God Emperor

Chapter 2590 - Saber of Light From the Altar

Chapter 2590: Saber of Light From the Altar

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Above them, beams of Saint Aura that could suppress the heavens and earth descended. All sorts of miraculous scenes of the Precept Domain appeared.

Three Black Islands appeared above the head of the Supreme Saints of Fane of Death and floated in space.

There was an Amphisbaena same as Paramount Realm. A five-colored river appeared around him, and the sound of the water was deafening.

The clouds of Qi of Death enveloped the entire Altar of Megalithic. The thunders and lightning that were as thick as buckets shuttled through them.

Master Ye You, Seven-Armed Elder, and Xue Tu were all shocked.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint before. But it was shocking, with more than ten Paramount Realm cultivators in the array simultaneously. Besides strong figures like Wuma Jiuxing and Bai Qing’er, who wouldn’t be scared in the secular world?

Zhang Ruochen knew that once he started to step on the Altar of Megalithic, he wouldn’t be able to hide his tracks. So he didn’t panic too much.

Everyone only felt a flash of light in front of them, and their bodies lost a little weight. Then they appeared in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. The Palace Defense Array, Supreme Saint Inscriptions, and Divine Mark all appeared and formed layers of defense.

Everyone calmed down a little. After all, the Sevenstar Imperial Palace had been refined by the Wargod Bloodximius, and he had personally carved the Supreme Saint Inscriptions and Divine Marks. Besides, they weren’t weak. So they could use this palace to fight against the Fane of Death.


The Seven-Armed Elder sat in the center of the palace and pressed his palm on the ground. His spiritual power at the 69th level was released.

The patterns on the Sevenstar Imperial Palace’s surface became even brighter instantly. Wisps of divine fog surged out of the seven palaces and turned into a river, protecting the Imperial Palace.

The stronger the cultivator was, the stronger the defense of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace would be.

Zhang Ruochen could see the Seven-Armed Elder was genuinely loyal to the Xue Jue family. His eyes were filled with relief.

Yuan Benji snorted coldly, “I’m afraid a Sevenstar Imperial Palace won’t be able to protect you.”

Zhang Ruochen stood outside the palace and looked up. He said, “I know the Fane of Death has many masters. But I’m afraid it won’t be easy for you to break through the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and even suppress us.”

“It might not be easy.”

Yuan Qianmo took out a black metal pen. Huan Zhen, who was standing beside him, immediately took out a purple ink block and an inkstone, grinding out purple ink.

Yuan Qianmo stained with the ink and started drawing in the air.

Master Ye You stared at Yuan Qianmo. His eyelids twitched, and he said, “Oh no, it’s the Stygian Pen and the Ten Myriad Corpse Fluid.”

“Divine Artifact?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“It’s not a Divine Artifact, but the Stygian Pen is very famous. It’s one of the special artifacts of the Fane of Death. Every owner has been honored as a king in the divinity. It’s a pen nurtured by successive kings and venerable of the Fane of Death. The power of it is beyond our imagination.”

“The Ten Myriad Corpse Fluid is the ninth corrosive substance refined from the decomposed corpse. It’s also the strongest corrosive substance. It’s said that it takes 100,000 decomposed corpses to refine a grain the size of a green bean. This corrosive substance specializes in breaking the Supreme Saint Inscriptions and Divine Marks.”

“Use the Power of Dimensions to escape from here.”

Master Ye You had just finished speaking.

Yuan Qianmo smiled and said, “You can’t escape.”

The arcane runes he drew were strange and ferocious. They danced like ghosts as they flew toward the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and suppressed it.

The strong corrosive power spread into the Sevenstar Imperial Palace through the Supreme Saint Inscriptions, Divine Marks, and Defense Array. Zhang Ruochen’s skin turned gray-black instantly.

It was so terrifying even though it hadn’t landed yet. The corrosive power would rush in once the Supreme Saint Inscriptions and Divine Marks were corroded. Wouldn’t they all die inside?

A circular array rose from the Sevenstar Imperial Palace just as Master Ye You’s knees were trembling. Countless heavenly flames flew out from the array and clashed with the arcane runes that Yuan Qianmo had drawn.


After an intense clash, the arcane runes filled with corrosive energy were wholly burned away by the heavenly flames.

“What array is this? It’s so powerful!”

The Supreme Saints of Fane of Death were all surprised.

Yuan Qianmo narrowed his eyes and stared at the array above the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. He said, “No wonder you’re so calm. There’s a Hand of the World in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.”

Le, High-Saint Kai Luo, and Blood Wolf walked out of the palace and appeared beside Zhang Ruochen.

Their identities were unique. They couldn’t show up, so they stayed in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

Yuan Benji shouted, “Zhang Ruochen, how dare you collude with the Heavenly Realm?”

“Yuan Benji, are you stupid? My senior is colluding with the Heavenly Realm? Tell the Fane of Destiny and see if they believe you,” said Xue Tu.

Yuan Benji thought about it carefully and was speechless.

Zhang Ruochen colluded with the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm. Yes, if this was told, not only the Fane of Destiny wouldn’t believe it, but even the Heavenly Realm cultivators wouldn’t.

What was Zhang Ruochen capable of? How could he subdue the High-Saint Kai Luo, Master Ye You, and the Seven-Armed Elder, who were much stronger than him?

Guye Jing giggled and said, “Qianmo, think carefully. If we really fight, the Fane of Death might lose.”

Yuan Qianmo said, “Why do you have to be so close to Zhang Ruochen, Miss Guye Jing? Why don’t you be friends with the Fane of Death and kill Zhang Ruochen together? You can take the treasures from him first. What do you think?”

“This proposal is quite tempting.” Guye Jing smiled like a crescent moon.

Xue Tu’s expression changed. “Sister-in-law, don’t fall for his trick. He wants to drive a wedge between us.”

“Only you’re the smart one?”

Guye Jing said coldly. Then she looked at Yuan Qianmo and said, “I’m indeed interested in the treasures from Zhang Ruochen. But if I can get them by killing him, I’ll have many chances to kill him.”

Yuan Qianmo nodded and said, “That’s true! Does it mean that even if I kill Zhang Ruochen, I won’t be able to get his treasure?”

“Yes, so I have been thinking of a way to see if he will give it to me voluntarily.” Guye Jing looked at Zhang Ruochen.

The situation became delicate.

Guye Jing seemed to have rejected Yuan Qianmo’s offer but also seemed to be threatening Zhang Ruochen. There was a hint of ambiguity in her threat.

No one could guess what she was really thinking.

The Seven-Armed Elder transmitted his voice to Zhang Ruochen, “Guye Jing definitely wouldn’t dare to cooperate with the Fane of Death to eliminate us. Give her whatever treasure she wants temporarily. By stabilizing her, we can only have the strength to fight against the Fane of Death.”

Zhang Ruochen knew that Guye Jing wanted the “Demonstone Engraving,” but he didn’t intend to compromise and give it to her. He said, “Yuan Qianmo, I’m afraid other cultivators will benefit if we continue fighting here. Are you sure killing me is more important than taking the supreme treasure in the Fane of Origin?”

A puzzled look flashed across Yuan Qianmo’s face.

Yuan Benji looked around and said gloomily, “Zhang Ruochen, don’t set up a trap. Where are the other cultivators?”

“But someone did get to the Altar of Megalithic before us.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “Can’t you see there were Dimensional Inscriptions between these megaliths? But the ones at the bottom have been broken.”

“The Master of Origin of the Fane of Death can sense it even though he’s only a Demi-Saint. Can’t the Master of Origin of the Supreme Saint sense it?”

The cultivators of the Fane of Death looked at each other and released their spiritual power to check.

Yuan Qianmo’s expression changed slightly. He turned to look up and pointed the Stygian Pen in his hand across the air like a short spear.

A half-meter-wide beam of Qi of Death surged out of the pen’s tip and pierced through layers of Divine Mark.


When Yuan Qianmo moved, a high-pitched dragon’s roar sounded from the right.

A chariot rushed out from the silver mist as a blinding silver light shone. The one pulling the chariot was a 120-foot-tall Creo Dragon. Its entire body was exuding a dense divine might like a blazing sun rolling over.

“Silver Cloud Chariot! Everyone, be careful. It’s Wuma Jiuxing.”

“Why is Wuma Jiuxing hiding here?”

Three Paramount Realm Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death charged forward to intercept the Creo Dragon. However, they were all blown by the Creo Dragon’s claws and fell to the bottom of the Altar of Megalithic.

This Creo Dragon was a pure-blooded divine beast and Wuma Jiuxing’s mount. It was only one step away from becoming a pseudo god. So it was naturally not something ordinary Paramount Realm could block.

Yuan Shu moved quickly and blocked in front of the Creo Dragon. Then, she pushed out a palm.

The Shadow of Death which was more than a hundred feet tall rose up behind her. This shadow also pushed out a palm and hit the Creo Dragon’s head, suppressing and stopping the Silver Cloud Chariot.

Suddenly, Yuan Shu sensed dense Precepts of Saber appearing around her. Her hair and her crown were cut off. Her saint armor was cut open.

She raised her head and looked over.

She saw a saber of light condensed from the Precepts of Saber hovering above her.

The terrifying aura of the saber suppressed her body so much that she couldn’t move. It was as if the eyes of death had locked onto her.

“Wuma Jiuxing is so powerful.”

Yuan Shu knew she would never be able to block the saber attack, and she didn’t have the time to use the forbidden technique that could save her life. She could only close her eyes slowly.


Just when she thought she would surely die, a loud noise came from above her head, like a godly thunder had exploded.

The Stygian Pen shattered the saber of light.

In the next moment, she felt her delicate body become lighter. She opened her eyes and saw Yuan Qianmo’s handsome face. When her feet landed on the ground, she had already put a long distance between her and the Silver Cloud Chariot.

Yuan Qianmo’s arm loosened from her waist. He grabbed the Stygian Pen that flew back and said, “Wuma Jiuxing, your opponent is me.”

A deep voice came from the Silver Cloud Chariot, “It’s a pity. If she hadn’t blocked my attack for a moment and caught me off guard, my first strike would have injured you.”

Yuan Qianmo said, “I thought that you, Wuma Jiuxing, were one of the few qualified to fight me head-on in the world. I didn’t expect that you would be so weak. My saber was already fragile before I attacked when I attacked from behind.”

“I wanted to fight you fairly too. However, other than Yu Qiu, I’ve been surrounded and killed by many cultivators after so many years. It’s like defeating Zhuo Yunong on Hoth but attracting the attention of the entire Fane of Destiny. “There are so many experts in the Fane of Death, but you want me to attack you head-on. Isn’t that too much?”

Wuma Jiuxing walked out of the chariot with his fiery red hair and landed on Creo Dragon’s head. He exuded a masculine and domineering aura.

Xue Tu shouted, “You can fight Yuan Qianmo. We will deal with the other Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death.”

“One is the first in the Tome of the Divines, and the other is the first in the dark forces. Who is the real number one? Today, the battle between you will be spectacular,” Master Ye You said.

Xue Tu said, “Perhaps, we will witness a historic moment today. The battle for the number one position in the Infernal Court is exciting!”

“Fight! Fight to the death. Who is the supreme being below the divinity?” Master Ye You said.

The two spoke one after another. Their fighting spirit and momentum seemed stronger than Yuan Qianmo and Wuma Jiuxing.

Zhang Ruochen understood that Xue Tu and Master Ye You wanted to attack Yuan Qianmo and Wuma Jiuxing. Only when the two fought would they have a chance to take advantage of it. However, Yuan Qianmo and Wuma Jiuxing were not ordinary people. It would probably backfire if they did this. He was about to stop them.

However, Yuan Qianmo’s voice rang out. He said, “Why don’t we kill them first and then have a showdown?”

Xue Tu and Master Ye You’s expressions changed drastically. They were filled with regret and immediately shut up.

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