whose face was covered with blood, Zhang Ruochen was filled with extreme anger. He grasped his fist firmly with red eyes and shouted. “Nie Xuan, I’ll destroy you!”

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