God Emperor

Chapter 2591 - A Chaotic Battle

Chapter 2591: A Chaotic Battle

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“Good. That’s a good idea,” said Wuma Jiuxing.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death stared at Zhang Ruochen and the others and sneered.

Xue Tu and Master Ye You were pale. Even Guye Jing, who had been smiling, became serious at this moment.

Wuma Jiuxing and Yuan Qianmo were absolutely invincible when they joined hands. No one under divinity could stop them.

Zhang Ruochen remained calm and said, “Yuan Qianmo, aren’t you curious why Wuma Jiuxing ambushed you here and didn’t go to the top of the altar?”

Yuan Qianmo’s eyebrows moved slightly as he thought deeply.

Wuma Jiuxing stood on the top of Creo Dragon’s head. He raised his arm above his head and used his hand as a knife to cut across the air.


A crescent-shaped blade light that was hundreds of feet long flew toward the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

It was a blade light formed purely from the Precepts of Saber. Just the ear-piercing sound of the blade could tear apart the eardrums of all creatures below the Supreme Saint Realm. It was as fast as light and shadow.

Boom Boom

The blade broke the layers of defensive arrays and inscriptions of the Supreme Saint in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

The blade light reached 3 meters in front of Zhang Ruochen before it was blocked by the divine inscriptions carved on the stairs by Wargod Bloodximius. However, the impact of the saber’s Qi still knocked the entire Sevenstar Imperial Palace off the giant stone altar.

From the beginning to the end, the people in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace didn’t even have time to use a saint technique or a sacred artifact to block the saber’s light.

“What a terrifying Saber technique. One more attack and the defense of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace will be broken.” The Seven-Armed Elder’s face suddenly changed, and his forehead was full of sweat.

Wuma Jiuxing did not strike a second time. Instead, he drove the Silver Cloud Chariot and rushed to the top of the altar.

That was because Yuan Qianmo and the cultivators of the Fane of Death had already reached the top when he attacked.

“It’s not a coincidence that Wuma Jiuxing is here. You guys go first. I’ll stop him.”

Yuan Qianmo gave the order and soared up like a white crane spreading its wings. Then, he dived toward the Silver Cloud Chariot that was coming toward him.


The sound of the river was heard.

A gray river of death qi appeared under Yuan Qianmo’s feet. The Death Qi was so strong that it condensed into a liquid state. Golden blades were flying in the river of death qi.


The river of death qi and the Silver Cloud Chariot collided. The shockwave from the collision vaporized all the water in the nearby sea, creating a space without any water.

The precepts that surged out of their bodies were extremely chaotic, covering all directions. Even the Sevenstar Imperial Palace under the altar was spinning like a top.

The array that Master Ye You and High-Saint Kai Luo had set up rumbled when it was hit by Yuan Qianmo and Wuma Jiuxing’s power as if it would be broken at any moment.

“Are these two still in the Saint Realm?” Xue Tu felt that his Saint Soul was trembling, and his eardrums were about to be shattered by the loud noise.


Guye Jing spread her arms. Immediately, the red demonic qi, which contained a strong aura of death, wrapped around the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and stabilized the shaking palace.

She said, “Great. Now that Wuma Jiuxing and Yuan Qianmo are fighting, let’s go around the left side of the altar.”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen released the Profound Spatial Dimension to envelop the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. he shouted, “Great Dimensional Shift!”

The massive Sevenstar Imperial Palace suddenly flew out of the ground and shrank rapidly. Finally, it turned into a speck of light and vanished into thin air.


When the Sevenstar Imperial Palace appeared again, it was already in the middle of the altar, thousands of feet above the sea.

Zhang Ruochen had planned to move directly to the top of the giant stone altar, but he bumped into a space barrier.

A meter-tall emerald turtle stood behind the space barrier with an iron staff in its hand. It snorted and said, “If you want to… w-w-want to go up, y-you have to… g-go through… first…”

Xue Tu listened carefully for a long time and shouted, “Go through what first? What do you mean?”

“Go through me first.” It was rare for Lord Turtle to speak fluently, so he felt very comfortable.

Seeing Lord Turtle, Zhang Ruochen confirmed his guess. As expected, Bai Qing’er had reached the altar first. It wasn’t surprising that Wuma Jiuxing had appeared here.

In another direction, the cultivators of the Fane of Death were stopped by the Enchanteur Chamber’s Hand of the World, Duan Lingfeng.

Zhang Ruochen looked up and said, “We have to get through as soon as possible. Ye You, work with me to break its space barrier and Array of Dimension. This turtle isn’t simple. Be careful.”

Zhang Ruochen flew out of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and pushed his palms forward. He created a Dimensional Storm formed by thousands of Dimensional Rift and kept hitting the space barrier.

Hearing Zhang Ruochen’s words, “Be careful.” Master Ye You’s eyes were a little strange. It has been ages since someone took the initiative to care about him.

Even if it was just a simple reminder from Zhang Ruochen.

However, Zhang Ruochen’s casual reminder showed that he was sincere.

Before this, whether Zhang Ruochen had given him the Spring of Life or promised to teach him the Path of Dimension, he had seen that all these tricks were just for his strength. They wanted to rope him in and entice him.

Master Ye You had seen so many of these tricks and actions. He only pretended to be subservient, but he was disdainful of them.

Instead, this casual concern touched the heart of this lonely person who had lived for more than 20,000 years.

“Master, I’m Coming!”

Master Ye You stepped on a cloud of ghosts and flew out. The white bone staff in his hand struck out heavily.

A burst of space penetrating power condensed by tens of billions of Precepts of Dimension on the white bone staff broke the thin space barrier into a hole.

Zhang Ruochen’s Dimensional Storm followed the hole and ultimately broke the barrier.


Zhang Ruochen moved in a flash.

He appeared above Lord Turtle and flew straight to the top of the altar.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen’s vision darkened. A stone handprint the size of a house pressed down. Zhang Ruochen sensed the terrifying power of the handprint. He immediately mobilized the Power of Qiankun Realm and struck out the Dragon-Tiger Prajna Strike.

As soon as the two palms collided, Zhang Ruochen heard his bones crackling all over his body. His body fell heavily out of control.

“As expected, I still can’t contend with a true Paramount Realm Supreme Saint.”

Zhang Ruochen’s entire body was in pain and numbness. He stared at the stone handprint pressing down rapidly above him. His body shot out and landed on another boulder, avoiding the heavy blow.

The one who had just attacked was another powerhouse under Bai Qing’er, General Pillar.

General Pillar’s body was tall and made of stone. When his attack failed, he immediately struck out a second handprint. His arm stretched out for hundreds of feet. There were hundreds of millions of precepts. He struck out with the stone arm.

Before the stone arm arrived, the wind force that burst out almost blew Zhang Ruochen away.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. He struck out seven hands in a row to neutralize General Pillar’s attack. It was the Seven-Armed Elder.

The Seven-Armed Elder turned around and stared at Zhang Ruochen. He said, “Leave it to me.”

Before he finished his words, the Seven-Armed Elder had already transformed into his original form and flew out.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Seven-Armed Elder, who was fighting with General Pillar, and then at Master Ye You, who was fighting with Lord Tortoise in the space array. He could not help but smile gently.

Sevenstar Imperial Palace flew into Zhang Ruochen’s hands. Le, Blood Wolf, and High-Saint Kai Luo stood beside him.

Xue Tu and Guye Jing were not inside.

Guye Jing was easy to find because she had already turned into a red shadow of demonic qi and flew to the top of the giant stone altar. As for Xue Tu, Guye Jing could crush him into dust.

“Follow me.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare to use the Great Dimensional Shift easily because if Lord Turtle could set up a spatial barrier, he could set up more spatial techniques above.

If Zhang Ruochen fell into its spatial trap, he would be in big trouble!

Zhang Ruochen, Le, High-Saint Kai Luo, and Blood Wolf jumped on giant rocks and climbed up quickly.

On the other side of the altar, Xue Tu’s body had shrunk to the size of a mosquito. He flew up carefully, afraid that he would make too much noise and be discovered by the influential figures in the fierce battle.

He was too weak. Any cultivator could kill him.

He had to be more careful and avoid the central area of the battle.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death bypassed the array set up by Duan Lingfeng and rushed in through the gap that Zhang Ruochen and the others had broken.

Yuan Shu was the fastest. She took the lead and chased after Guye Jing. A red phoenix mark appeared between her white eyebrows.


The phoenix mark disappeared and turned into a phoenix tail feather. It flew toward Guye Jing.

This was a Class Seven Regal Artifact. Seven layers of firepower surged out of the phoenix tail feather. It burned more and more fiercely. It broke through the demonic qi of the dead spirit that guarded Guye Jing and rushed toward her back.

Guye Jing was about to be pierced by the phoenix tail feather.

Suddenly, Guye Jing turned around and reached out to grab it.

Her slender hands formed layers of illusions.

This Class Seven Regal Artifact appeared in her hands the next instant and was sandwiched between two fingers.

“How is this possible?” Yuan Shu’s expression changed drastically. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yuan Shu’s strongest weapon had actually been snatched away by Guye Jing with her bare hands.

Even a top-tier powerhouse like Yuan Qianmo might not be able to grasp the phoenix tail feather with his bare hands.

Zhang Ruochen saw this and his eyelids twitched. He thought to himself, ‘Did she really hide her strength? Or is she not…Guye…Jing…”

“It’s a priceless treasure,” Guye Jing muttered to herself as she landed on the edge of a giant rock.

At this moment, Guye Jing stood straight, and her clothes fluttered in the wind. Her aura was powerful, and the demonic clouds above her head were billowing. Her eyes were heroic and cold.

Compared to before, she seemed to have become a completely different person. Her entire body was emitting an overwhelming battle intent and demonic qi. In her pupils, demonic patterns are interwoven into a sea of blood-red stars.

She held the phoenix tail feather in her hand. The phoenix tailfeather’s vessel spirit, which was trembling non-stop, was quickly suppressed by her.

She twirled her long black hair with both hands and inserted the phoenix tail feather into it as if it was a hairpin.

Immediately, the mischievous woman, full of smiles earlier, became a cold-faced man.

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