God Emperor

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Tianhe Scripture

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“My ninth brother, I’ve heard that Lin Chenyu brought back a great deal of Qi Accumulating Liquid from Yuntai Suzerain in order to raise their young warriors’ power and attack the Seventh-class Family. That’s why Lin Ningshan could reach the Yellow Realm in such short period,” said Ninth Commandery Princess.

“I have no hope to win against her in next month since she has the help of that liquid. Brother, you had made a rash decision.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “Ninth sister, don’t you trust me? Have you forgotten that I leveled up to the Completion of Yellow Realm in half a year?”

“Yes! What had happened to you, my brother?” Ninth Commandery Princess felt regretful when she finished her question, “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me, that’s your secret after all.”

After these last days’ contact, Zhang Ruochen thought the Ninth Commandery Princess was reliable. To tell her some secrets would be okay.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Of course practice resources are important. However, the practical skills are indispensable. You are practicing ‘Ice Formula’, a Inferior-class of Spiritual exercise, right?”

The Ninth Commandery Princess nodded.

There were three Spiritual Stage Exercises in the Royal Family: “Ice Formula”, “God of War Tactics” and “Innate Skills”.

“Ice Formula” and “God of War Tactics” belonged to the low-class of Spiritual; “Innate skills” was a mid-class Spiritual Stage exercise.

Generally speaking, in the Royal Family, only princes and princesses who had opened the Sacred Mark before five years old could practice “Innate skills”.

In other words, only Royal Family members who practiced “Innate skills” could rival for the emperor crown. The earliest one who practiced “Innate skills” was the Seventh Prince and later he got other favorable turns in life and better practice skills.

At the age of six, the Ninth Commandery Princess unlocked her Sacred Mark so that she had to choose “Ice Formula” as practice skill.

Zhang Ruochen said, “As a low-class of Spiritual exercise, Ice Formula will only help you open 16 meridians even if you practice to the Completion of Yellow Realm.”

Ninth Commandery Princess rolled her eyes to Zhang Ruochen as she said, “Why do you despise the exercises of low-class Spiritual? Do you know in Yunwu Commandery, there are less than 10 intact books about Spiritual Stage Exercises, and three of them possessed by our Royal Family? It is quite amazing.”

“Moreover, a low-class Spiritual exercise book costs about a million, even five million silver coins. A classic book like ‘Ice Formula’ would cost three million silver coins at a market.”

In Yunwu Commandery, only two seventh-class families and one seventh-class suzerain possessed an exercise book of the low-class Spiritual separately. As to the eighth-class families or suzerains, they merely had fragments of the Spiritual Stage or Superior Class books of Human Stage.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “If you can keep my secret, I shall give you an Inferior Class exercise of the Ghost Level.”

“Inferior Class of the Ghost…Level…”

The Ninth Commandery Princess covered her mouth instantly after an exclamation.

She was shocked greatly and stared at Zhang Ruochen with two widen eyes.

After a long while, she calmed herself down and whispered, “An Inferior Class Exercise of the Ghost Level? My brother, where did you get this incredible book? It is said that even the most powerful exercise of the Yuntai Suzerain, ‘Holy Universe Reaching Skills’, just belongs to the Inferior Class of the Ghost Level.”

What Zhang Ruochen said was so amazing that even the Royal Family couldn’t save him if it had been spread out. It certainly would attract scourges.

The Ninth Commandery Princess didn’t dare to desire the Inferior Class of the Ghost Level at all.

Zhang Ruochen had even recited some exercise books of the King’s Stage, let alone the Inferior Class Exercises of the Ghost Level.

However, if Zhang Ruochen gave the Ninth Commandery Princess the exercises of the King’s Stage, it would harm her rather than help.

Zhang Ruochen said, “The exercise that I’m going to give you is ‘Tianhe Scripture’. It divides into seven levels. You can reach the Completion of the Yellow Realm if you finish its first level.”

Zhang then wrote “Tianhe Scripture” down and gave it to the Ninth Commandery Princess.

She handed it over the instant she began to read it and got completely attracted by it.

It took her six hours to keep “Tianhe Scripture” in mind.

“No wonder it’s an Inferior Class Exercise of the Ghost Level! Whoever could finish it, he or she would be terribly strong.”

The Ninth Commandery Princess lifted her delicate head up with a pair of bright eyes. She desired to kiss Zhang Ruochen.

Reading out what the Ninth Commandery Princess was thinking, Zhang Ruochen cleared his throat as he said, “Ninth sister, never tell others! It’s a big deal.”

“I’m not stupid. I won’t tell anybody even my parents,” said the Ninth Commandery Princess.

Finishing it, the Ninth Commandery Princess walked to the candlestick and burnt “Tianhe Scripture” to ash.

“Now, if you can turn your exercises to ‘Tianhe Scripture’, the Genuine Qi in your body will soar massively, which may help you to reach the Final State of the Yellow Realm. One month later, you should have 90 percent chance to win Lin Ningshan,” said Zhang Ruochen.

The higher class the exercises was, the stronger his Genuine Qi and combat power of a warrior were.

Just like Zhang Ruochen, who had just reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm, could defeat the third prince, who reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm. It was possible because Zhang Ruochen had practiced “Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean”.

The Ninth Commandery Princess’s confidence had been increased greatly. She smiled at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Ninth brother, I don’t know how to express my gratitude for your giving me ‘Tianhe Scripture’.”

“Ahem! As brother and sister, we don’t have to say thanks. But you’d better practice it as soon as possible.” Zhang Ruochen turned around and looked out of the window.

The Ninth Commandery Princess hummed and said, “If you were not my brother, I would marry you.”

But she read out some unnatural expressions on Zhang’s face. Soon afterward, she managed to leave his residence and seclude herself for refining.

She knew that her combat with Lin Ningshan was important and she could not lose.

After she had gone, Zhang Ruochen entered into the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel to practice.

After his cultivation had reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm, his Qi Pool decoupled and shaped into a giant Qi Pool space, which could contain more Genuine Qi.

However, his Genuine Qi now merely accounted for 20 percent of the Qi Pool.

Only he had practiced the Genuine Qi completely could he dash to the Black Realm.

It would take more than two years for an ordinary warrior who had reached the completion of the Yellow realm to fill the Qi pool fully, with the help of a spiritual crystal.

Liu Chengfeng, another genius, who had reached the Completion of Yellow Realm at 17 years old spent three years practicing the Black Realm unsuccessfully.

It followed that it was not easy to break to the Black Realm.

Even Zhang Ruochen had opened 36 meridians and practiced faster than other warriors, it also would take a whole year to fill his Qi pool.

One year was too long.

He couldn’t wait, thus he had spent a high price at the polls which could augment his genuine Qi to help his cultivation.

The Second-class bill, a Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pill, cost 5,000 silver coins.

A Triple-purity Genuine Qi Pill could only help to accelerate 20 percent of the filling.

He took one and meanwhile used 36 meridians to absorb the pill spirit and turned it into the Genuine Qi.

Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation increased by leaps and bounds.

Three days later, his Genuine Qi amounted to two fifths, which could break out the power of 94 bulls.

Another five days had been passed, his Genuine Qi amounted to three fifths, which could break out the power of 96 bulls.

Seven days later, his Genuine Qi amounted to four-fifths, which could break out the power of 98 bulls.

His Qi Pool almost had been filled after another 10 days’ practice. Zhang Ruochen could raise 99 bulls’ power; only one ball short of the power of Yellow Realm.

Blackie saw the whole process and said, “What a pity. Short of Strength of a bull to the Yellow Ultimate Realm.”

If the Completion had the eighth small realm, it would be the “Ultimate Realm”.

The Ultimate Realm meant unparalleled.

The power of 100 bulls was the Ultimate Realm of Yellow Realm.

Only young Gods in ancient times could practice to the Ultimate Realm.

Since then nobody could reach it even those great emperors, or any lord or Saint who could be close to it.

There was a huge difference between reaching it and closing to it.

Like Zhang Ruochen now, who seemed to be just short of one bull to the Ultimate Realm.

It was a world of difference!

That’s why Blackie signed, “If you had reached the Ultimate Realm, you could have attracted echoes from ancient gods, which would be amazing!”

“Maybe I still have a chance to reach the Ultimate Realm of the Yellow Realm!” said Zhang Ruochen firmly because he had great faith in himself.

Blackie shook his head and said, “Your Qi Pool has been filled, no space for further promotion.”

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