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Chapter 2592 - : The Rāhu Physique

Chapter 2592: The Rāhu Physique

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The phoenix tail feather was called the Fluttering Phoenix Pin. It was a Class Seven Regal Artifact made of rare materials and had the potential to become a Supreme Artifact. It was naturally mighty.

However, such an artifact was worth hundreds of thousands of Godstones, yet it was used as a hairpin in her hair.

All the cultivators looked at her. Some were afraid, some were shocked, and some were confused.

“The successor from the most dangerous place of the Rakshasas is indeed terrifying. Let’s attack together and help Yuan Shu retrieve the Fluttering Phoenix Pin.”

The Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death chased after Yuan Shu and joined up with her.

They all released their Precept Domains and summoned their sacred artifacts.

A bright Gate of Destiny rose from behind one of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint’s backs. It floated above her head and tried to suppress the demonic aura on Guye Jing’s body.

“With just you guys?”

Guye Jing stood against the wind, and her eyes were disdainful.

Guye Jing faced the Precept Domains of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death with her disdainful eyes.

“Arrogant! Although your Rāhu Mountains is infamous, it’s nothing in front of the Fane of Death.” A Paramount Realm Supreme Saint with three black islands floating above his head snorted coldly.

Then, he controlled the three islands and shot them down.

The Fane of Death, the entire Deathkins, had such confidence.

Each of the three black islands was thousands of miles long. If they were placed in the ocean of a planet, they could be called three continents.

This Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death had cultivated the Path of Dimension. The three black islands were in his Spatial Domain. At this moment, the space was compressed. The three islands appeared above the giant stone altar. They were only the size of mountains.

However, the weight of the three islands overlapped with the precepts of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death. Their power was terrifying. The space distorted and caved in.

Zhang Ruochen and Le, who were far away, found it difficult to breathe.

Xue Tu, which had turned the size of a mosquito, fell heavily on the giant rock. His body’s bones were almost crushed, and he screamed in pain.

Then, a gust of wind blew on his body and blew him into the cracks of the giant rock. He fell into a dark and unknown place.

There were no cracks between the giant rocks, but there were strange divine patterns carved on the place where he fell. The power of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death activated the divine patterns and was revived.

The power of the three islands was boundless. However, when they were hundreds of feet away from Guye Jing’s head, they could no longer fall. The red demonic aura of the dead converted into the shape of a demonic tree. It opened up its branches and leaves and supported the three islands.

Guye Jing’s slender fingers formed a finger technique.

Streaks of divine patterns flowed on her fingers like blood worms.


She pointed out.

A beam of light containing divine power flew out from her finger and hit the chest of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death.

A scream sounded.

A bloody hole the size of a basin appeared on the chest of the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint. A large amount of blood mist exploded and fell onto the colossal rock below.

“Ji Yun.”

Another Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death flew over and checked on his injuries. He was shocked that the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint had died a horrible death. His flesh and blood had turned into dust, and even his Sainthood Source had been corroded by the demonic aura.

This Paramount Realm Supreme Saint hurriedly retreated and said in trembling, “What a terrifying Power of Death. Even the aura of death in the bodies of the dead can not compare to it.”

Logically speaking, the life force of a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint was powerful, and it was tough to kill him.

But now, he had just been hit by a finger force, and a living Paramount Realm Supreme Saint had been reduced to dust. To any cultivator, the impact of this was too significant!

Following the tragic death of their master, the three islands floating above Guye Jing’s head disintegrated by themselves.

“This demoness is too overbearing. Let’s attack together and avenge Supreme Saint Ji Yun.”

The Paramount Realm Supreme Saint, holding the Gate of Destiny, shouted as he threw out a Class Five Regal Artifact in the shape of a conch.

The conch-shaped artifact released dense lightning bolts and turned into an electric dragon.


Guye Jing pointed her finger and hit the electric dragon.

The electric dragon exploded, and the conch-shaped Regal Artifact was thrown out.

The light beam did not disappear. Its power did not decrease as it landed on the Paramount Realm Supreme Saint’s body. It broke through layers of defensive light and turned him into a cloud of blood mist.

All the defensive measures, talismans, and artifacts he threw out were useless and could not escape death.

The Gate of Destiny dispersed.

The second Paramount Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death had fallen. The blood mist sprinkled on the faces of Yuan Shu and the other supreme saints of the Fane of Death. They were stunned and couldn’t speak. They could only hear their own rapid heartbeats.

Master Nightwanderer, Lord Turtle, Seven-Armed Elder, and General Pillar, who were fighting, all stopped.

Two Supreme Saints had fallen in a row. They were terrified.

“The higher knowledge of the Rāhu Mountains, Finger of Death. I didn’t expect Zhang Ruochen’s lover to be so powerful. No wonder she dared to follow Yuan Qianmo here.”

Master Nightwanderer smiled. He stared at Lord Turtle and said, “See? This is a master on my side. Little Turtle, run for your life!”

Hearing “Little Turtle” makes Lord Turtle grit his teeth in anger.

He was a cultivator who had cultivated with Magnogod Huang Tian and could be considered a disciple of the magnogod. How could this crooked-looking old Ghost humiliate him?

Lord Turtle said disdainfully, “Expert… My *ss. O-Our…L-Lady… G-Guye…”

“You are a turtle and still want to be a lady?” Master Nightwanderer was slightly stunned.

Lord Turtle was so angry that it turned from emerald to red.

The Ghost and the turtle immediately started fighting again.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Guye Jing and said, “Something’s wrong! She didn’t have much power when she attacked Bai Qing’er on Hoth. What’s going on?”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t believe Guye Jing deliberately hid her cultivation when she fought with Bai Qing’er and Wuma Jiuxing.

After all, Wuma Jiuxing’s saber wasn’t a joke.

Even demigods couldn’t survive a strike.

The time after leaving Hoth was too short, so Guye Jing couldn’t make a significant breakthrough.

The only explanation was that Guye Jing might have two personalities or even two souls. Guye Jing, who had fought with Wuma Jiuxing, was cheerful and lively, but her cultivation was weaker.

Guye Jing, who was serious and full of demonic qi, was much stronger.

Even Zhang Ruochen feared Guye Jing, the Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death. He always felt that she had no feelings as if she was possessed by a demon. Even if Zhang Ruochen approached her, he could be killed by her with one finger.

“Those who stand in my way will be killed without mercy.”

Guye Jing shot a cold glance at the cultivator of the Fane of Death. Then, she turned into a red stream of light and rushed to the top of the altar.

“Demoness, where are you going?”

Duan Lingfeng roared and pointed at Guye Jing with the scarlet golden staff in his hand.

In front of the staff, inscriptions of the array appeared and interweaved into a circular array with a diameter of 10 meters.


A rain of swords flew out from the formation.

They were not sword qi, but metal swords.

These swords were formed by forging the wind and using the formation to absorb one of the five elements’ precepts, the Precepts of Metal.

The densely packed swords turned into a 30-meters-wide torrent and charged toward Guye Jing.

“The Hand of the World’s power is indeed extraordinary. Even with Guye Jing’s ability, she was forced to stop.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the saint Qi in the bodies of the eight Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death surged like a river, forming eight clouds of death above their heads.

Eight Paramount-level saint techniques were formed in the clouds of Death Qi.

Guye Jing did stop. She turned around to face the oncoming torrent of swords and said coldly, “I’ve already said that anyone who stands in my way will die. How dare you offend me?”

She did not use any protective techniques as she charged straight at the torrent of swords.




She punched out one punch after another, shattering thousands upon thousands of swords.

Metal shards flew all over the sky.

As for the eight Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death, all eight Paramount-level saint techniques landed on her body. However, they were unable to harm her demonic body.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death felt as if they had seen a ghost. They felt a chill run down their spines.

“Even if she is a pseudo god, her godly physique won’t be able to withstand the attacks of the eight Paramount-level saint techniques. She will definitely be injured. Could it be that her demonic body is stronger than a pseudo god’s godly physique?”

Yuan Shu said, “Although her physical body is strong, it isn’t that strong. She is using a peerless higher knowledge from the secret manual of The Rāhu Mountains, the Nekromanteia Portrait. It is called the Rāhu Physique.”

“The precepts she has cultivated are combined with her physical body in the form of higher knowledge. This way, her physical body will not be damaged or defeated. Only by cultivating the Rāhu Physique to the fifth level can she do it.”

“From ancient times until now, less than ten cultivators can cultivate this higher knowledge to the fourth level or above. She is considered the number one person in the Rāhu Mountains!”

A Paramount Realm powerhouse of the Deathkin said, “The Rāhu Physique is powerful, but her saint soul and spiritual energy might be her weakness. Let’s use our Will of Death to attack her saint soul and spiritual energy.”

Just as the eight Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death released their Will of Death simultaneously, Guye Jing had pierced through the flood of swords and arrived before Duan Lingfeng.

Duan Lingfeng’s expression changed drastically. The Array Masters hated close combat the most. Furthermore, the opponent was someone who had cultivated the Rāhu Physique. He could clearly sense the monstrous killing intent and boundless demonic might emitted from the beautiful woman’s body.

The staff in Duan Lingfeng’s hand was a treasure even more precious than the Class Seven Regal Artifact. It was called the Genbu Warstaff.

The staff was shaped like a snake and had many sharp scales. At the top was a turtle the size of a fist.

It was similar to Genbu.

At this critical moment of life and death, Duan Lingfeng grabbed the staff tightly and swiped it downwards.

The sharp scales cut through his palm, and a large amount of holy blood flowed.

The Genbu Warstaff absorbed Duan Lingfeng’s blood, and instantly, the light increased significantly. The eyes of the turtle on top of the staff lit up.

Duan Lingfeng slammed the staff heavily onto the ground.


A defensive array lit up under his feet.

Then, the second one, the third one.

Eight formations stacked up one after another and connected, forming a Genbu that was 33 meters long.

Guye Jing punched Genbu. The eight formations revolved at the same time and bounced her back. A large amount of lightning surged from the formation and struck her body.

Duan Lingfeng stood at the center of the Genbu and let out a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, “My class eight Genbu Array can even withstand a pseudo god for a while. Don’t waste your energy!”

Just as Guye Jing was about to attack, the Will of Death of the eight Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death landed on her body.

The Will of Death was like a curse. It was formless and attacked her Saint Soul and spirit directly.

“You really don’t know what you’re talking about. The bodies and minds of The Rāhu Mountains cultivators are advancing at the same time. You think you can attack me with your Will of Death?”

Guye Jing turned around and stared at them. She chanted, “The demons above the sky and below the ground grant me strength. The stronger my inner demons are, the stronger I am.”

“Inner Devourer!”

In the next instant, the eight Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death who were using their Will of Death, apart from Yuan Shu, let out shrill screams.

One of them went crazy and scratched his skull. His face was covered in blood, and he was extremely ferocious. He charged towards the bottom of the altar, and no one knew where he was going.

Yuan Qianmo and Wuma Jiuxing, engaged in the fierce battle, were finally alarmed.

The two of them immediately stopped.

One of them let out a long whistle, while the other let out an ear-piercing sound of blades to intimidate Guye Jing.

Guye Jing looked at the two shadows flying at high speed from below and pointed at the calcining wind. “I hope that you can hide in the array formation. Otherwise, I, Guye Jing, will keep my word and let you die without a burial place.”


Guye Jing flew through the air and was the first to reach the top of the giant stone altar.

Then, she seemed to have seen something incredible. Her eyes were filled with shock.

Duan Lingfeng let out a long breath. His sacred robe was soaked with sweat.

Zhang Ruochen looked up and felt that Guye Jing had become extremely unfamiliar. He said solemnly, “Before you go up, set up the array first. You both are Hands of the World. Kai Luo, your skills should not be weaker than Duan Lingfeng’s, right?”

“I am the Hand of the World in the Formation Sect, the best Array Master amongst the Celestial Court. How can Duan Lingfeng compare to me?”

Although Kai Luo said so, he was shocked by Guye Jing’s battle strength. He immediately set up a defensive array.

Once the array was set up, it immediately turned into a camel-like divine beast that was hundreds of feet long.

The three of them and the Blood Wolf stood inside the camel.

The camel ran wildly, climbed onto the huge stone altar, and reached the top.

“I didn’t expect that this successor of the Rāhu Mountains had cultivated the Rāhu Physique and the Inner Devourer. This caused the Fane of Death to lose three Supreme Saints in a row,” Yuan Qianmo said.

He had already helped the seven Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death to resolve the inner demon phenomenon that had invaded their bodies.

Apart from Yuan Shu, the other six Supreme Saints’ Saint Souls were all injured to varying degrees. It would be difficult for them to recover in a short time.

Yuan Qianmo and the cultivators of the Fane of Death almost climbed to the top of the giant stone altar along with the array-formed camel.

After reaching the top, even Zhang Ruochen, Le, and Yuan Qianmo held their breaths in shock at the scene before them.

After reaching the top, even Zhang Ruochen, Le, and Yuan Qianmo held their breaths in shock at the scene before them.

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