God Emperor

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Spiritual Brawn

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Having trained at King Mount for three days, Zhang Ruochen had killed 13 superior-class level-one savage beasts and 25 medium medium-class level-one savage beasts.

Finally, he came across his first second-level savage beast, a Silver Dragon-lion.

A single second-level savage beast was at least at the level of a Black Realm warrior.

The Silver Dragon-lion’s attack power was comparable to that of an Advanced Black Realm warrior, its speed was also comparable to that of an Advanced Black Realm Warrior, and its defensive power was comparable to that of an Initial stage Black Realm warrior.

Overall, the Silver Dragon-lion had immense strength. If a Mid-Stage Black Realm warrior was to run into one, it would essentially be a death sentence.

Other than Zhang Ruochen, if any other warrior at the Completion of the Yellow Realm had run into the Silver Draong-lion, even if they formed an elite team of 20, they would still be wiped out.


The Silver Dragon-lion roared loudly and the sound waves from its mouth became a devastating hurricane. On the ground, dust and rocks flew up, while the surrounding trees were blown crooked, and all the leaves fell down leaving behind only stripped branches.

With only a loud roar, it could shock all warriors below the Advanced Stage of the Yellow Realm into a dead faint.

The Silver Dragon-lion was four meters tall and six meters long. Compared to a normal lion, it was many times larger. It was just like a small silver mountain standing in front of Zhang Ruochen.

Its pair of silver lion eyes were as big as Zhang Ruochen’s head, and they were emitting a bloodthirsty aura!


Each step it made upon the ground made the earth shake slightly.

Zhang Ruochen rose onto his toes and leaped up, landing on the Silver Dragon-lion’s back. Gathering his Genuine Qi, he aimed a strike at its head.

The Silver Dragon-lion, who was very intelligent, instantly realized the danger it was in.

Thus, pushing off with all four hooves at the same time, it surged forward, achieving speeds of 30 meters per second, astonishingly fast.

Caught off guard, Zhang Ruochen lost his balance and fell off the beast’s back.

He struck out with one hand against the ground and instantly righted himself. He backed up until he was three meters away and stopped. However, he remained alert, both legs slightly bent with Genuine Qi collecting thickly in his palms.

“It is indeed an adult Silver Dragon-lion whose speed has reached 30 meters per second.”

Normal warriors who had reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm could reach speeds of 20 meters per second or so. Talented warriors who had reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm could reach speeds of 22 meters per second.

Even Zhang Ruochen could only reach speeds of 27 meters per second, an already incredible feat.

30 meters per second and 27 meters per second didn’t to be much different, but in reality, the difference was immense.

If Zhang Ruochen and the Silver Dragon-lion were competing in a 100-meter race, by the time the Silver Dragon-lion had reached the end, Zhang Ruochen would still be a full 10 meters behind.

Which was to say, if Zhang Ruochen’s strength could not defeat the Silver Dragon-lion, then he would die for sure, as he would not even be able to escape.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen and the Silver Dragon-lion were three meters apart, but with the Silver Dragon-lion’s speed, it only needed a second to be right in front of Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen watched the Silver Dragon-lion’s every move carefully. Once the Silver Dragon-lion prepared to attack, he must strike first to have any hope of success.


The Silver Dragon-lion roared. Turning into a silver blur it pounced towards Zhang Ruochen.

Silver claws slashed through void space and emitted four sharp beams of power.

Zhang Ruochen took a step to the side and dodged the attack.


The Silver Dragon-lion’s claw landed on a tree the thickness of a water barrel and tore a branch of it apart with bits of bark flying everywhere.

The branch broke in the middle and crashed down.

‘Elephant Galloping!’

Zhang Ruochen took this opportunity to strike. With all the power in his body, he struck at the Silver Dragon-lion’s abdomen and sent it flying.

The Silver Dragon-lion was incensed. Clambering up from the ground, it went to attack Zhang Ruochen.

But, Zhang Ruochen attacked first, another ‘Elephant Galloping’.

The Silver Dragon-lion flew out once again.

‘Elephant Galloping!’

‘Elephant Galloping!’

Zhang Ruochen attacked 12 times in succession, each time it sent the Silver Dragon-lion flying out. When Zhang Ruochen struck for the 13th time, the Silver Dragon-lion was finally wounded, with blood dripping out of its nostrils.

The Silver Dragon-lion was finally angered!

Its body began to emit a layer of silver light. Opening its mouth, it spewed forth a beam of silver light that flew towards Zhang Ruochen’s heart like a sword.

“Oh no!”

Zhang Ruochen pushed off with his legs and jumped over 10 meters into the air, landing on a branch of a thousand-year-old tree, and dodged the Silver Dragon-lion’s attack.


The silver light sword hit the place where Zhang Ruochen was standing on just before, making a cacophonous noise. On the ground, it left a crater with a diameter of one meter.

“Dragon in the Sky.”

Zhang Ruochen leaped down from the tree branch. All the Genuine Qi from his body surged through the 36 Meridians and focused toward his hands. He let out a deep, dragon-like roar.


One hand struck the Silver Dragon-lion’s back, creating a sound of bones breaking and splintering. The Silver Dragon-lion let out a wail and fell heavily to the ground.

Its spine had been broken by Zhang Ruochen with one strike. Heavily wounded, it lay on the ground, unable to even stand up.

Zhang Ruochen was overjoyed. Using just the power in his body, he could heavily wound the Silver Dragon-lion.

If he used the sword, he could probably kill the Silver Dragon-lion in just 10 strokes.

“At my current strength, even if I am no match against warriors of the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm, I can at least hold my own for a while.”

With this battle against the Silver Dragon-lion, Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel that his control over the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm had become stronger.

Zhang Ruochen drew out his Flash Shinning Sword and with one sweep, he slit the throat of the Silver Dragon-lion.

Not long after, the Silver Dragon-lion completely died.

After that, Zhang Ruochen made a foot long incision into the abdomen of the Silver Dragon-lion and withdrew a fist-sized piece of flesh.

This piece of flesh was extremely hard and as heavy as iron. It emitted a silvery light and carried a light fragrance.

It was like a Spiritual Dose rather than flesh.

“The Silver Dragon-lion was worthy of being a second-level savage beast, as it was able to actually grow half a catty of Spiritual Brawn.” Zhang Ruochen held the silver Spiritual Brawn in his hand, revealing the glimmer of a smile.

Spiritual Brawn, was the most precious treasure inside a savage beast.

If a warrior consumed Spiritual Brawn, it could increase the power in their bodies and cultivation Realms. If a normal person consumed the Spiritual Brawn, it could strengthen their physique and grant longevity.

The half catty of Spiritual Brawn in Zhang Ruochen’s hand, if taken to be sold at the Martial Market, could be at least sold for 3,000 silver coins.

Furthermore, Spiritual Crystal Stones could often be found inside Spiritual Brawn.

Even the lowest quality Spirital Brawn was worth 1,000 silver cions.

For Zhang Ruochen, this piece of Spiritual Brawn was not very useful. He planned to take it home and give it to Concubine Lin to consume.

As long as the Spiritual Brawn was stored within a jade container, even if it was stored for a month, the Spiritual Brawn would not rot or degrade in quality.

To refine the Spatial Ring, Zhang Ruochen had purchased a number of jade containers. He took a jade box out from the Time and Space Spinel’s internal storage and placed the Spiritual Brawn inside.

There were treasures to be found all over the Silver Dragon-lion’s body. The skin, fur, blood, and bone could all be used in medicine, and be sold for a hefty price. However, Zhang Ruochen’s main purpose of coming to King Mount was to practice Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, and so, he did not take the Silver Dragon-lion’ body with him.

Not long after Zhang Ruochen left, a group of soldiers wearing armor came to the Silver Dragon-lion’s body.

General Ge Qian walked out from the group of soldiers, looked at the Silver Dragon-lion lying in a pool of blood, and said, “He is really strong that he even killed a Silver Dragon-lion. If he enters the Black Realm, who knows how powerful he will become? Let along His Majesty, even I am eager to see!”

The royal guards beside him couldn’t help but sigh, thinking it was unbelievable.

It had never been heard of before, that a warrior who was at the Completion of the Yellow Realm could kill a Silver Dragon-lion. This kind of impossible thing was right now staring them in the face.

General Ge Qian ordered and said, “Do the same with the bodies of the previous savage beasts. Take the body of the Silver Dragon-lion home, deliver it to the Imperial Finance Department, and convert it to silver coins. Once the Ninth Prince has finished practicing, I will personally hand the coins over to him.”

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