God Emperor

Chapter 2593 - At the Top of the Altar

Chapter 2593: At the Top of the Altar

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The top of the giant stone altar was beyond the reach of the sea.

The giant stone, which even Wuma Jiuxing’s saber couldn’t damage, was riddled with cracks. A massive pit with a diameter of hundreds of meters was formed. In the huge pit, there was extremely red blood. It looked like a small blood lake.

It was as if a ball of blood had fallen from the sky long ago and smashed the giant stone altar into this state.

The blood lake was not shocking.

What was shocking was the sword island at the center of the blood lake.

The small island was filled with all kinds of swords. Six of them were emitting bright divine light and gave off a terrifying power comparable to that of a god. Any cultivator in the Supreme Saint Realm knew these were six swords of the Divine Artifact grade.

There were also thirteen swords. On the body of the swords, the Supreme Inscription flowed and released Supreme Qi.

There were another thirteen swords at the supreme-being holy weapon level.

Even more shocking were densely packed stars in the sky above the blood lake and in the pitch-black seawater. It was like a starry sky that contained endless mysteries.

Everyone knew that many planets were floating in this sea area.

However, those planets didn’t emit light at all. They couldn’t be seen anywhere else in the Fane of Origin, yet they all appeared here.

The starry sky, the blood lake, and the sword island.

In the distance, there were strange buildings hidden in the blood fog.

One cannot possibly be unmoved by this sight.

After suppressing the shock in her heart, Guye Jing spread her Rakshasa wings on her back and flew toward the sword island.

She had just reached the top of the blood lake.

She lost control of her body and fell down abruptly.

The blood lake below gave Guye Jing an unprecedented sense of fear. Her eyes were filled with blood, and her mind was under a considerable impact. It was as if thousands of invisible hands were pulling her.

She hit the lake’s surface with her palm at a critical moment. Her body flew backward and landed on the shore.


Her beautiful palm, which had touched the blood, turned into sand and fell to the ground.

Guye Jing retreated backward in horror as if avoiding snakes and scorpions, leaving a long distance between her and the blood lake. Then, she cut off her entire arm at the fastest speed.


Her arm, which had fallen to the ground, also turned into sand and dust.

No one present could breathe, and that even the cultivators. They were as stunned as could be.

Guye Jing’s Rāhu Physique was so powerful that it could be said to be indestructible. However, it was broken with just a little bit of blood. She had no choice but to cut off one of her arms to save her life.

The cultivators attracted by the Divine Artifacts and Supreme Artifacts and wanted to rush forward were all scared and retreated.

It was too terrifying!

“Is this blood so corrosive? Is it comparable to the corrosive substances on the bodies of the Corpusians’ god?” Master Ye You was terrified. Looking at the blood lake made him want to turn around and run away.

Everyone retreated. Only Yuan Qianmo suddenly walked forward and came to the side of the blood lake. He said confidently, “Let me try.”


He activated the Stygian Pen. Instantly, white brush hairs flew out like ten thousand feet of white hair and rushed toward the sword island.

Seeing that he was about to succeed, Yuan Qianmo was delighted when he took back a Divine Artifact with the brush hairs.

Suddenly, the brush hair was cut off and sank into the blood lake.

Yuan Qianmo looked at the bald Stygian Pen in confusion.

‘The brush hair of the Stygian Pen was made by an ancient god using his own hair and was nurtured by the gods of the Fane of Death. How could it be cut off just like that?’

Just as Yuan Qianmo was in a daze, a faint blood-colored mist spread out from the blood lake.

The blood-colored mist spread to his body, and Yuan Qianmo discovered to his horror that the precepts in his body were uncontrollably absorbed by the blood mist.

He hurriedly retreated, but he still lost hundreds of billions of precepts.

One had to know that it had only been an instant.

Moreover, it had only been touched by the blood mist and not directly touched by the blood water.

Yuan Qianmo’s heart was shrouded in fear. He wanted to escape from this place, but even when he met an enemy at divinity, he could not affect his state of mind like this.

Guye Jing endured the immense pain and pressed her left hand on her right shoulder.

A new slender jade arm grew out of her bloody right shoulder, still as smooth as jade. Her eyes were fixed on the blood lake and sword island, thinking about something.

Master Ye You and Seven-Armed Elder entered the array-formed camel. Their faces were as pale as paper.

Seven-Armed Elder opened his mouth with difficulty and said, “I’ve lived for over 20,000 years. I’ve been to countless forbidden areas and dead lands. I’ve never seen such a strange and terrifying thing. This must be an extremely vicious place. My intuition tells me that we must leave immediately.”

Master Ye You rarely agreed with the Seven-Armed Elder. He said, “Although the swords on the sword island are extremely rare, enough to make gods fight to the death. However, we must not touch them. Otherwise, I’m afraid we won’t be as capable as Guye Jing and Yuan Qianmo of saving our lives.”

Zhang Ruochen was also shocked, but his eyes were fixated on the six divine swords on the sword island.

The seven sword souls in his sea of Qi had a subtle sense.

They even felt a little familiar with the six divine swords. The aura was similar to the Stellar Sword in Lord Ming’s hand, but the divine power it emitted was slightly weaker.

Were the six divine swords left behind by the Ancestral Swordmaster? Were they from the same origin as the Stellar Sword?

But why didn’t the Ancestral Swordmaster bring them with him when he went to Kunlun?

Zhang Ruochen was confused and didn’t want to leave.

The dead silence was broken, and a beautiful and graceful voice came from afar, “The liquid in this lake may or may not be blood, but it doesn’t belong to our world. It contains strange energy that can destroy everything in this world. Anyone who touches it will die.”

Ji Fanxin, dressed in white, walked along the blood lake from afar.

Bathed in starlight, she looked like a goddess. Her entire body was fragrant.

When Zhang Ruochen saw her, he knew she wasn’t the real Ji Fanxin. She was Bai Qing’er. The current Bai Qing’er seemed to have completed some transformation. She was out of tune with the secular world and was about to fly away.

She was like the clouds in the sky, like the pearls of the primordial.

Yuan Qianmo and Guye Jing looked strange when Bai Qing’er walked into the room.

After all, from the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt to the Royal City of Hundred Clans and then to the Southern Sword Realm, Ji Fanxin had fought against heaven and the earth. She had single-handedly fought against all the cultivators of the Infernal Court.

It was unknown how many famous experts of the Infernal Court had died at her hands. The starry skies had once been dyed red.

Bai Qing’er continued, “If we want to obtain a Divine Artifact, we can not do so with our current cultivation. We must first break through to the divinity. Yuan Qianmo, you are the first in the Tome of the Divines. Everyone says that you can become a deity with just a thought.”

“Guye Jing, you are the most outstanding successor of the Rāhu Mountains in this Yuanhui period. You have cultivated the Rāhu Physique to the strongest realm below divinity.”

“The two of you are only one step away from the divinity. Why don’t we have a life-and-death battle today to see if we can break through that step?”

There were only four cultivators present who could understand what Bai Qing’er meant by that step.

Guye Jing’s demonic might overflowed into the sky as she said, “Alright, let’s have a life-and-death battle.”

“Forget it. Only powerhouses like you have given me absolute pressure and motivation in this era. Perhaps I can break through the barrier, subdue the divine gate, and suppress the gods with my thoughts. Let’s fight!” Yuan Qianmo said.

Bai Qing’er stood proudly and looked at the stars. She said, “In a one-on-one fight, no one here is my match. You guys go together. I also want to break through the barrier, subdue the divine gate, and suppress the gods with my thoughts.”

Guye Jing and Yuan Qianmo knew Bai Qing’er’s strength, so they didn’t just stand idly and prepared to join forces.

“Wait a minute,” Bai Qing’er said.

Yuan Qianmo said, “Why? Do you regret it?”

Bai Qing’er shook her head and said, “Just the two of you are still not enough to be my opponent. I know there are three of you.”

Guye Jing and Yuan Qianmo looked at Wuma Jiuxing.

Wuma Jiuxing stood on the top of the Ying Dragon’s head, Unmoved.

“She is talking about me.”

A melodious and cold voice sounded, and a silver stream of light flew to the top of the altar.

The silver light stopped, and Xue Lingxian’s straight figure appeared.

Then, Granny Begonia’s old figure also walked up slowly.

“Granny, why are you here?” Zhang Ruochen immediately went up to greet her. He didn’t hide the fact that he knew the cultivators of Kunlun.

Granny Begonia smiled kindly. “The Sword Pavilion sensed a special aura, so we came here. I didn’t expect to be in such a big battle. We’re right on time rather than early.”


On the top of the altar, a violent wind suddenly blew, and the precepts were in disorder. Powerful and peerless auras shuttled back and forth like divine dragons.

Guye Jing was mighty and cold, like a peerless devil.

Yuan Qianmo’s white hair fluttered in the wind, and he held a brush in his hand. His elegant movements carried an extreme charm of death.

Xue Lingxian had a snake’s head and a human’s body. He used the Precepts of Swordsmanship to condense a blood sword. The sharpness on his body was exposed, and his aura shot into the starry sky.

Bai Qing’er, standing by the blood lake, was very relaxed. She had a feeling of returning to her natural state. She was neither sad nor happy, neither angry nor proud. Her thin and delicate body was calm and collected under the power of the three influential figures. It was as if she was in an ethereal state.

Granny Begonia sighed and said, “This woman is really talented. She has some of the demeanor of the former empress. Today, if she doesn’t die at the hands of Xue Lingxian and the others, she will be able to break through the barrier, subdue the divine gate, and suppress the gods.”

Zhang Ruochen had heard this many times. He asked curiously, “What do you mean by breaking through the barriers, subduing the divine gate, and suppressing the gods?”

“The so-called barriers are the marks the gods have placed on them. Only by breaking through the barriers and suppressing the gods with their spiritual thoughts will they have a chance to become kings and gods in the future.”

Granny Begonia said, “The so-called marks of the gods are the marks formed when a cultivator reaches the Paramount Realm of the four Martial Arts’ Realms, and the gods resonate with him.”

“To obtain the Mark of the Gods, every one of them is a genius. It means that they have received the recognition and protection of the gods.”

“For cultivators below divinity, the Mark of the Gods has endless benefits. For example, the blessing of the gods. All kinds of opportunities you have encountered since you started cultivating, or the choices you made in a moment of inspiration, or the sense of danger, are all guided and warned by the gods.”

“However, after you become a god, the Mark of the Gods will become a barrier, limiting the heights you can reach. Before you become a god, you can suppress the gods with your thoughts, and you will have unlimited possibilities in the future.”

Zhang Ruochen was thousands of miles away from Bai Qing’er and the others’ current attainments in cultivation. He didn’t quite understand what they were saying. He asked, “If you can’t become a god, how can you suppress the gods with your thoughts? Where are the gods that gave you the Mark?”

Granny Begonia looked up at the starry sky and said faintly, “The gods are dead.”

On the other side, Guye Jing attacked Bai Qing’er first.

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