God Emperor

Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Green Devil Hand

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Grievances ran deep between Yunwu Commandery and Square Commandery. Warriors of both places were natural enemies and held grudges.

While Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian went on their killing spree of warriors from Square Commandery, warriors of Yunwu Commandery were also being hunted down by those from Square Commandery.

Eventually, even other commanderies were involved.

At dawn of the second morning, Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian found a female body floating in a small creek. The body was naked, covered in bruises, and there were spots of blood on her legs. It was clear that she had suffered inhumane humiliation while she was alive.

The fatal wound on her body was on her neck; a small cut had been made on her arteries. Fresh blood continuously flowed out, dying the creek red.

The air held the scent of blood.

“Such a brutal way to kill someone.” Zhang Ruochen pulled his brows together tightly, feeling anger ignite in his chest.

He waded into the small creek and carried the body onto the shore.

He also recognized this female. She was the daughter of one of the elite families in Yunwu Commandery. Her cultivation had reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm and was highly talented. It was likely that she would have made it through the examination.

Zi Qian had long become used to murder and said, “This style of killing should be that of the prodigy of the Qing family from Square Commandery. Also, there are definitely remnants of his scent!”

Zhang Ruochen was not familiar with the warriors of Square Commandery and so asked, “Who are you talking about?”

“Qing You. He is considered the most outstanding prodigy of the Qing family in the last hundred years. At age 15, he reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm. At 16, he became a Warrior of the Yellow Board, and at 17, he broke into the Black Realm. And now, he is only 21 and has already reached the Dawn State of the Black Realm.”

Zi Qian continued, “Rumor has it, he has cultivated a dark power that can absorb the Genuine Qi from women’s bodies. That is why his cultivation increases so quickly.”

Zhang Ruochen closed the woman’s eyes and buried the body near the creek. “There are only three warriors from Square Commandery who have reached the Dawn State of the Black Realm. I can’t believe we would meet another one so quickly!”

Zi Qian asked, “Do you want to kill him?”

Zhang Ruochen replied, “Don’t you?”

“You should know that Qing You is not the same as Feng Zhiyi. He’ll be difficult to defeat.”

Zi Qian continued, “Although Feng Zhiyi was a prodigy, he is miles worse than Qing You. Qing You’s cultivation has reached the peak of the Dawn State. Even warriors of the Medium State of the Black Realm are not his equal.”

Feng Zhiyi had just broken through the Dawn State, while Qing You had already reached the peak. The difference between the two was not usual.

Zhang Ruochen looked serious. He looked around and said, “Danger is coming close.”

Zi Qian’s ears twitched and her face changed. She drew her sword immediately and adopted a defensive pose. Staring into the forest, she said, “We’ve been ambushed.”

“Haha! You are very aware. I didn’t expect you to discover it so quickly!” A clear laugh rang out.


Prince Huo Xing flew out on the back of an inferior-class level-two savage beast, a green-shelled eagle, circling above Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian.

He stood arrogantly on the back of the green-shelled eagle, staring down at the two people below and said, “You two are quite incredible. There were at least 15 warriors of Square Commandery that died at your hands last night, right?”

Zhang Ruochen raised his head slightly to glance at him and asked, “How did you find us?”

“Tap tap!”

Footsteps rang out.

From the forest, out walked a man with a cold face. Wearing a red robe and holding a foot-long, curved machete, he laughed coldly and said, “Once we found the first person you killed, do you think it would be difficult to catch up to you? Haha!”

Zi Qian stared at the man in the red robe, and her eyes darkened. “Qing You.”

Qing You’s mouth curved up slightly. His gaze slid up her body before landing on her beautiful face. He leered and said, “What an exquisite specimen with a high cultivation. If I can absorb the Genuine Qi in your body, perhaps I can break through to the Medium State.”

Zi Qian’s gaze chilled and said coldly, “Since you’ve already laid an ambush, then show yourself, everyone!”


From the forest, there was a chain of rustling.

In a flash, another seven streaks of human shadows flew out. Among them, three were at the Mid Stage of the Black Realm, and four at the Initial Stage.

The seven young warriors all stood at different positions, blocking all of Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian’s escape routes.

Prince Huo Xing stood on the back of the green-shelled eagle and laughed. “Why don’t you break the Kylin Ball? Do you think you still have a chance to live?”

Zhang Ruochen immediately sent out his Space Domain, sweeping his eyes across the nine people present. His heart sank a little.

Qing You’s fighting force itself was more powerful than both Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian combined. It would be as difficult as climbing to the heavens if they wanted to defeat him.

Not to mention that Prince Huo Xing, who was circling in the sky, was more or less as powerful as Qing You. He could strike at Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian anytime and send them scrambling.

Other than that, there were another seven Black Realm warriors who had already blocked Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian’s escape routes. They did not even have a way to escape.

Prince Huo Xing laughed. “Even if you did break the Kylin Ball and send up the Kylin Smoke, no one will come to save you. The external student guard of this section is a young prodigy of Square Commandery. I have already had a chat with him, and so even if he does see Kylin Smoke, he will not come.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “Prince Huo Xing has thought of everything. I guess we must die today?”

Qing You’s gaze became lecherous. Shaking his head and smiling, he said, “No! Your Majesty, only you will die without a doubt. As for that beauty in purple, it would be a shame to kill her. Haha!”

A Mid Stage warrior nearby leered and smiled, saying, “Mr. Qing, after absorbing her Genuine Qi, you must let us brothers have some fun.”

“How dare you!”

Zi Qian turned into a deadly purple shadow. Moving at 40 meters per second, she charged with her sword towards the Mid Stage warrior.

Be mindful, a normal Initial Stage warrior could only reach 36 meters per second.

Only warriors of the Medium State could erupt to the speed of 40 meters per second.

It could be said that Zi Qian was truly angry. She demonstrated her fastest speed and aimed to kill the warrior with one strike.

Qing You huffed coldly. He moved even faster, reaching 44 meters per second, surpassing the speed of a warrior in the Final State of the Black Realm.

He was like a ghost appearing before Zi Qian.

He extended a green hand. His palm was covered with green scales, grown as if it was the claw of a savage beast.


Qing You’s hand-claw was as strong as iron clashing against Zi Qian’s sword and sent up a giant shower of sparks.


Qing You closed his fingers and caught hold of Zi Qian’s sword bare-handed.

Zi Qian’s countenance changed and tried to pull back the sword immediately. But Qing You’s fingers were like iron and held tight to the sword. No matter how much strength Zi Qian exerted, she could not move his claw.

“Green Devil Hand!” Zi Qian called.

Qing You laughed. “You’re right! It is indeed the low-class Spiritual martial technique ‘Green Devil Hand’. I have already practiced this and have a little success. Swords will not pass, and flames will not melt.”

Zi Qian immediately gave up her sword and pulled back.

Qing You moved even faster. Stretching out his hand, he tried to grab her neck. A green shadow of his hand appeared in the air, striking together towards Zi Qian’s neck.

A breath of poisonous wind spread out from Qing You’s hand-claw. It gave off a slight stench of blood.

Zi Qian bent and dodged Qing You’s claw. Her hands hit the ground and a pair of long legs kicked out, landing a blow on Qing You’s chest.


Qing You took the kick from Zi Qian and retreated three steps back. However, he was not injured. Rather, he gave a crazy laugh, ran his tongue across his lips, and said, “How interesting!”

Zi Qian immediately picked up her sword and began to circulate the Genuine Qi in her body, triggering the eight lines of inscription in the sword.

The surface of the sword began to glow with a pale light and gave off a bone-chilling aura.

“Strong Wind and Flying Snow!”

Zi Qian’s arms moved continuously, her sword drawing circles in the air and creating a strong wind. An endless stream of cold air spread from the sword. There were particles of frost appearing in the air.

The particles of frost continued to grow bigger, merging into flakes of snow.

“Spiritual Stage Sword Technique!”

Qing You’s eyes became very grim and yelled loudly. “Green Devil Hand!”

Qing You became a green shadow, flying as straight as an arrow towards Zi Qian’s sword circle.

With a bang, the green devil’s hand suddenly attacked the tip of the sword, emitting a gust of Qi billow.

Zi Qian let out a muffled yell. Her sword flew from her hand, falling into a small creek.


Qing You’s strike landed on Zi Qian’s right shoulder, sending Zi Qian flying over 10 meters away.

In mid-air, she spat out a mouthful of blood and her face turned very pale. She had taken heavy internal damage.


Qing You opened his mouth and laughed, and once again rushed forward. He grabbed Zi Qian’s ankle with one hand, wanting to trap her.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen appeared in a flash from behind Zi Qian. Wielding the Flash Shinning Sword, he struck towards Qing You’s glabella.

“Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!”

Qing You sensed the danger and immediately released Zi Qian’s ankle. With a light smile on his face, he extended his hand to block the sword in Zhang Ruochen’s hand.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen changed his strike, switching from piercing to chopping, calling out loud, “Sacred Guiding Sword.”

A streak of Sword Breath, 10 meters long, flew out from the sword. In a flash, it was chopping towards Qing You.

Qing You’s eyes narrowed. Immediately holding out both hands, he concentrated all his Genuine Qi on his palms.

A green ball of Genuine Qi gathered between his hands.

“Green Devil’s Cry.”

He sent out the green ball of Genuine Qi and created in front of him a green fog, clashing with the streak of Sword Breath.

Zhang Ruochen felt a great wave of power coming towards him and immediately held up his sword to block it, but still flew out seven meters from the powerful hit.

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