God Emperor

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Breaking Through a Realm

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Qing You saw the carriage Breaking Arrow falling from the sky and his face revealed a trace of displeasure. He coldly huffed and said, “Mind your own business!”

He wanted to personally kill Zhang Ruochen, not have him be killed by Prince Huo Xing.

Since Prince Huo Xing has intervened, Zhang Ruochen was definitely going to die.

Qing You pushed off the ground with his toes, becoming a green shadow. He flew off, retreating far away.

Naturally, Zhang Ruochen felt the Carriage Breaking Arrow streaking through the air. All the hair on his body stood on end like a hedgehog, a chill went down his spine, and his scalp tingled. It felt like the sky was crashing down.

“Ice-fire Kylin!”

Zhang Ruochen felt Genuine Qi rush through 36 Meridians, all flowing towards the Ice-fire Kylin Armor he was wearing. Almost instantly, he triggered 10 lines of inscription within the Kylin Armor.

Ice-fire Kylin Armor was a level 6 Genuine Martial Arm. There were 38 lines of inscription in the Armor. However, with Zhang Ruochen’s current martial cultivation, he could only activate 10 at most.


The armor on Zhang Ruochen’s body emitted red and blue light, spreading both cold and heat energy.

The roar of a Kylin emanated from within the armor and a seven-meter tall illusory image of a Kylin appeared. It shielded Zhang Ruochen with its body.


Crashing into the illusory Kylin, it was clear that the force of the Carriage Breaking Arrow weakened slightly as well as slowing down.

By the time the Arrow had made it to Zhang Ruochen’s back, 90 percent of its power had been depleted, and only 10 percent was left.

Even this 10 percent of power was terrifying. It managed to send Zhang Ruochen flying into a nearby tree, which was one meter in diameter. The impact caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Luckily the arrow was blocked by the armor. Otherwise, Zhang Ruochen would have been impaled.

“The Carriage Breaking Arrow is so powerful! It’s at least 10 times stronger than the Thunder Arrow.”

Zhang Ruochen used his sword and spear to hold himself up and spat out another mouthful of blood.

Prince Huo Xing stood on the back of the Green-Shelled Eagle holding the Silver Bone Crescent Bow. He softly exclaimed and said, “Ice-Fire Kylin armor! I had no idea he was wearing such a treasure, this is amazing! Qing You, kill him, and take the Kylin armor from him.”

Qing You let out a cold laugh and walked towards Zhang Ruochen and said, “Even the arrow couldn’t kill you. Looks like I’ll still have to do it personally.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced slightly at Zi Qian. She had already killed five of the Warriors of the Square Commandery. If he could delay just a little longer, she would be able to kill all seven.

“I’m leaving first, see you never.”

Zhang Ruochen turned and ran like an agile monkey. In a flash, he disappeared into the forest.

Escaping into the forest not only drew out time, it also provided a little cover against Prince Huo Xing. This prevented him firing another Carriage Breaking Arrow.

“Escape? In your dreams!”

Qing You chased after Zhang Ruochen, rushing into the forest at a speed of 44 meters per second.

As Zhang Ruochen could only move at 34 meters per second, he had no speed advantage. In a few seconds, Qing You had caught up and the two resumed their duel.

Qing You removed a foot long hooked knife from a bag at his waist, reminiscent of a scythe. He moved his fingers and the scythe rotated in the air, creating tens of knife shadows with a “swish” sound.

“A hit!”

Zhang Ruochen’s clothes were sliced open at the chest. Luckily, it did not pierce through the Ice-fire Kylin Armor. Zhang Ruochen was fortunate it had blocked the scythe as otherwise, his chest would definitely be bleeding from the cut.

“Heh heh! Your Highness can go die!”

Qing You was as fast as a ghost and there was a cruel smile in his eyes. With a wave of his arm, the cold, curved blade slashed towards Zhang Ruochen’s neck.

At this critical moment, all of the Genuine Qi within Zhang Ruochen’s body moved towards the Vessel of Spirit Meridian, communicating with the Martial Soul.

The space in front of Zhang Ruochen shimmered slightly.

It seemed as if Qing You’s curved knife was about to slice open Zhang Ruochen’s throat. But, because of the small spatial distortion, the trajectory of the knife changed slightly. It had sliced in front of Zhang Ruochen but did not touch his body.

This was one of the powers of the Space Domain, called the Space Warp.

“How is that possible?” Qing You hesitated briefly, feeling as if his eyes had played a trick on him and somehow Zhang Ruochen managed to survive.

At that brief moment Qing You hesitated, Zhang Ruochen struck with his sword and pierced through his left arm.


Qing You let out a muffled cry, his teeth clenched as he kicked at Zhang Ruochen’s chest and sent him flying back.

At the same time, Qing You was retreating rapidly. His left arm was in great pain and blood poured down it. In just a moment, half his body was numb.

“Unbelievable, you actually pierced through the Meridian of my left hand!”

Qing You’s eyes were filled with rage. He had not expected to be harmed at the hands of a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Black Realm.

Even though he had remarkable self-healing powers, he was unable to reconnect the Meridians in his left hand in so short a time.

At this moment, Zi Qian walked out from the forest. Holding a bloody sword, she stood behind Qing You.

She had already killed the other seven warriors. The fresh blood drenched her clothes, causing it to stick to her body. It outlined her curves, hugging her slight waist, and outlining her long legs. Her black hair was also dripping with crimson blood.

Clearly she was a figure of great beauty, but right now she seemed more like a messenger of death, her whole body radiating murderous feeling.

Qing You laughed coldly and said, “Even if I only have one hand, it will still be easy to kill both of you.”

From the air came Prince Huo Xing’s voice. “Qing You, I will give you a hand.”

Prince Huo Xing drew out a flute. Infusing his Genuine Qi into the flute, he began to play a melodious tune.

Following the sound of the flute, a rustling came from the forest. A fist-sized poisonous bee flew out, straight towards Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian.

A medium-class level-one savage beast, a Poisonous Bee.

Once poisoned by the Poisonous Bee, a warrior would have hallucinations.

If poisoned by three of them, a warrior would be in life threatening danger.

Even a warrior in the Dawn State would die within a quarter of an hour, if stung by five Poisonous Bees.

Although the Poisonous Bee was only a medium-class level-one savage beasts, Prince Huo Xing’s flute had summoned over a hundred of them. Never mind a Dawn State warrior, even a warrior in the Final State would have to run for their lives.

“Run!” Zhang Ruochen yelled at Zi Qian.

After saying these words, Zhang Ruochen ran ahead to avoid being surrounded by the Poisonous Bees.

“Can you escape?”

Qing You chased after Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian.

He had practiced Green Devil Hand and naturally had poison in his physique, so he was not afraid of the Poisonous Bees.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the rapidly approaching Qing You and also glanced at Prince Huo Xing on the back of the green-shelled eagle and thought. “Prince Huo Xing is a Tamer. Although he is only an Advanced State warrior, he is more dangerous than Qing You. We must first get rid of him, otherwise, we are sure to die today. But he can ride on a green-shelled eagle, hovering in mid-air, how can we attack him?”

Just at this moment, a lazy voice spoke from within Zhang Ruochen’s forehead. “Young man, if you can promise me one condition, I may be able to lend you a hand.”

It was Blackie’s voice.

Blackie was sealed within the Yin Yang Wooden Graph, and the Graph was suspended in the Qi Lake within Zhang Ruochen’s glabella.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “What conditions?”

“From now on, you will not seal me within the Graph!” Blackie said.

Zhang Ruochen replied, “As long as you behave better, I can agree to this condition.”

“Fine! We have a deal!” Blackie said happily.

Zhang Ruochen’s Sacred Mark flared. An art roll flew out from his glabella and landed in his hand.

He waved his arm, and a giant black cat flew out from within the art scroll. It landed beside Zhang Ruochen like a massive black ball of yarn on the ground.

Dissolving the seal, Blackie was ecstatic and said, “Young man, I will aid you and get rid of the person flying in the air.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “You can attack him?”

Blackie rolled his eyes at Zhang Ruochen and said, “My title is the King of Slaughter. If I can’t take on the sky and the earth, how can I be the King of Slaughter?”

Blackie began to glow darkly, making sounds like small firecrackers. His body grew larger and now was about the size of a lion.

A pair of black wings also grew on his back.

The black wings flapped, and Blackie rose into the air. He charged towards the flying Prince Huo Xing.

“He can transform!”

Zhang Ruochen was slightly shocked. It was his first time seeing a cat who could fly.

Behind him, Qing You was also shocked. Staring at Zhang Rouchen he thought. “Is he also a tamer?”

At this moment, the Poisonous Bees caught up.


Zhang Ruochen swiped with his sword, and sliced a Poisonous Bee in half.

More Bees flew up.

“Sacred Bell Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen used a Spiritual Stage sword technique. Creating a three-meter tall illusion of a clock, it shielded his body in the middle.

The big clock rotated, sending out tens of lines of Sword Breaths.

Another dozen Poisonous Bees were struck by the Sword Breath and fell to the ground.

“Green Devil Hand!”

Qing You caught up and leaped. Crossing over 10 meters of distance, he struck towards Zhang Ruochen’s chest.

Zhang Ruochen struck with his spear in one hand while the other held his sword. He used both at the same time to block Qing You.


Qing You was too strong. He shocked the spear from Zhang Ruochen’s hand.

Zhang Ruochen backed up a dozen steps to dissipate Qing You’s hit. He spat out another mouthful of blood. Already having taken some serious damage, Zhang Ruochen could no longer defend a full-strength attack from Qing You.

“No choice, the difference between our cultivations is too large. If I could break through to the Mid Stage of the Black Realm, it would be nowhere near this difficult.” Zhang Ruochen wiped the blood from his mouth. He did not feel discouraged, rather his feelings of bloodlust strengthened.

“Boiling Animal Spirits!”

The Genuine Qi in Zhang Ruochen’s body began to move; all the blood in his body began to boil.

Boiling Animal Spirits was the mark of an Initial Stage warrior of the Black Realm.

Qing You laughed coldly and said, “What about Boiling Animal Spirits? Warriors of the Initial Stage are weak. They are no competition for warriors of the Dawn State… you… broke through!”

Qing You’s expression changed. He watched Zhang Ruochen’s pores secrete threads of blood fog, becoming a blood rainbow and enveloping the body.

Power of Rainbow-like Animal Spirits was the mark of a Mid Stage warrior of the Black Realm.

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