God Emperor

Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Hand Chopped

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Nie Xuan heard a voice. He turned around and looked at Zhang Ruochen, yet kept his foot pressed on Zhang Shaochu’s head. He chuckled and said, “Excuse me, what did you just say? Destroy me? Haha! Everybody, he said he wanted to destroy me!”

The surrounding students all laughed and thought the two princes from the Yunwu Commandery were absolute fools.

Zhang Ruochen was indeed the number one freshman of this year but his cultivation was only at the Mid Stage of the Black Realm.

A Mid Stage warrior of the Black Realm claiming he will destroy one at the medium stage of the Black Realm. Is he not a fool?

Nie Xuan lifted his arms towards Feng Zhilin and said, “Elder Brother Feng, please let me teach the Ninth Prince a lesson. What do you think?”

As for a Mid Stage warrior of the Black Realm, Feng Zhilin couldn’t be bothered to fight himself. He stood there arrogantly with coldness in his eyes. He nodded and said, “Since he wanted to destroy you, I think you should destroy him first!”

Nie Xuan displayed a knowing smile. He kicked Zhang Shaochu aside and said, “Pig, get out of my way! I’ll handle you myself after killing your brother!”

Nie Xuan rolled his shoulders and all the joints of his body cracked.

He walked steadily toward Zhang Ruochen, laughed and said, “Zhang Ruochen, you said you wanted to destroy me. Here I am, come on!”

The students who surrounded Zhang Ruochen all stepped aside with excitement in their faces.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Zhang Shaochu who was crawling on the ground, and shook his head at him, signaling him not to fight.

If Zhang Ruochen bore the humiliation now, he would still have a chance to stay alive. If not, he would die a horrible death today.

Feng Zhilin didn’t want the presbyter of the School to intervene, because he wanted to take his revenge on Zhang Ruochen for killing his brother.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head at Zhang Shaochu, fiercely determined. He looked at Nie Xuan and said, “Nie Xuan, do you think I should amputate your hands or your legs first?”

Nie Xuan sneered and said, “Boy, you over-estimated yourself!”

He stopped fooling around with Zhang Ruochen. He thrust against the ground and dashed towards Zhang Ruochen at a speed of 40 meters per second, as fast as a blast of wind.

The greatest advantage of Mid Stage warriors of the Black Realm is their speed. Compared to warrior at the Medium State of the Black Realm, they are able to kill an opponent in one strike before he can even respond.

Yet, Zhang Ruochen was no ordinary warrior of the Mid Stage of the Black Realm. In terms of speed, he was not much slower than a medium stage warrior of the Black Realm.

As Nie Xuan charged toward Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen countered with an outstretched palm, jade-white Genuine Qi flowing between his fingers and exploding with powerful force.


Their hands slammed together. Nie Xuan’s countenance fell. He could feel the shock of Zhang Ruochen’s palm penetrating his arm, a pain as if it had split.

Realizing his prospects, Nie Xuan stepped back immediately and kept his distance from Zhang Ruochen.

Nie Xuan’s arm was trembling inside his sleeve. He was lucky that he had retracted it in time. Otherwise, the Meridians in his arms would surely have been severed.

“What overpowering Genuine Qi, what level do you train at?” Nie Xuan asked.

It was obvious to Feng Zhilin and the other students that Nie Xuan was in an unfavorable situation fighting against Zhang Ruochen.

Everyone clearly knew that even though Nie Xuan had just broken through the medium stage of the Black Realm, none of the warriors of the Mid Stage were strong enough to confront him.

The students murmured, “I can’t believe the Ninth Prince of the Yunwu Commandery is so powerful!”

Feng Zhilin had noticed the jade-white splendor glittering in Zhang Ruochen’s palm. He cracked a smile, “Interesting! Looks like the exercises he practices are extraordinary otherwise how could he defeat Nie Xuan!”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Nie Xuan and said, “You should take my move too!”

Afterwards, Zhang Ruochen tightened his entire body like a fully-stretched bow. The Genuine Qi in his body was circulating rapidly. His legs thrust against the ground and he dashed towards Nie Xuan like a shot arrow.

The power of his bones and muscles was fully activated and exploded through his palm with full force.

“Galloping Elephant!”

As Nie Xuan had just been humiliated by Zhang Ruochen, he didn’t dare to look down on him anymore.

When the palm wind came through, Nie Xuan displayed the Vajra Bone Breaking Finger, a Human Stage Superior class martial technique.

He transferred the entirety of his Genuine Qi to his extended middle finger, which revealed a faint golden splendor glittering upon it.

“Vajra Bone Breaker!”

Nie Xuan’s arms seemedd to turn into phantoms. He pointed his finger and struck at Zhang Ruochen’s palm.


The finger and palm clashed together. Nie Xuan and Zhang Ruochen both felt uneasy and retreated a step back.

Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen had cultivated a pure Genuine Qi and was therefore able to withstand Nie Xuan’s technique. Otherwise, the finger Nie Xuan released would have pierced through his palm.

As soon as Zhang Ruochen had stepped back, he attack again. He thrust against the ground, lept seven or eight meters into the air and unleashed a palm.

“Dragon in the Sky!”

Although Nie Xuan’s finger was still in pain, he had had no choice but to release another finger at Zhang Ruochen’s palm.


Nie Xuan retreated three steps back from the power of Zhang Ruochen’s palm.

Zhang Ruochen’s movement was coordinated. He immediately hit the third palm .

“Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!”


Nie Xuan’s finger was broken. He moaned and stepped back devastated.

He stared at Zhang Ruochen from faraway with an intense shaking arm. The pain on his finger caused a sweat on his forehead. His middle finger had been broken.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen was also in pain. There was a burning ache coming from his palm. Drops of blood seeped from his palm. He grasped his fist tightly as blood dripping to the ground.

The fighting force of Nie Xuan was indeed more powerful than Qing You.

Prince Huo Xing had been paying attention to the fight between Nie Xuan and Zhang Ruochen from far away. He looked coldly and said, “Zhang Ruochen has just reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm, and he’s already able to confront a warrior of the Medium State of the Black Realm. We can’t let him live. He’s definitely a threat to the Square Commandery.”

Standing next to Prince Huo Xing, Xie Zhaowu sneered and said, “Don’t worry your Highness. Nie Xuan hasn’t demonstrated the real strength of a warrior at the Medium State of the Black Realm yet. I’m sure if he fully demonstrates his power, Zhang Ruochen will never be able to stop any of his moves.”

Prince Huo Xing nodded and said, “A warrior at the Dawn State of the Black Realm can demonstrate the Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts, while a warrior of the Medium State of the Black Realm can perform the Animal Spirits Fixing Arms. Once Nie Xuan puts forth the power of these two Meridians, defeating Zhang Ruochen will be an easy task.”

Xie Zhaowu chuckled and said, “Nie Xuan must have a backup plan and won’t demonstrate these two powers easily. Anyway, he is fighting with a warrior of the Mid Stage of the Black Realm!”

It was no doubt that this was all due to Prince Huo Xing’s manipulations. Yet he’s still a freshman, and Zhang Ruochen didn’t attack or provoke him, thus why would he use Feng Zhilin to handle Zhang Ruochen. He only needs to monitor behind the scenes.

Nie Xuan tolerated the pain of his finger and said, “Great! The number one of the freshman is definitely beyond an ordinary warrior at the Mid Stage of the Black Realm. Since that’s the case, I’ll let you take a look at the Ghost Hand, a Low-Class Spiritual martial technique!”

Nie Xuan was stepping on his legs as he flapped his arms until they formed into phantoms.

Zhang Ruochen blinked. Even though he had transferred his Genuine Qi into the eye vessel, he could hardly identify Nie Xuan’s technique.

Zhang Ruochen had no choice but to release the Space Domain. He could take control of the area within 30 meters of the Space Domain.

With the power of the Space Domain, Zhang Ruochen could finally recognize Nie Xuan’s handprints and techniques.

“Nie Xuan is a Medium State warrior of the Black Realm. I’ll no doubt lose if I fight recklessly with my cultivation. I have to defeat him before he demonstrates the power of his Meridians, or even destroy him!”

As a talented warrior, Zhang Ruochen clearly understood the difference in cultivation between Nie Xuan and himself. He only had one chance to strike. If he doesn’t make use of it, his end will be worse than that of Zhang Shaochu, the Fourth Prince.

Zhang Ruochen’s sight focused on Nie Xuan, who was dashing towards him at a high speed. He grasped the Time and Space Spinel in his hand firmly and hid it in his sleeve.

“Zhang Ruochen, it’ll be a fairly outstanding loss under my Ghost Hand!” Nie Xuan sneered with a creepy face. A dozen palm shadows hit Zhang Ruochen at the same time.

Zhang Ruochen moved to his left slightly and took out a foot-long Death Sickle from the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel at his fastest speed.

He swayed his arms, swung the Death Sickle in the air and cut off Nie Xuan’s Ghost Hand.

Blood squirted everywhere!

A bloody hand fell to the ground.

“Ahh… My hand…”

Nie Xuan screamed. He put pressure on his wrist where the blood was flooding out. He almost fainted away under such pain.

Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity to take Nie Xuan down. He kicked Nie Xuan in the chest and sent him flying tens of meters.

When Nie Xuan was about to stand up, a heavy leg stepped on his chest. The bones made a cracking sound as if his chest would cave in.

Zhang Ruochen put the Death Sickle on Nie Xuan’s throat and said, “Don’t move! Otherwise, you’re going to lose more than your hand!”

Nie Xuan was furious. If Zhang Ruochen hadn’t suddenly taken out the sickle from his sleeve, he would never be defeated by a Mid Stage warrior of the Black Realm.

“How dare you to destroy my left hand! You’re definitely going to die today!” Nie Xuan exclaimed, clenching his teeth.

Far away, Feng Zhilin and other students had finally realized what had just happened. They rushed towards Nie Xuan and surrounded Zhang Ruochen.


Every single one of them looked murderous. They all took out different levels of Genuine Martial Arms, as if they were going to tear Zhang Ruochen into countless pieces.

“Bastard! Let Nie Xuan go!” One of the students who was carrying a sword, pointed it at Zhang Ruochen’s chest. If he took one step closer, he would drive the sword into Zhang Ruochen’s chest.

Zhang Ruochen sneered. He put the Death Sickle on Nie Xuan’s neck and exclaimed. “I’ll cut his head off if any of you move an inch!”

“Really? You don’t think I’ll break this pig’s skull first!”

Feng Zhilin grabbed Zhang Shaochu’s neck hard and dragged him to Zhang Ruochen.

Feng Zhilin activated his Genuine Qi with a cunning smile and put his palm on Zhang Shaochu’s head. “Zhang Ruochen, put down your sickle and let Nie Xuan go right now! Otherwise, I’ll make sure my palm is powerful enough to kill your brother!”

Zhang Shaochu was extremely scared and his lips trembled as he said, “Ninth… My ninth brother… Don’t do it! If you let Nie Xuan go, you’ll be a dead man!”


Feng Zhilin put his fingers together into a palm sword and chopped Zhang Shaochu’s arm, breaking his right shoulder.


Zhang Shaochu screamed. The pain distorted his face, his body was sweaty and his lips turned black.

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