God Emperor

Chapter 79

Chapter 79: The Shadow of Death

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Qing You was struck by the Sword Breath, it left a shallow cut on his palm.

The Sword Breath sliced open the green scales on his palm. The blood that flowed out was green and carried a deadly toxin.

“Haha! Your Highness certainly has unexpected depths. You managed to slice open my Green Devil Hand. Very interesting, truly quite interesting!”

Qing You circulated the Genuine Qi in his body and threads of Qi seeped out of his pores. They melded into a green light and enveloped both of his arms.

The green light flowed towards his hands.

Shortly after, the cut inflicted by Zhang Ruochen healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Very powerful self-healing!”

Zhang Ruochen remained aware of Qing You while he looked towards Zi Qian and asked, “How are you holding up?”

Zi Qian’s face was white and a trickle of blood stained the corner of her mouth. The most serious injury was on her right shoulder.

Qing You’s palm contained a deadly toxin. It had burned a handprint into her clothes. The skin showing below was turning a green-purple color.

“I’m fine!” Zi Qian gritted her teeth, with coldness rife in her eyes. “Let’s work together and kill our way out. I’ll keep Qing You occupied while you go get rid of the other seven warriors. I can, at most, hold Qing You off for 10 strikes, so you must kill the seven people before that. After that, we will work together to defeat Qing You. Only this way will we have an opportunity to escape.”

Zhang Ruochen saw Zi Qian’s face grow even paler and said, “I’ll take care of Qing You. You go to kill the other seven.”

“No! Qing You won’t kill me. That’s why I can hold him for 10 strikes. But Qing You will definitely kill you. Forget 10 strikes, you will die at his hands within five strikes,” Zi Qian said.

“Don’t be so sure!”

Zhang Ruochen flashed a smile at Zi Qian. One hand lifted the Flash Shinning Sword while the other removed a long, black spear from the Space and Time Spinel.

This long, black spear was taken from the hands of a warrior of Square Commandery. It was a level-four Genuine Martial Armament.

Moving into his paces, Zhang Ruochen charged towards Qing You at his highest speed.

At the same time, Zi Qian also started attacking. Crossing the creak in a single step, she struck one warrior of the Initial Stage of the Black Realm in the throat.

That warrior’s throat caved. He vomited blood and immediately collapsed into the creek.

In a flash, Zi Qian attacked another warrior.

Qing You stood on a two meter tall stone, staring at the charging Zhang Ruochen. He smiled delightedly and said, “Perfect! I’ll kill you first! Then I’ll ravage that beauty.”

“Let’s see if you have that ability!” Zhang Ruochen replied.

Qing You stared at Zhang Ruochen and said dismissively, “A sword in one hand and a spear in another, do you think you can multitask? If you can’t, using two weapons will actually be a disadvantage in a battle.”

“You’ll see once you try me!” Zhang Ruochen challenged.

While Zhang Ruochen and Qing You were talking, Zi Qian had already killed two people in a row and was charging towards the third.

Qing You stopped wasting time talking to Zhang Ruochen. Jumping down from the giant rock, he prepared his Genuine Qi and slapped one hand against the rock.

The rock, weighing over 10,000 pounds, flew towards Zhang Ruochen.

He could not retreat. He must delay Qing You.

Zhang Ruochen’s gaze sharpened. He circulated the Genuine Qi within his body, triggering four of the Inscriptions of Power series on his Flash Shinning Sword. The weight of the sword became 200 kilograms.


Zhang Ruochen swung his sword and chopped straight down.

The giant stone was split open, flying off to both sides.


Qing You flew out from behind the stone, grinning. He aimed a strike at Zhang Ruochen’s head.

It must be noted, Zhang Ruochen had already activated the Space Domain. Naturally, he knew Qing You was behind the giant rock. When Qing You struck, Zhang Ruochen preemptively attacked with his spear, aiming it towards Qing You’s chest.

Qing You did not think Zhang Ruochen would react so quickly. He had no choice but to withdraw his attack and instead strike at the long spear.


Qing You was very strong, with one strike he knocked the long spear aside.

After that, Qing You turned, his body suddenly moving like a poisonous snake. He followed the spear, getting closer towards Zhang Ruochen. He stretched out two fingers to stab at Zhang Ruochen’s throat.

Two green fire sparks spouted from the extended fingers.

It must be noted that Qing You’s speed was at 44 meters per second while Zhang Ruochen could only reach 34 meters per second.

From Qing You’s perspective, his fingers would definitely strike Zhang Ruochen’s throat.

But, just at this moment, Zhang Ruochen’s sword struck. Coming up from the bottom, it was directed at Qing You’s throat.

If Qing You wanted to strike Zhang Ruochen’s throat, his own throat will certainly be pierced. The final result would be death on both sides.

Qing You frowned slightly, again forced by Zhang Ruochen to retreat. “How is this possible? Your speed and strength are both no match for mine. How can you continuously avoid my killing strikes? Perhaps you really can multitask and simultaneously control the sword and the spear?”

Zhang Ruochen held a sword in one hand and a spear in the other and said, “I told you earlier. It won’t be that easy if you want to kill me!”

Zhang Ruochen’s speed indeed could not be compared to Qing You’s, but he had the help of the Space Domain. Once Qing You came within 10 meters of him, Zhang Ruochen could clearly see Qing You’s next moves. He was completely able to move one step ahead and block Qing You’s killing strikes.

At this moment, Zi Qian had already killed three people.

“Then let’s see how many strikes you can block.”

Qing You was angry. Both of his arms turned a dark green color. He executed a Superior-class Human Stage martial technique. He became three green shadows and charged towards Zhang Ruochen simultaneously.

A normal warrior would not be able to tell which of the shadows was Qing You’s true person.

Once the three shadows had come within 10 meters of Zhang Ruochen, he could see clearly that all three shadows were the true person. Only, Qing You was moving too fast and using a mysterious step, causing it to appear that he had become three people.


Zhang Ruochen’s sword struck out and blocked the first shadow.

Another blow blocked the second shadow.

When the third shadow approached, Zhang Ruochen blocked it with both spear and sword. It was another mutual death strike, forcing Qing You to retreat again.


From a distance, it appeared that Zhang Ruochen was standing in the same place, continuously striking out with sword and spear and battling three Qing You at once.

They had exchanged more than 20 strikes, yet Qing You was unable to defeat Zhang Ruochen.

Prince Huo Xing was standing on the back of the Green-Shelled Eagle. He looked down at the battle disappointedly and said. “Looks like I will have to do it myself!”

Prince Huo Xing raised the Silver Bone Crescent Bow and drew out a golden Carriage Breaking Arrow. He drew on all the Genuine Qi in his body, pulling the 300-pound bow into a full moon instantly and making it creak.

On the battlefield, the Carriage Breaking Arrow could destroy a 30-man chariot.

Prince Huo Xing stared at the Zhang Ruochen who was battling Qing You. His mouth revealed a small smile, and he pointed the arrowhead at Zhang Ruochen’s back, “Ninth Prince, farewell!”

His finger relaxed, and the Carriage Breaking Arrow flew out.


The arrowhead caught alight, like a flaming meteorite. It rushed towards the ground.

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