God Emperor

Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Who is the Devil?

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“It seems that she is seriously injured!”

Zhang Ruochen’s finger lightly pressed on Huang Yanchen’s wrist, and he sent a trickle of Genuine Qi into her Meridians. Her body’s Genuine Qi made one large circle of vital energy.

Using Genuine Qi to check for body injuries was common for warriors.

“She is a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm. Her Genuine Qi is very rich and strong. How could she be so heavily injured?”

After inspecting Huang Yanchen’s injury, Zhang Ruochen realized he had struck too hard. He had broken three of the Meridians in Huang Yanchen’s body.

At that time, Zhang Ruochen did not expect that she would be completely defenseless, so he struck her with all his force.

“Since she tried to entrap me on purpose, why was she not prepared? Has there been a misunderstanding?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyebrows drew tightly together. He looked at Huang Yanchen lying on the ground and shook his head lightly. He removed a bottle of Meridian healing Pills from the Time and Space Spinel and took out a Pill, feeding it gently into Huang Yanchen’s mouth.

It had to be said, Huang Yanchen was truly beautiful. In particular, her luscious red mouth was absolutely flawless. It seemed to be filled with endless allure, making others want to kiss it.

Although Huang Yanchen, Duanmu Xingling, and Luo Shuihan were the three devils of Western Campus, they were also the three beauties. It was as if God had blessed them with all the advantages.

Not only were they given talent in practicing martial arts, they were also given unparalleled beauty.

Countless students in Western Campus had dreamed of kissing Huang Yanchen, but unfortunately, none had the nerve to do it.

Right now, the opportunity was in front of him. Zhang Ruochen only needed to lower his head slightly, and he would be able to steal Huang Yanchen’s first kiss.

Zhang Ruochen was not one to take advantage of such a situation, and he quickly averted his gaze. He pressed one hand against Huang Yanchen’s back and pushed his Pure Jade Genuine Qi into her body, helping her absorb the Pill.

The next day, when Huang Yanchen woke up, she found herself lying on her familiar bed. Her whole body ached, and even moving one finger was difficult.

What on earth happened last night?

She thought hard about it.

Slowly, Huang Yanchen began to remember the events of last night.

Last night, while she was bathing, she was peeked at by the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery, Zhang Ruochen. Being peeked at was already bad enough, but the pervert even attacked her and caused her to blackout… wait, that pervert couldn’t have gotten ideas after seeing her and did something unspeakable to her while she passed out, could he?

Otherwise, why would that pervert peek at her while she was in the bath and then attack her?

It must be because he had ideas about her.

Having reached this point in her thoughts, Huang Yanchen’s face instantly paled.

“Why am I on the bed? Whose clothes am I wearing?”

Huang Yanchen’s mind became blank. Having suffered the worst blow in her life, she almost fainted again. If she wasn’t already heavily injured, she would kill Zhang Ruochen.

She raised her head in pain and saw that Zhang Ruochen was just sitting in the room. With his back towards her, he seemed to be counting something.

The most unbearable thing for Huang Yanchen was that Zhang Ruochen was only wearing an inner robe, while his outer robe was on her.

There was no need for guessing. He must have already done what he wanted to do.

Huang Yanchen’s last hope died, and a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. She felt very regretful. If she knew what it was going to be like, she would have gotten rid of him the first time she met him.

After Zhang Ruochen used his Genuine Qi to heal Huang Yanchen and saw that her condition was stable, he picked her up and moved her into the room. Placing her on the bed, he let her recover in peace.

It must be noted, at the time, Huang Yachen was not wearing anything while taking a bath. Zhang Ruochen was not a lowly person, so once his emotions had stabilized, he took off his outer robe and laid it over her body.

It was because of this that there was such a misunderstanding.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was naturally taking stock of all the Spiritual Crystals, silver coins, Genuine Martial Arms, Pills, Spiritual Brawn, Exercise manuals, and martial technique instructions he had picked up from the warriors of Square Commandery.

It was certainly a bountiful harvest!

It must be noted, all 98 warriors who had died at Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian’s hands were each young prodigies. They were talented Martial Artists of the Black Realm and all had plenty of resources for practice.

Of course, most of the people had been killed by Zi Qian.

After taking stock, the bounty this time surprised Zhang Ruochen greatly.

2,483 Spiritual Crystals.

174 Genuine Martial Arms. Among them, 21 were second level Arms, 107 were third level Arms, 45 were fourth level Arms, and there was even one fifth level Genuine Martial Arms.

There were 368 bottles of Pills, Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pills, Congealing Blood Pills, Saint Stone Pill… and all sorts of other Pills. Among them, they were mostly second-class Pills, although there were a dozen bottles of third-class Pills. Furthermore, the Blood Pills that the warriors carried haven’t been included yet.

There was a total of 48 pounds of Spiritual Brawn. All were stored in jade containers.

Other than these, there were a dozen manuals for exercises and martial technique. As all of them were Human Stage ones, Zhang Ruochen did not consider them worthwhile at all.

Compared to the other Practice resources, these warriors carried little in terms of silver coins. Altogether there were only 30,000 silver coins. It was not to say the warriors were poor, but that the warriors had exchanged the silver for Spiritual Crystals and Blood Pills, making it easier to carry around.

“It’s unbelievable how many resources we collected. There’s plenty to use for a long time. No wonder Zi Qian was adamant about hunting down warriors from Square Commandery in Omen Ridge. This is an amazing deal! If we missed this opportunity, it would be difficult to come across it again.”

The 2,483 Spiritual Crystals were equivalent to 2,483,000 silver coins. That was roughly the fortune of a seventh-class family.

The 174 Genuine Martial Arms could sell for at least 3,000,000 silver coins.

Hundreds of bottles of Pills, huge quantities of Blood Pills, dozens of pounds of Spiritual Brawn, and dozens of books of exercises and martial techniques added together could sell for millions of silver coins.

The bounty from the killing of the warriors of Square Commandery was incredible. The amount of wealth in Zhang Ruochen’s hands was comparable to that of a top seventh-class family.

All of the Lin family’s wealth might not compare to what he had.

It must be noted, the wealth in Zhang Ruochen’s hands right now was the combined wealth of almost 100 warriors of the Black Realm. They were all prodigies of the Black Realm and would be wealthier than normal warriors of the Black Realm.

“Zi Qian only cares about Spiritual Crystals and silver coins. It should be enough to give her 2,000 Spiritual crystals. I’ll keep the remainder for myself. As for the 30,000 silver coins, she probably won’t consider them worthwhile.”

Zhang Ruochen placed the 2,000 Spiritual Crystals in a separate bag to give to Zi Qian tomorrow. After all, of the 98 warriors of the Black Realm, she killed 96 of them. Zhang Ruochen only kept a small number of Spiritual Crystals and silver coins.

After tidying up, Zhang Ruochen picked up the only fifth-level Genuine Martial Arm, a half-moon shaped blade, and held it in his hands.

This was Qing You’s weapon, called “Death Sickle”.

Even without injecting his Genuine Qi to trigger the inscriptions, Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel the chill radiating from the Death Sickle.

It lives up to being a fifth level Genuine Martial Arm. It’s even sharper than the Flash Shinning Sword, and stronger too. It’s worth more than 100,000 silver coins.

The Flash Shinning Sword was only a fourth level Genuine Martial Arm, and could not compare to the Death Sickle.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen heard Huang Yanchen’s voice behind him. “Ba… stard, what… what did you do to me?”

Zhang Ruochen saw that Huang Yanchen was awake and felt his heart rise. He walked over, wanting to ask and clarify what happened last night.

Maybe last night, it really was him being reckless.

However, Zhang Ruochen forgot to put down the Death Sickle. Holding a sharp, cold, and flashing sword, he walked towards Huang Yanchen. On his face, there were traces of a smile.

Zhang Ruochen had intended it to be a friendly smile, but Huang Yanchen did not see it that way.

She thought Zhang Ruochen was going to kill her to prevent her from speaking out.

Seeing the Death Sickle in Zhang Ruochen’s hand as well as his sinister smile, Huang Yanchen paled in fear. She curled slightly, and pretended to be calm. “What… what are you doing?” she asked.

Even though she was a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm, she was also a young and beautiful woman. Right now, she was at her most vulnerable moment. How could she not be afraid?

From her perspective, Zhang Ruochen was a cruel and heartless demon. Clearly, he was able to rape her and kill her.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Huang Yanchen and revealed a kindly smile. He gently waved his hand and said, “Miss Huang, don’t be afraid! What happened last night was not entirely my fault, wouldn’t you agree?”

When Zhang Ruochen waved his hand, the Death Sickle he was holding moved too.

What was originally a friendly move immediately became threatening.

Huang Yanchen gritted her teeth, staring at the Death Sickle in Zhang Ruochen’s hand. She sighed in her heart. As the situation was difficult, she would calm him down first.

Under Zhang Ruochen’s “threat”, she was helpless. Huang Yanchen nodded her head in humiliation. She gritted her teeth and replied quietly, “You’re right, it was all my fault.”

How humiliating! How humiliating!

Not only did this demon humiliate her, but he was also forcing her to say it was her fault!

Huang Yanchen already hated Zhang Ruochen to the next level.

“I will keep him calm. Even if I had to take the blame, once my cultivation has recovered, I will have the opportunity to avenge him for this humiliation.” Huang Yanchen thought in her heart.

Zhang Ruochen nodded. He thought Huang Yanchen wasn’t all bad. At least her attitude in admitting her mistake was sincere.

He continued to smile and said, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Huang Yanchen thought he went too far and got even angrier.

However, seeing the Death Sickle in Zhang Ruochen’s hand, she once again subdued herself and replied in a slightly trembling voice, “I… I shouldn’t have been in the bath… I was wrong… it was me who seduced you. It had nothing to do with you.”

Huang Yanchen swore that once she recovered, she would certainly tear Zhang Ruochen apart.

Zhang Ruochen nodded again. Thinking in his heart, it was just as he expected. She wanted to sabotage him. Luckily he struck first and injured her, otherwise, he would end up worse than Yuchi Tiancong. She would definitely have broken his legs beyond repair.

Zhang Ruochen looked at Huang Yanchen thoughtfully. Then he sat on the side of the bed, and said, “Knowing your mistakes is good. It wasn’t anything big anyway, and I won’t take it to heart. Ah! While you recover, I have some things to do, so I’ll go out first. I’ll come back later to see you.”

Watching Zhang Ruochen walk out, Huang Yanchen’s face became even whiter. Was this demon going to come back tonight?

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