God Emperor

Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Awakening

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Zhang Ruochen was told that there could be no room for improvement when his Qi Pool was full and his realm had reached its peak.

It was a great pity that there was one bull short of the Ultimate Realm.

“It’s not because my Body of Martial Arts isn’t strong enough to break out the power of a hundred bulls, but my martial technique is just that of the mid-class of Human Stage and lacks power,” said Zhang Ruochen.

A light broke into Blackie’s mind and it mewed. It said, “Yes! I forgot that there is a martial technique that can increase one’s power. Why did you practice only one martial technique of mid-class Human Stage until now? If the martial technique that you’d practiced was low-class of Spiritual, you could break out 100 bulls’ power.”

“I don’t need a low-class of Spiritual. A Superior-class of Human Stage is enough, which would help me to break out 100 bulls power and reach the Ultimate Realm of Yellow Realm,” said Zhang Ruochen.

It was odd that somebody opened 36 meridians but still hadn’t reached the Ultimate Realm.

Only by practicing martial techniques, exercises and the body of Martial Arts together, one could break out his most powerful power. Any absence would not lead to the Ultimate Realm.

As for Zhang Ruochen, he had already reached the Yellow Realm in both exercises and the body of Martial Arts, but his martial techniques were still weak as he practiced Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm merely to the level two, which just belonged to the mid-class martial techniques.

The main role of Sacred Sword Skill was the sword, not the man that mattered to the practice of the low-class Spiritual martial technique.

If Zhang could successfully practice Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm to level three, ‘Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth’, it could be an easy thing for him to add the strength of a bull that he required.

The latter stages of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm would be difficult to practice undoubtedly. For instance, Zhang had practiced three level three ‘Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth’ for many days but still couldn’t make any progress.

“I require combat experience and in the royal palace, I can’t find others to practice my palm with.”

“Thus, because of a lack of practice, I haven’t managed to reach the third level successfully.”

“If I leave here and exercise myself outside, I would lose the protection of the Yunwu Commandery Prince and the Queen would attempt to have me assassinated. Bingo!… I don’t have to go out!”

King Mount came to his mind.

The Royal Family reared many savage beasts in King Mount and most of them were first and second level savage beasts. Zhang could fight with them.

He hoped to practice the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm successfully as soon as possible, after that he could fight with savage beasts.

Zhang Ruochen had practiced in the internal space of Time and Space Spinel for 25 days, which equaled to eight or nine days outside.

He walked outside and saw Yun waiting for him.

“Your Highness, Le has been recovered, including his arms and foot. But he still looks dull, just sitting on the stone stairs or drawing pictures on the ground for the whole day,” said Yun.

Zhang Ruochen sighed and said with pity, “Give him two hundred silver coins and send him away. Whether he could get out of this dilemma or not depends on himself, and nobody can help.”

“Then I’m going to send him out,” Yun said.

Seeing Yun’s departure, Zhang Ruochen fell into meditation and he stopped Yun, “Wait, I want to see him once more.”

Yun showed a hint of joy and nodded, leading Zhang Ruochen to Le’s residence.

Like Yun’s description, Le was sitting on the stairs and drawing the picture of Lin Ningshan on the ground.


However, his eyes were empty and he was just drawing instinctively.

He didn’t even realize Zhang’s approach.

Zhang Ruochen looked at this young man and asked, “Where is your sword?”

Le sat still and mumbled, “My meridians are all broken and I have no power to lift a sword.”

“So you are broken too?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

“Of course…” Le answered slackly.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “But you have the power to draw these pictures? If you possess an aggressive heart, you must succeed. But now you are degenerating yourself.”

Le bit his lip tightly and said, “I’m not degenerating myself, I’m not!”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the pictures on the ground, “You turned yourself into a waste for this cruel woman. Guess I overestimated you.”

Zhang Ruochen walked over to the steps and destroyed Lin Ningshan’s drawings with his foot.

Le cried with a pair of big red eyes, “What are you doing!”

“She did not treat you as a man, why do you see her as a Goddess? Are you not better than crap?” Zhang Ruochen said.

“If you hadn’t saved my life twice, I would have killed you.” said Le.

Zhang Ruochen laughed, “You piece of crap couldn’t kill me even if you practiced for 10 years, hahaha…”


Le howled loudly and the Genuine Qi rushed to his hand so that he could handle a bamboo stick, stabbing at Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

His Genuine Qi made the soft stick sharper than an iron sword.


Zhang Ruochen reacted with one palm.

Blasted away in the air, Le spat some blood and then fell down on the ground with the broken stick.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Now that I’ve beaten you to death and humiliated you. Do you still treat me as your lifesaver?”


Howling like a wolf, Le stood up from the ground with two red eyes. He ran to Zhang Ruochen again and aimed at his neck.

With his hand as a sword, Zhang Ruochen chopped Le’s neck and beated him into the air again.

“Bang bang!”

Le became more and more crazy, he attacked Zhang Ruochen again and again with stronger power.

However everytime it was he who beaten away by Zhang Ruochen, he could not touch Zhang Ruochen even a little.

Standing far away, Yun was very worried but she didn’t do anything.

She knew that Zhang Ruochen was trying to beat Le to an awakening.

An hour later, Le fell down on the ground and gasped again and again.

Zhang Ruochen walked over and planned to punch him once more.

“Stop!” cried Le.

Zhang Ruochen turned happy and withdrew his fist as he said, “You choose to be a waste still?”

Le shook his head and said, “I am a swordsman, by no means am I crap. Honestly speaking, I was clear when your first punch landed, thank you.”

“No need to thank me. It is your own that leads you out from the shadows.”

Zhang Ruochen helped Le to stand up and smiled, “What’s your next plan?”

Le answered sadly, “My meridians have all been broken. Currently, I am doomed not to be able to step into the Black Realm. However, I don’t want to give up, I’ll search for Spiritual Dose which can reconnect my meridians.”

Zhang Ruochen reflected a while and said, “Broken meridians are not necessarily a bad thing for you. I have a roll of special exercises, which common people can’t practice but broken-meridian man can. You may successfully practice these exercises with a strong will.”

Suddenly Le’s eyes flashed with light and he asked, “What if I do successfully?” If Zhang Ruochen hadn’t told him this news, he might have had no hope.

“Like cocoons into butterflies! You might have a bright future,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Falling on one knee, Le said emotionally, “Please accept my gratitude.”

After that, Le said firmly, “I now owe you three lives if someday you need my assistance… I won’t hesitate.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and passed ‘Nonuple Samsara Magic formula’ to Le directly.

Nonuple Samsara Magic formula was frighteningly stronger than the Tianhe Scripture which was given to the Ninth Commandery Princess. But Zhang Ruochen didn’t worry about whether or not Le would let it out.

Le immediately secluded himself to refine Nonuple Samsara Magic formula and Deaths” Yun took care of his daily life.

It was time for Zhang Ruochen to head to King Mount to practice Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth.

Accompanying Zhang Ruochen, General Ge Qian went to King Mount as well in order to protect Zhang Ruochen from any assassination attempts.

Zhang Ruochen entered an impenetrable jungle, heading directly towards the first-level-superior-class savage beasts.

A common savage beast was no threat to him, and only the superior class savage beasts could be his opponents.

Half a day had passed, Zhang Ruochen encountered the first superior class savage beast, Thunderstorm Leopard.

Thunderstorm leopard was rather ferocious among the superior class savage beasts and had the power to kill a Yellow Realm warrior.


Zhang Ruochen slapped it to death.

Zhang Ruochen was unsatisfied seeing the body, “They are too weak to practice my palm techniques, I have to search a second-level savage beast.”

He walked deeper into King Mount.

General Ge Qian hid far away and saw Zhang Ruochen killing the Thunderstorm Leopard, “The ninth prince is so powerful! I was over-worried about his life. No accident will happen if the second-level savage beast doesn’t show.”

He was worried about Zhang Ruochen’s safety, so he secretly follewed him at a distanceto King Mount.

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